Gustavo Martinez: 35 Years of Iconic Advertising and Entrepreneurship

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Gustavo Martinez has for the past 35 years been at the forefront of the marketing and advertising industry. Over these years Gustavo Martinez has worked with a number of top firms to bring to our televisions some of the most iconic ads ever seen with many of them becoming pop-culture touchstones. Throughout his career, Mr.Martinez has also heled many prominent positions such as being CEO for legendary marketing company J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. We recently spoke to Mr.Martinez in hopes of going a little more in-depth regarding his career and everyday life.


Recently you’ve gone towards a slightly new direction in your career, why is that?


Mr.Martinez explains that although he will indeed begin his consulting business, he likes to add that consulting is very much connected to marketing and advertising. Mr.Martinez continues by saying that creativity is the most important asset a marketing firm can have, but when a company’s a set process is too refined and polished, it can often stifle that creativity. Therefore, the best way to get the best results from a team is to provide them the freedom of being an independent contractor.


How do you manage to bring your ideas to life?


Creativity is the biggest asset a company can have; it is essentially the raw ore, says Gustavo Martinez. Throughout his career, Mr.Martinez has noticed that the best results he’s seen come when a diverse team is created. However, as a team leader, one should also focus on bringing in the right people. Mr.Martinez explains that this means people who are genuinely interested in the project on hand.


What is something that almost nobody would agree with?


That charity is very important, says Gustavo Martinez. However, the most important thing about giving is that it is done because you actually want to help and not because you want recognition or status; anything else is purely advertising. In addition, the mixture of giving and wanting status goes on to hurt the recipient. Providing 10 million dollars for a school is great, just don’t put your name on it says Mr.Martinez.


What is your strategy that has kept your company growing?


Gustavo Martinez says that this might be a very straightforward answer, but its the truth, we hire the best. He adds that when hiring, they want the best people and are willing to put the money and the kitchen sink to have them come on board. Advertising is like a professional sport, and it is this type of thinking that has allowed me to be so successful, says Gustavo Martinez.


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