How Isabel dos Santos is the voice of Africa

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Women have a special role to play in the community. These are the people who bring up life and take care of their young ones until they are independent and ready to face life on their own. In the African setting, however, the roles that have been given to the women are more compared to other regions of the world. In Africa, the woman is the person who takes care of the home, and their role in only limited to the house. There are many developed areas where education is given to both boys and girls. In most of the African nations, however, giving education to men is considered to be beneficial compared to any other people in the community. Women, on the other end, have to struggle with life and remain silent at home, even without the basic needs. Isabel dos Santos, a big name in the world, comes from the African continent.

When looking at the accomplishments of Isabel dos Santos, it is hard to tell that she comes from African. The businesswoman is bright and highly successful. Unlike other families in her home area, the Isabel dos Santos and her siblings went to school, and they had the chance to get education in the best learning institutions. Her father was in power as the president of Angola for a very long time, and he knew that giving his children equal opportunities meant everything. Today, as the wealthiest and most vocal woman leader from Africa, Isabel dos Santos is telling the world more about Africa and the opportunities that have never been exploited in the area.

People will always go to work and live in places that have developed and done well in the economy. Africa has never got the chance to become prominent like other areas for one simple reason. All its people are not willing to explore the options they have and forge ahead with what they have. While other parts of the world are committed to improving healthcare and education so that growth can be achieved, some African nations are fighting with each other, leaving no room for major accomplishments.

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