How JD is Preparing Prior to the CES Debut

Published / by TheRugbyUnion, China’s largest online retailer is preparing for the CES debut. The big deal for Jingdong is the electronics show that they will be hosting at their headquarters. The company added two delivery stations to enhance the electronics experience, and it’s bringing life to JD’s ability to extend their reach to more of China.

The delivery stations are being set up in Changsha and Hohhot. The purpose of these stations is to test electronics, as well as time to train JD personnel on how to work with the products and repair them when appropriate.

The deliveries will be made via robots, but the distance is reserved to just 5 kilometers. This delivery is unlike any other in the area, with 30 parcels per robot, and the vehicles are able to plan delivery trips for the robots for a seamless delivery experience.

The vehicles are capable of a lot, including planning the routes on their own. Additionally they are able to recognize traffic lights and with individual locker units for customers to get their packages out with their own individualized codes. These vehicles are also able to avoid obstacles, keeping traffic situations safe and sound.

Once the packages have all been delivered, the vehicle can easily return to its delivery station without any problems or other direction. Times have changed, and the way packages are being delivered has changed as well. Robotics and pre-programmed vehicles are where it’s at, enhancing e-commerce and customer satisfaction.

The best part for, is their ability deliver nearly 2,000 packages per day with robots and personnel combined. There is no doubt that this approach to online retail has enhanced the way China shops online, and that they are pleased to have such an elaborate shopping experience. continues to raise the bar for online retail in China, and it could be the wave of the future for every country.

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