How LocationSmart Can Help Companies Make Better Use Of IT Geotracking Technology

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

LocationSmart is a Carlsbad, California company that provides cloud location services. Companies can use this technology in many ways, such as tracking assets and employees or providing location-based services to consumers. All types of devices can be tracked with LocationSmart. It is a company that offers its services around the world.

LocationSmart is a secure app that takes a cloud-based approach to data management. The user doesn’t have to install any application on their device for this service to work. The technology provides real-time location tracking for smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, M2M, and IoT devices.

It is the world’s leading Location-as-a-Service firm. It offers the most comprehensive platform and is the largest company in its industry. LocationSmart’s clients range from small startups to multinational corporations. Their app works on almost every carrier and provides the biggest overall footprint in the market. This makes adopting this technology both practical and easy.

Cisco released a report that estimated that by 2021, most people will be using at least four connected devices each day. A system that can identify unique IP addresses can be used by companies to become far more efficient. Insights such as IP geolocation give them a way to retrieve relevant data and use it to expand their capabilities. This can lead to improved profitability and improving what they can offer to the end-user.

LocationSmart can be used to prevent online fraud. If a company can identify the IP location of their customer, it can be a powerful way to deter fraud. Companies already use IP addresses to make sure it really is the customer logging into their online account. LocationSmart provides additional insights into where a device is located such as if there is a proxy, anonymizer, or host being used. This makes fraud detection much higher. Once fraud is detected, the account can be frozen and the service temporarily denied. This leads to improved customer confidence and satisfaction.

Businesses can use Geo-targeted advertising to reach customers. If they know where the customer is they can provide relevant information that is personalized and timely. An example is a customer being shown a promotion near them.

LocationSmart can be used for copyright protection. IP geolocation can restrict access to published material and licensed content depending on where in the world a device is. This helps companies better manage their distribution agreements and comply with regulations and licenses.

IP geolocation can be used to better manage traffic on a network. This technology doesn’t require cookies, additional privacy disclosures, or other practices that people find invasive. Companies can prevent online attacks by detecting that activity over a network is suspicious. They can then restrict access from certain locations.

Companies that operate mobile lotteries are iGames have to follow local and state guidelines and regulations. LocationSmart can be used to ensure that players are within the geographical area where they can legally play. Their location will determine whether they can bet, accept tickets, or collect a payout.

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