How Robert Ivy Is Helping Architecture Through The AIA.

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

If you work in the architectural field or merely follow the industry then you no doubt are aware of who Robert Ivy is. Robert Ivy is the CEO and President of the American Institute of Architecture and he is one of the most authoritative voices on the industry in general. Ivy rose to prominence in the ’90s thanks to his work as the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record, a publication which grew to be one of the largest in the entire industry thanks to Ivy’s work. Ivy has earned numerous awards and decorations for his contribution to the industry and now he is looking to continue his efforts with the American Institute of Architecture. Read more on Wikipedia

The American Institute of Architecture, or AIA for short, is a professional society that seeks to connect architects with the benefits and advantages that they need in order to succeed in the professional and competitive field of architecture. The American Institute of Architecture is considered a professional society and professional societies have been gaining steam in recent years. A study done in 2010 showcased the fact that there were nearly 92,000 trade organizations working within the United States of America. The AIA is the most important of these organizations to the field of architecture.

With the American Institute of Architecture, members receive a variety of benefits that could dramatically change their fortune while working in the industry. As the leader of the AIA, Robert Ivy is in charge of making sure that these benefits are taken advantage of by his membership. The AIA serves as a nexus for networking that connects new and old architectural professionals together in order to help their respective careers. While networking is incredibly important, it is far from the only thing that Ivy and the AIA can offer.

As one of the premier professional societies in the field of architecture, the American Institute of Architecture gives architects everywhere a powerful lobbying voice for usage trying to get benefits via legislation. Other industries, like big pharma or big agriculture, have powerful lobbying groups at their side. Architects don’t have the same benefit as larger industries and the AIA and Robert Ivy serves to fill the gap.