How the free-range chicken program by is transforming lives

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Running chicken was a project launched back in the year 2016 by with the aim of revolutionizing a whole new industry. This was done by investing in a 27-hectare farm in Wuyi county, Hebei province which happens to be one of the most economically disadvantaged regions in China. The aim of the project was to help alleviate poverty by creating employment in the region as well as ensure that customers had a choice of top quality chicken as opposed to the chicken raised in the battery system where they are caged through their lives.

From the project, over 500 families to earn a living and this has been of great help in improving their standard of living. Employment is also offered where professional chicken breeders take the lead in the management of the farm and the chicken therein while locals get part-time jobs to maintain the farm as well as from the grains, vegetables and fruits needed to rear these top quality chicken. With the program, farmers are also given loans interest-free to help them improve their quality if they live.

With the chicken reared through the free-range system developed by the company, the consumer gets a healthier and ethical choice since chicken in a free-roaming setup spends about 50% of their time outdoors, and this gives time for enjoying the sunshine, exercising, enjoying the fresh air and even enjoying the fresh air. Though this leads to higher energy requirements, this is well compensated for through the quality produced as well as the lowered levels of cholesterol in the meat.

The level of technology involved in the process of rearing the chicken is simply amazing since every chicken get fitted with a specially designed pedometer. The aim of this is to ensure that each bird takes at least a million steps during the rearing cycle. Other than a pedometer, the company utilizes blockchain technology which was developed in-house to ensure traceability of the meat as well as in the quality assurance process. With this level of technology, customers purchasing customers are able to review the details involved in the growth process of the meat they purchase such as feeding interval, sourcing, among several others.

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