Isabel dos Economic – Awareness for Africa and Woman Empowerment

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It’s hard to discuss business in Angola without featuring Isabel dos Santos. She is an outstanding businesswoman in Africa due to her incredible success that she has amassed in the course of her career in entrepreneurship. She is the wealthiest women in Africa due to her significant and wise investments in Africa and abroad. Isabel is also revered for being the first female billionaire in Africa with a net worth of $2 billion. Isabel has many stocks in different high-end companies in Angola. In 2015, Isabel dos Santos emerged the most powerful and influential woman in the world. BBC bestowed her the prestigious distinction. Isabel has an impeccable positive reputation in her massive success in business and for being a strong advocate for critical issues that Africans encounter daily.

Isabel also supports the consistent growth and development of the African economy. Isabel has also endorsed a tech revolution in Africa. She also deals with women issues and has toiled throughout her professional career to enhance all causes that empower women. It’s not long ago since Isabel dos Santos found herself in an executive speaker’s position as the 2019 African Summit. The activity took place in Brussels, Belgium at the European Union Headquarters. In her recent speech, Isabel brought critical points to the table regarding the importance of availing technology to the Africans in conjunction with critical education. Isabel strongly feels that these areas are of the utmost importance. More so, when considering turning it into reality for Africa to grow and develop in some areas that it has been way back of other parts of the world.

Isabel also talked of different areas such as agriculture and urban planning concerning the areas that she feels critical for the future development of the African Economy. Isabel dos Santos also majors in fighting for equality and women rights. According to Isabel, these are among the main challenges for women in Africa. In Africa, men get great support, while women are despised and ignored. Her focus is to help women maneuver in a male-dominated society and mostly in the business world. She is no different from other women, but she successfully managed beta all odds to her level of success. Her dream is to get women on top and moving without any hindrances.


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