Isabel Dos Santos And What She Has Accomplished

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Isabel dos Santos is currently the richest woman in the country of Africa. As of the year 2019, Isabel dos Santos has a estimated net worth of $2.4 billiin dollars stretching across her several business investments and assets. Isabel dos Santos was born in 1973 in the country of Azerbaijan and has a Angolan nationality. She went off to study at King’s College in London and recalls her father Mr. Jose Eduardo dos Santos never discouraging Isabel from passionately pursering academic education in her life. It was Isabel’s loving father who strongly motivated and encouraged Isabel to pursue her academic education.

Today Isabel dos Santos truly believes that it was her father’s passionate fascination in her academic education as being just one of the growing influences that truly lead to her business success. Isabel had studied electrical engineering at King’s College and vividly recounts that she was actually the only girl in her class at that particular time besides a Chinese girl who just happened to be studying identical disciplines. Isabel has worked hard to be where she is in business today and loves the work that she does and being a successful entrepreneur. Isabel had eventually married a rich son of a millionaire who was from the Democratic Republic of Congo name SindikaDokolo.

Isabel had eventually became very succesful in the country of Angola as a thriving entraprenour soon after. Isabel and her husband Sindika decided to stay in London for a while more after Isabel had graduated from King’s College and she eventually held various succesful employment positions within different corporations. It was in 1990 that Isabel decided to go back to Luanda to start her business interest and politics. Isabel is still going strong today in her business pursuits and career. Truly a woman of success on many different levels. Click here.