Isabel dos Santos “Wows” them at the European Parliament

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of the former president of Angola who was in power from 1979 until 2017. She is the first African female to become a billionaire. She has also been given the honor of being named one of the 100 most influential women in the world by the BBC. She has opened several businesses both in Angola and other countries that have catapulted her to the top in her own right (Twitter).

Isabel dos Santos is more than just someone who is very interested in starting companies. She is also a philanthropist who is intent on empowering the women of Africa. She was invited to speak at the European Parliament this month, and she made a significant impression on the people there. She expressed the belief that “Africa has to become digital,” and she explained the ways in which this may occur.

According to Isabel dos Santos, the next African revolution will be digital once the mobile revolution is complete. She predicted that people will begin purchasing more goods online, so the number of people in Africa who will have bank accounts for the first time will begin to grow.

Isabel dos Santos also sees the need for increased urban planning and that technology will be very important in that endeavor. She hopes that the technology will make it possible to improve people’s living conditions, lower the costs of living and make better use of the soil as they also manage their environmental resources in a better way. The personal website of Isabel dos Santos also seeks to give women a voice. For example, the site contains a page that is entitled “Inspire” with articles that encourage women to get involved in the things that they are interested in doing.

Some of the companies that Isabel dos Santos is involved in include a retail business by the name of “Condis”. They´re based in Luanda, a company based in Amsterdam, an investment company that is based in Gibraltar and some other investment companies.

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