Jack Plotkin on the Importance of Population Management Care Coordination in Healthcare

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Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin is among the leaders in the changing healthcare system. He is the CPO of a large telehealth company called Virtual Health. Even though telehealth has been making waves recently, it is far from new technology. There are a number of challenges this technology has faced as it has tried to become a cornerstone of the healthcare system. One of the challenges that Jack Plotkin has been working on is that of population and care coordination. In order for telehealth to become successful in its goal to become a larger part of the healthcare system, it will need to tackle these problems head-on.

One of the biggest challenges in the world of population management and care coordination is that these technologies are incredibly new. Therefore, only select systems are able to work with the data that is able to be collected using this new healthcare system. Furthermore, some of the systems have only been developed with work with managed care organizations and cannot work well with the data that is collected using telehealth. At the same time, these are new technologies that have recently been developed that can work with telehealth to manage big data, large patient populations, and help to coordinate care. As a result, Jack Plotkin believes that telehealth, this time, is here to stay.

Jack PlotkinJack Plotkin is the current CPO of Virtual Health. He also acts as the architect of the company’s transformation into one of the leaders in the world of healthcare. He is leading the charge to develop population management and care coordination services that can lead the world of telehealth. He has a degree in both computer science and economics from Harvard, placing him in a unique position to lead the future generation of leaders in the world of healthcare. He has also worked for Fortune 500 companies, playing a significant role in their growth and development.

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