Jana Messerschmidt: A Woman Who Dominated the Industry

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Jana Messerschmidt or who is now known as Jana Lightspeed because of her work at Lightspeed Venture Partners as well as being dedicated to the company she works for by giving her skills, abilities, and talents.

Growth and Progress

An American venture capital firm that has made an impact on our society and industry is the Lightspeed Venture Partners. It is a company with a center of interest and activity in investments and technology. They believe in the importance of investing early and at the same time gain more than what you are expecting in the future and in the long run. Jana Messerschmidt is part of the consumer investing team of the company and is their partner when it comes to investments. Jana Lightspeed is very efficient when it comes to her work and these include technology, enterprise, consumer markets, and so on. She is also a professional in helping companies grow and expand. When it comes to learning more about investment and doing your own start-up business, she is undoubtedly a pro. She has professional experience and in-depth knowledge when it comes to creating and implementing strategies for development.

In addition to this Jana Messerschmidt became a co-founder of another investment company known as #ANGELS. It has been committed to involving women and inspiring them to have startups no matter what the age limit is. Prior to this and Lightspeed Venture Partners, Jana Lightspeed has been advising and investing in various companies which helped her grow and thrive as an individual and as a whole. She was able to identify how to maintain the assets of a company and how it can independently work at different companies as well as having senior and executive roles.

Jana Messerschmidt of Lightspeed Venture Partners has been aware of how the company has been influencing her in both of her professional and personal life.