Jason Hope and the Internet of Things

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Jason hope is an Arizona native who is best known for his entrepreneurial interests in the biotechnology industry. He is far more than just an advocate for biotechnology. He is actually an individual who is interested in the development of technology in a number of industries. He would describe himself as a futurist. This is someone who is interested in the development of technology and the furthering of humanity as a whole.

He has recently commented on the development that has occurred within the technology industry. In particular developments within the crypto currency industry. It is difficult to go very long if you are involved with information technology without hearing of crypto currency. Over the last few years, the value of crypto currency has exploded and has gone to grow in excess of $800 billion.

Jason hope has commented on the potential for this technology to have a vast impact in combination with the Internet of things. Until now one of the most significant concerns raised about the Internet of things is how secure the networks they operate on really are. Jason hope believes that by implementing the technology that is used in crypto currency, it will be possible to create networks that are significantly more secure.

Jason hope has commented on the attractiveness of Internet of things devices to potential hacks. He believes that it will be vitally important for these networks to use encryption that is not easily hacked in order to protect the individuals who use these devices. The cryptographic technology that is used in crypto currency could easily be translated to device encryption for the Internet of things. Jason hope believes that it will be able to work for the Internet of things precisely for the same reasons that it works so well in crypto currency. It will allow for the data that is used in the Internet of things to be verifiably legitimate. It can also eliminate the potential for fraudulent activity by limiting the way that new data is possible to be introduced the system.

Jason believes that over the course of the next few years we will see a growing interest in the cryptographic technology that is behind crypto currency due to its clear applications in other industries. In the near future, we could see connected devices operating on cryptographic networks in nearly every facet of our lives.

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