Jason Hope’s Contribution To Anti-Aging Research: Helping SENS Discover The Next Medical Breakthrough

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

After gaining recognition for his skills and expertise in business, Jason Hope is today acknowledged as an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. It didn’t take long for him to establish himself. His name was recognized internationally not long after he graduated W.P. Carey School of Business with his MBA. It was because of his quick rise of being seen as an expert in business related topics that he was desired as a mentor by novice and experienced entrepreneurs. Currently, Jason Hope spends a fair amount of his time researching causes that he has a high interest in. What he learns through research influences his choices of what causes he wants to invest in. One of the causes he is known to invest in regularly is anti-aging. His interest in anti-aging combined with a fascination in organizations that employ unorthodox, yet innovative, thinking SENS Research Foundation is the organization that he donates to furthering their research for anti-aging treatments.

For a philanthropist there are several options in donating to further research for medical discoveries, so what makes SENS unique? First thing to know is that as far as anti-aging Jason Hope is not solely focused on extending life. Instead his interest is in extending life while improving the quality of that life. What drew him to SENS is their unique approach to anti-aging research. SENS strives to develop medical treatments, cures, and preventative measures for degenerative diseases, like lung disease and Alzheimer’s, that cause premature aging of the mind and body. Their research has led to the AGE-breaker program, that is designed to develop a medical treatment for reducing glycation in the body. Glycation is a protein that builds up over time, and result in degenerative processes to occur. It is believed that targeting this protein will benefit medical science. Diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are viewed as age-related diseases more likely to occur when the body breaks down as we age. For nearly two decades the SENS Research Foundation has been dedicated to developing a medical breakthrough specifically designed to target the glycation protein. As of today, researchers now understand the difference between animal and human testing discovering there is only one form of glycation in the body, glucosepane. After this discovery researchers have been able to progress greatly in understanding how to proceed in developing anti-aging treatments. SENS view of developing anti-aging treatment, cures, and preventative measures as well as their progress is what drew Jason Hope to them. It is their unorthodox and innovative thinking that has led to their progress in research paving the way to the opportunity to one day having great success in having a medical breakthrough that will benefit those currently suffering from a degenerative disease.

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