JD.com Futher Commercializes AR with Children’s Book

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

E-commerce giant JD.com is using its powers for good in a recent offering to Chinese parents. The international online retailer is using augmented reality to bring a German book on stranger-danger to life. The book, “I’m Not Going with Everyone!”, is a popular choice for Chinese parents attempting to safeguard their children from suspicious adult interactions. The AR-version is an attempt from Jingdong to address a scary trend in missing children seen worldwide. However, the real story underneath JD’s kind gesture is in the technology it is using.

Augmented realty uses computer generation to enhance reality rather than replace it like virtual reality does. It projects images onto real-life objects allowing users to better interact. In terms of technology it is the latest thing, and JD.com is right at the frontlines with commercial application.

So far, Jingdong has used AR to enhance the online retail experience. Users can use AR fitting rooms to try on perspective clothing or AR styling stations to virtually apply brands of make-up. The experience is wholly immersive and allows consumers to experience a realistic feel of how products will actually look on them. The AR-storybook is another example of the commercial application AR-tech holds. It is also a great example of its benefit.

JD.com has made a name for itself with is exploration of advancing technologies and their use in a commercial spectrum. Along with those commercial applications have also been insights into the benefits such tech presents. JD.com is at the forefront of drone technology and already operates commercial drone delivery in many regions of China. The company has also applied its drone tech to areas outside of China that are warming up to the idea of commercial drone application. Such places, Indonesia for example, also look at drones for their use in emergency matters. Founder Richard Liu Qiangdong is a advocate for the future and is not afraid to invest in the tech that brings that future closer.

The AR-storybook is an additional feature offered to buyers of the physical book. It is available for download through JD’s app to any smart device. The immersive quality of the book has already demonstrated AR’s beneficial use for education.

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