JD.com Offering Even More Perks For Their Plus Members

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

While the premium membership to JD.com is already a popular option among their millions of discerning customers, they recently announced that they would be adding even more benefits for their members to take advantage of. What sets these benefits apart from anything else that has been offered through Jingdong and their JD Plus program is that this is the first time that they can be used outside of China where the company is based out of. This exciting for the many members of JD Plus who are frequently traveling for business or pleasure around the world. There are 15,000 hotels that are currently working with the JD Plus program and offering benefits to their members.

While more than a dozen different hotel brands are offering different benefits, they are all things that customers can get excited about. From lounge access to extra loyalty points, there is a lot of ways that members will be able to use what Jingdong and their partners are offering. Many of the brands are also offering discounts for hotel stays or their accompanying restaurants and entertainment venues. This makes the membership from JD.com an attractive option for successful young residents of China who want to get the most out of their experiences. According to information gathered by the retailer, about 85% of the people who subscribe to their JD Plus membership have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

The JD Plus program was first introduced to its customers in 2016 and quickly gained popularity. Jingdong was the first company of its kind in China to offer a paid premium membership to their users and it has already proven itself a success with 10 million people subscribing to it. Along with the benefits offered through participating hotels, there are many other offerings from Jingdong and this list continues to grow all of the time as they look for new opportunities for their customers. There are even exclusive offers for wealth management products and health care services that are available to the members of the JD.com premium membership program. Younger people are looking to get the most out of their experience.

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