Jeremy Goldstein Hosts a Dinner with Industry Peers

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The work of charities in the current age can not be understated. They collect money, items, and resources to be redistributed to those who need them more. Charities came in several different scopes and missions. There are organizations who divide up tasks to local branches, while others operate on a national scale. The Foundation Houses focuses on mental illness primarily in New York City. This location is also the home to countless businesses and lawyer aids. Jeremy Goldstein is a figure who works as a bored member for the Foundation House, in addition to serving the interest of business clients. Gazette Day recently looked into how he creates a unique blend of combining both industries.


The Foundation House was created out of a need for liked minded people to have a source of comforting. Mental health was not well researched or understood in the mid-1900s which meant individuals had to rely on each other. They steadily grew in outside supporter and opened up their first location within a few years. The group expanded into a full fledged charity as their core missions came into greater focus into 4 key pillars. It begins by first being a active voice for those who are silenced by society. The charity wishes to change the perception of how an everyday person treats their mentally ill peers. While at the same time, the Foundation House wants to spread their mission to other organizations. Mental illness is an aliment that changes in scope and cause as external factors change.


Additionally, the charity puts a heavy amount of resources into furthering research efforts. New medications and treatments options are necessary to combat the newest forms of mental illness. The raise in technology and change social norms have shifted the need for solutions into new areas. Finally, the fourth and final pillar relates to the city of New York itself. They consider themselves a homegrown business and as such they keep the base of their operations around the city. The people in the region should be safe in seeking medical support form The Foundation House.


Jeremy Goldstein is an important person who keeps the Foundation House pushing forward on their core missions. He is an attorney based out of New York City who has created a web of personal connections that encompass many aspects of the industry. The passion for this field dates back to his childhood. Jeremy Goldstein seeks to help others and he is incredibly of proud of his ability to work in two high profile positions. He spends most of the work day offering personalized help to his client, and then weighing in on national issues.


The article described a recent event in the New York skyline where countless individuals of high wealth gathered in one place. Jeremy Goldstein planned to donate all of the admission fees and personal donations to The Foundation House. This level of support is needed to combat the ever constant threat of mental illness, and bring peace to afflicted individuals.


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