Jingdong Is Bringing Their Customers Fresh Produce From New Zealand

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

JD.com has brought a lot to their customers and recently began delivering fresh fruit to their Chinese customers from New Zealand. The fruits that Jingdong imported to China included apples and kiwifruit. In addition to being able to bring fresh produce to customers, they were able to strengthen the relationships that they have with Rockit Global Limited and Zespri. The kiwifruit that is produced by the companies that JD.com has partnered with is known for its high quality. The healthy snacks have already become popular among their customers and imported produce is becoming more and more popular on the site. In fact, imports are making up the majority of the sales.

The biggest export from New Zealand is kiwi fruit and China has shown to be its biggest importer. There are around 2,600 people in New Zealand that grow the kiwi fruit with a total of around 18,000 jobs in the industry. With the advanced logistics that Jingdong offers its customers, they are able to deliver fruit that is fresh and healthy. The companies that JD.com is working with to import the kiwis are excited to be working with them because of how advanced their logistics are. Customers in China are demanding fresh fruit that is also of high quality. With more people becoming educated throughout China, more consumers are demanding transparency with their foods and will not settle for anything less than quality.

The fresh fruit division of 7FRESH from JD.com is led by Xiaozhou Zhou. He stated that he was pleased to be able to further grow the partnerships that the company had with the fruit providers. Consumers in China agree that Jingdong is the best place in the country to get fresh produce. There are many products from New Zealand on Jingdong that had been popular before they began providing the kiwi and apples. These products have already gained a considerable following on the site. Some of these include health products, cosmetics, honey, and infant formula. New Zealand’s Trade Commissioner, Andrew White, is looking forward to bringing even more types of fresh fruit making its way to China through Jingdong.

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