Join The Intricate Color Revolution With Lime Crime Today

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Lime Crime is a part of a intricate color scheme that is meant to leave women and men around the world completely apologetic about the colors they choose. It was founded by the successful marketing analyst and technology expert, Doe Deere. She has ts always taken a different approach to color. She discovered as a child that she had a need for bright and lively colors. LC also gave her a chance to pioneer women and help them to believe in their dreams by encouraging them to find out what they’re good at and perfecting their skills.

At the age of thirteen, she began to market her temporary tattoo products to her friends. She discovered that this was the beginning of marketing. She was also glad to have a product that her friends admired. It wasn’t long before she would move to New York and join design school. She discovered that she could set a whole new colors scheme with her bright color patterns. She later decided to bring forth a first of its kind super-foil matte cosmetic line that would grow into the very popular Lime Crime products. Her users have the benefits of completely hypoallergenic products that are LEAP Bunny approved.

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You can choose from trendy colors like Metallic and sorbet with LC products. Their products are available through their Lime Crime website and offer many promotional offers for their first-time customers. You get details of each of their beauty care products that include a rich line of eyeshadow and lipstick products. Nourish your lips with an amazing product that guarantees a super moist application with a perfected mold for your lips and eyelids. Get hard to find colors that are available through competitor brands. Through her Unicorn hair dye collection you can now choose from thirteen semi permanent and permanent hair care products.


You can find great ways to match LC cosmetics and hair dyes by visiting their sister company, Dolls Kills, for shoes, accessories, and clothing items. You’re also invited to visit YouTube for completely free tutorials on how to mix, match, and blend, her cosmetics. Their are a number of women that have decided to use the cruelty-free products that are safe for all skin types by remaining true to LC. You can say goodbye to the dry neutral colors that most competitors suggest for their wearers and choose to become a part of the trendy new Lime Crime cosmetics by Doe Deere, today.


Follow Doe Deere on Twitter @doedeere.

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