Kevin Plank The Leader Of Plank Industries

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Kevin Plank is a very successful American businessman who is from Baltimore, Maryland area. Kevin Plank’s portfolio is very diversified and it includes being the founder and chief executive officer of Under Armour the global sports apparel company. Kevin Plank is also the chairman,founder, and chief executive officer of Plank Industries which Under Armour is under as well. Plank Industries is a private investment firm with a variety of different holdings that includes food and beverage, commercial real estate, hospitality, thoroughbred horse racing, and venture capital. Besides Under Armour Plank Industries has two others very significant investments and they are Sagamore Spirit and Port Covington redevelopment in South Baltimore. Plank Industries is currently based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Plank Industries have a specific mission and it is to support and grow their investments as well as to contribute to the economic development of the city of Baltimore. Watch CNBC’s exclusive interview with CEO Kevin Plank

Kevin Plank has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and it started back in college. He had a seasonal rose delivery business and he delivered roses every Valentine’s Day and the profits from this business was how he funded Under Armor. Kevin Plank worked his way up from the bottom to becoming a self-made billionaire. Kevin Plank attended the University of Maryland and he graduated with a bachelor degree in business administration. Mr. Plank also gives back to his local community and prides himself on his philanthropic efforts. He donated 25 million dollars to the University of Maryland and this money was to help the University to expand Cole Field House. This donation will also be used by the University of Maryland to help build the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Kevin Plank has clearly built an empire for himself and for his family. He also continues to try to build and help the local community of Baltimore.