Kevin Seawright- Financial Genesis and Humanitarian

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Kevin Seawright is a known expert in financial and business administrative operations. He is currently working as the managing partner and CFO of an organization named Real Property Solutions LLC. This organization has a chance to make affordable housing available to everyone despite their background. Real Property Solutions LLC does assist all the community members and volunteers that Kevin is responsible for helping manage. Their mission is all about helping all community members achieve a better economic status, to better their lives.

Where Kevin Seawright Started

Kevin did start his successes in Baltimore. He did this by helping the school system and managing the transportation costs of the city. Kevin then moved his focus to services for the older generation and still continued to help the city save money.

Baltimore was able to save thousands by using the techniques Kevin Seawright showed them and because of this is known to have one of the best public services in America. After Baltimore, Kevin moved on to Philadelphia where he worked with the families from the inner city. He has grown up helping people who don’t have as much as he does and he continues to do this today.

After Philadelphia, Kevin Seawright went on to Newark. He went on to rebuild Newark which was really important to the people in and around the city. Kevin’s part in rebuilding Newark consisted of being in charge of adding more opportunities to rebuild rundown neighborhoods. He was also the one who was in charge of writing the checks every day to ensure that the city is a safe place to live.

Kevin is a man with fourteen plus years of experience in the financial field and a lifetime of experience in helping others. He is great at combining these two experiences to create the very best for everyone involved.

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