Kim Dao Takes Viewers On Korean Makeup Shopping Trip And Shares Haul

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Those who are interested in the world of Korean makeup will enjoy going with Kim Dao as she shops for those kinds of items and picks out those that she would like to try. This video shows Kim Dao as she spends time looking at various makeup products in-store and then as she shares about the products that she picked up. This is a fun video to watch, and it is something that is informative. Anyone who has ever thought about heading to Korea to shop for beauty items will find that this video allows them to do that while staying at home. Learn more:


Kim Dao is a fun personality, and she makes every video that she puts out interesting because of the way that she talks and all that she shares. This video shows Kim Dao as she looks at various makeup products and thinks about what it is that she would like to purchase. This video also shows Kim Dao as she shows the viewer all that she has purchased and as she talks about what she picked up and why she bought it. Those who enjoy beauty hauls will find that this is one that is interesting and fun.