Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Initiate Human Rights in Arizona

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The birth of human rights marked the beginning of civil rights. Human rights have a close relationship with civil rights. Both have been designed to make life easy for people. Human and civil rights were founded to allow people to freely coexist in the society without the fear of being judged for cultural differences, freedom of speech, race, and background. The primary objective of these rights is allowing humans to exist freely without the fear of being persecuted. Since the establishment of these rights, they have been applied in different states across the world.


Human rights refer to fundamentals upon which the society has generated over the past years. According to the human rights department, every individual is entitled to personal beliefs as well as the rights to make choices based on what they deem useful in their lives. Here are examples of fundamental human rights:

Protection from torture

  • Protection from labor and slavery
  • Protection from persecution
  • The right to have a spouse
  • The right to acquire education
  • Protection from poverty


Human rights have continually developed over the centuries. To foster the effects of human rights in the society, there has been the development of several foundations as well as organizations that promote human rights. Since the World War II as well as the Holocaust, the United Nations stood up for human rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This movement marked the introduction of human rights in the society. Through that universal declaration of human rights in the society, atrocities were banished. The declaration enlightened the society on the importance of human rights to the society. It marked the birth of localized treaties as well as the European Convention.

Human Rights Foundation

At a basic level, there is hardly a difference between civil and human rights because the two elements focus on the independence of human races and their entitlement to basic and fundamental rights. Although the actual policies may differ in countries, the primary objective of these rights is to provide a comfortable environment for humans. At Human Rights Foundation, the management understands the importance of fostering human rights in the society.

The Foundation for Human Rights is a nonpartisan organization founded by promoting peace in the community. The institution supports civil rights in organizations that are focused on implementing programs aimed at protecting human rights. The objective of the foundation is to highlight the pleas of the less fortunate by promoting advance transformation in the society.

Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey, as well as Jim Larkin, are the co-founders of two strong media firms called Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Sherriff Arpaio arrested the duo in 2007. They were arrested for leaking critical information on the procession of a case proceeding. Their release was marked by a lawsuit settlement of $ 3.75 million.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin channeled the entire amount to the human rights foundations in Arizona. Lacey and Larkin Fund was established to support human rights organizations in Arizona. From migrant rights to the freedom of speech, this fund covers several organizations.


Joe Arpaio: Lacey & Larkin

All of the bums of the world will be unhappy to know that there is one more voice out there to call them out on their bullshit. This voice is Started by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, it keeps readers updated on current information regarding what racist, bigoted, mean bums are doing in the United States of America.

The site has a very liberal, far left mindset to it—liberal and far left in the context of what those terms mean in American society—and it is especially against Trump and Sheriff Arpaio. Everyone knows who Donald Trump is, but not everyone knows who Sheriff Arpaio is. Sheriff Arpaio is an elderly man who made a seemingly endless, decades long career in law enforcement. He operated under a more conservative, right-winged mindset that ran contrary to the mindset of Lacey and Larkin. Some people ask why some random sheriff is so important to Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin. Well, the reason why the topic of Sheriff Arpaio is so near and dear to them is the fact that they lived in the jurisdiction that he worked in, and they were on the front lines when it came to experiencing the full brunt of his authoritative rule.

As people who own publications about social issues and certain political stances, Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin were already targets. On top of it, they owned a local publication that frequently spoke out about the perceived wrongdoings of the old sheriff. As a result, Arpaio found any reason that he could to get the two men into legal trouble. He got them arrested, though in the long run it came out that Lacey and Larkin were innocent and arrested without any valid reasons. Sheriff Arpaio was recognized by federal courts for the various types of crap that he pulled on people, though he always got off the hook.