Lime Crime Still Exhilarates Under Tenegram Merger

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Tenegram is attracted to products that are previously branded, the Lime Crime cosmetic line caught their eye with over a million online exclusive products sold. They have been able to create a successful merger that continues to brand their cosmetics as completely vegan formula. Their new Chief Executive Officer, Stacy Panagis, says, they’re dedicated to the continuation of their former moniker and their business deal will not jeopardize the brand. Their users will still have the option of buying their exhilarating lipstick and eye-shadow shades and hues from the official LC website.

Why Lime Crime Remains Popular Over Other Brands

The rich LC cosmetics formula goes on silky-smooth with an impressive matte hydrated formula. As recognized by their users, the Lime Crime brand remains all-natural. You never have to worry about skin irritations with their super-foil formula. LC creator, Doe Deere, says, not everyone was excited about the new cruelty-free brand, but the matte formula turned out to be a success. Today, the merger with Tenegram and LC cosmetics has helped them grow their equity and Telegram stockholders are pleased with their growth efforts.

LC Cosmetics Business News

The Lime Crime brand has been able to create a successful China deal. Their clients have been able to buy their products in China from a new e-commerce market. Their were millions of products being sold on the black market and the popular LC cosmetics brand had a solution. Today, there has been thousands of products sold in the China cosmetic industry. They business deal has helped both of them expand their business portfolio. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to buy their products from select department stores worldwide. Visit the popular Lime Crime brand and choose your blend today.