Lincolnshire Management and TJ Maloney Expands the Team

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TJ Maloney is the CEO and Chairman of Lincolnshire Management, which is an equity firm. Lincolnshire Management, Inc. recently added four new human resources to its talent pool.

Matthew Nacier was a member of the team previously, but now rejoins in the capacity of Senior Associate. His previous work included working with crypto currency in the European Union. Crypto currency is critical to international business because it makes the transfer of online funds secure. He is an alumni of Boston College who previously interned at Lincolnshire before becoming an analyst there.

Nicolas Llona got his M.B.A from Columbia University. There, he studied business finance. In the private industry he has experience in shaping strategies for car and construction companies. For Lincolnshire Management, he will fill the role of analyst to research the viability of potential deals.

Georg Stolt-Nielsen will also be doing due diligence to make sure that deals Lincolnshire enters in to are in the company’s best interest. Before accepting his new role as analyst, he studied economics at Georgetown University. This won’t be the first equity firm for Stolt-Nielsen, as he is late of Anthon B. Nilsen.

Yashna Ginodia will be joining Stolt-Nielsen and Llona analyzing deals. She has previously worked at Noonmark Capital and graduated from New York University.

The president of the company, Michael Lyons, is glad to welcome the new members of the team. He sees the youth and energy of these professionals as assets.

Lincolnshire Management oversees a billion dollars for their clients. TJ Maloney and his company operate from New York and Chicago. For 33 years they have built a reputation for navigating business cycles and investment success.

TJ Maloney focuses on middle market companies. Middle market companies are below the level of mega corporations like Google and Apple, but they are bigger than small businesses.

Private equity, TJ Maloney focuses the business, is when investors get together a pool of money which is then invested in various companies for a set period of time, and then dissolved, paying out any profits to the investors.

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