LocationSmart – Financial Peace of Mind

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

With many of the major fraud protection agencies hard at work to clean up the mess made by data breaches, it is hard to place trust in such services. The idea that these mistakes could lead to the downfall of millions really puts people in a tough spot. Trusting these servicing groups to protect your assets and manage your funding can take some careful consideration. LocationSmart throws its name into the discussion with their financial servicing inclusion. Most banks and finance institutions will offer their own form of fraud protection. Teaming this method with the LocationSmart brand can increase your overall protection measures. Adding to your strive to keep your money safe and secure is something that increases the overall peace of mind you have with your finances.

LocationSmart works with the banking industry to provide seamless control over your financial planning. They allow you the real-time results gained from your preventative measures, applying graphing and other such result sets that allows you to peer into how your money is being handled and protected. They even add to the fraud protection goal by increasing the overall security of your accounts, applying the tools that they have gained over their years of working with partners within this field. When it comes to purchases, LocationSmart can track your device to that location. By creating a bypass that must be submitted before a purchase is charged to your bank and/or card, they can better improve the misuse of a card or banking account. This places the person at the center of the attention and reduces the amount of fraudulent charges being linked to your account.

Locating your mobile device to transactions is the best way that LocationSmart can provide that peace of mind. Each time you make an ATM withdrawal, LocationSmart will verify your mobile location to verify this attempt. If you are signing up for a loan, the processing will once again put you through the LocationSmart system for increased verification. LocationSmart also releases post-transaction reviews to their users so that they can track any and all activity being linked to their banking cards.

These are just a few of the many additional steps LocationSmart stands to better protect your finances. Any and all transactions are carefully monitored by a team of experts, keeping the user in the know of all of these activities. If there is a threat showing on your account, the fraud protection team will work quickly to get to the source and prevent this activity from going through. This is an additional piece to the modern fraud protection being released by banks. It contentiously updates and adds protection to the total service package being offered through the LocationSmart brand.


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