Lori Senecal’s Achievement In Making CP+B A Global Successful Company

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

In 2015, Lori Senecal assumed the role of the global chief executive officer at MDC partner agency, CP+B. At the time, this was a new position at the institution. Before assuming this position, Lori served as the president and chief executive officer of MDC Partners Network. She continued to hold onto this post even after beginning to serve as the company’s global CEO of CP+B.

Lori was able to transform CP+B to become a new global agency that has the flexibility and skill same as that of an entrepreneurial startup. One of Lori’s achievements when working for CP+B was the landing of American Airlines as a client in October 2015. What arrives at American Airlines a considerable success for CP+B is that they made the airline company quit the services of TM Advertising, a company that had American Airlines as a client for more than 25 years.

Lori Senecal is set to exit the position at CP+B as the company is finalizing its new structure. Additionally, CP+B is developing the next generation of its leadership team. As of now, the company has concluded the creation of a thoughtful leadership that will lead the company moving forward. CP+B is currently bracing for a smooth transition after Lori retires. Lori is celebrated by her work colleagues who give testament to her efforts in making CP+B a smarter and more efficient company thanks to her leadership.

The new generation leadership at CP+B is already taking shape. One of the changes already made is the promotion of Daniel Aldrich to the president of CP+B west. Aldrich is also charged with running CP+B Boulder and CP+B Los Angeles. According to GC Report, before this promotion, Aldrich was one of the two managing directors at CP+B Boulder. It should be noted that Aldrich assisted the landing of the American Airlines account.

Lori is an American businesswoman who has guided CP+B to international success. Recently, she spoke at the 3% Conference for women. She has also had a significant impact on the business culture of CP+B. Lori is celebrated for the creation of a new agency that is inventive.