Luiz Carlos Trabuco Shows Great Determination To Preserve Bradesco’s The Management Model

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Change is unavoidable; it is within the nature of life struggles that conditions seem to be taking different tolls from time to time. One phenomenon necessitates the occurrence of a contrary condition. For instance, the sowing of seeds necessitates harvesting in the future. Similarly, exiting of a leader in an organization necessitates the appointment of a new leader to occupy the vacated office. Therefore, the continuous reshuffling of leaders in an organization is inevitable. However, the frictionless running of an organization is to be kept constant despite leadership transitions. Luiz Carlos Trabuco of Bradesco is one affluent leader who stretches beyond his duties to ensure the bank is stable amidst changes.

Background Information
Bradesco’s outgoing president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, declared that the procedure of appointing his successor focused on conserving the management model of the bank pegged on the consensual agreement. In Trabuco’s assessment, the appointment of Octavio de Lazari Junior as president was perfect. The 39-year-old Octavio has vast knowledge in banking and insurance making him the ideal president to preserve Bradesco’s prosperity.

The Leadership Structure
The incoming president Octavio de Lazaro has had a long career in the bank. He began as an office boy but, graduated to various roles over time, he was able to accumulate exceptional banking skills which he used to generate wealth to Bradesco according to Prior to his appointment, he served as the agency manager, credit’s department director, and a vice president.

More on Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi
Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, outgoing president equally has an excellent track record in all the positions he has served in Bradesco. He began his work in the Bank in the year 1969 and served in various dockets. Beyond that, he is one of the outstanding chief executive officers that the bank has ever had. Through dedication and hard work, he became the president and manifested teamwork while working with Brandao as chairman. However, Brandao resigned earlier than expected at the age of 91. Being passionate about enhancing continuity, Luiz took two roles as president and chairman and stayed at the helm of leading the bank ahead while plans were underway to appoint a new president.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi pension reform which is mother reform
Luiz Carlos used his experience to give well-thought insightful pension reforms that will minimize the rate of government expenditure. Trabuco holds the opinion that the implementation of pension reform is ideal for the government to curb the collapsing financial status. This will help the government to redeem itself from the public who are furious and feeling that the distorted financial situation is an aftermath of corrupt government systems. Pension reform, however, is focusing on enhancing the growth of financial capital which has been static for two fiscal years.

Bradesco is renowned for being top service providers, with Luiz Trabuco and Lazari Octavio at the steering wheel, the journey to soar higher is unstoppable. The combined effort of the duo sets the bank at an undoubted path to greater achievements. The co-workers only need to learn the style of new leadership and roll their sleeves to join already began building work.

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