Luke Lazarus Believes It’s Important To Have Meaning Behind His Startups

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Luke Lazarus has always been an ambitious man, and as soon as he graduated from college with his MBA, he started developing his own startups. He was able to develop four successful startups in just one decade and sell each one of them. He attended Melbourne Business School and was twenty-four when he graduated.

He has a natural talent and knows how to be successful with each business plan that he comes up with, and the way that he succeeds with them is through creating a good story that he knows investors will be interested in.

He puts together stories that they can relate to personally and that are illustrated well. And he is always studying the market to know what is going on in it. He knows how to create marketing plans to stay organized and to make good sales.

And, one of the ways that he stays inspired in regard to creating new products is in thinking about his personal life and the solutions that he wishes there were to the problems that he faces. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Business and Luke Lazarus | Crunchbase

Luke Lazarus says that he takes the time to meditate each morning because once he starts working he doesn’t stop. He is always multitasking so that he can get as much done in a day as possible. He says that he goes to the gym every day to keep his body in shape. And, he is always keeping notes for himself of everything that he needs to get done so that he can stay organized and make time for his personal life.

Luke Lazarus says that emotion is always important when creating a new product, and he tries to put emotion into every startup that he creates. And, he gets excited when he sees other businesses telling stories and having more meaning behind their products.

Luke Lazarus says that he used to be worried about his career when he was younger, but if he could go back and say one thing to himself, it would be to let go of that worry. And, he says that it is important for entrepreneurs to believe in themselves.

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