LumenNXT CEO Mark Beer Believes In The Company’s Innovation

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Light lets us see.


Rays from the sun enter our eyes and light up the world. Flashlights and lamps do the same thing. They let us see what’s in front of us.


Light is important for us. For doctors and surgeons, it’s more than that – it’s vital. It’s why hospitals are so bright. You can’t perform surgery in the dark.


Surgeries involving awkward positions aren’t the easiest things to have proper lighting on. Surgical lights help by letting surgeons specify where exactly to focus the light on. Even that isn’t always enough. Surgeons sometimes require focused lighting in a very small area.


The problem is finding a solution that avoids tissue damage from the light source overheating.


It’s also a problem that surgical lighting company, LumeNXT, hopes to solve.


A New Approach


The company hopes to provide surgeons with a better light source with their product.


Attempts at similar devices have been made in the past. Most have ended in failure. Poor lighting, cumbersome size, and excessive heat generation all prevented such devices from seeing widespread use. 


The company’s solution tries to avoid these problems. 


The small device – placed near or inside the wound – continuously gives out a high-intensity light. LumeNXT’s design allowing it to produce virtually no heat at all. The use of batteries removes the need for an electrical outlet.


Newly appointed CEO, Marc Beer, believes the importance of the technology will increase as the number of minimally invasive surgeries also increases. He believes that the company has already advanced the field of surgical lighting with their device.


Marc Beer has spent over 25 years guiding companies in their endeavors. 


Experienced Leadership


Multiple start-ups have seen growth rates and profitability skyrocket under the leadership of Marc Beer. 


In 2018, he brought in over $40M in funding for Renovia, Inc., another company that he helped fund and create. Renovia helps women with pelvic floor disorders by providing first line digital therapeutic and diagnostic devices.


Before that, Marc Beer was the Former and Founding Chairman of Minerva Neurosciences Inc., a company focused on the development of products aimed at treating diseases in the central nervous system.


With a dynamic management style, Beer has successfully led dozens of companies throughout his career. 


For over 20 years, he has held a goal of making resource allocation and capital efficiency a priority in the companies he leads.

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