Maarten De Jeu an Authority in International Business

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Maarten De Jeu is a highly reputable international business expert and the founder of SVM
Business Advisory. De Jeu founded the firm way back in 2012 and ever since has been assisting
clients to develop sustainable business solutions that give results. SVM Advisory is a leading,
privately-held consultancy firm that focuses on providing clients with highly sophisticated
international business strategies. De Jeu has worked for companies in the global stage and knows
what is required to set up a successful business internationally. He has worked for several
companies in Europe Asia and North America, and they include the London based Aviva where he
served as the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, TVDK Management Consultant
where he worked as the firms International Strategy Manager and SpeakUp a Europe based ethics
and compliance solution company that he co-founded. Other international firms that De Je draws
his experience from include Heinz, ING, Sara Lee, and ABN AMRO. De Jeu is quite experienced in
several international business areas, and they include investment, acquisition entrepreneurship,
and business improvement, among others. De Jeu advisories and international business strategies
give clients a competitive edge in the complex and unfamiliar business territories.
Maarten De Jeu international business experience makes him the most suitable candidate to offer
insights and opinions about the complicated international market place. Local entrepreneurs who
have set up successful business enterprises in the US might find De Jeu advice on international
expansion quite useful. The international business market is unfamiliar territory and entrepreneur
wishing to expand must first do an in-depth study and analysis of the market place. Also,
businesses must set up strategies that will help steer them into success says Maarten De Jeu.

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Businesses that want to succeed in the global space must, among other things, respect differences.
Respecting differences in terms of culture, race, ethnicity, religion, and tribe can come very handy
in international market place says Maarten De Jeu. American firms seeking to expand should make
significant investments and time to learn the locals’ language and culture. Such an investment can
create a massive difference in an organization as local will embrace the firm and view it as one of
their own. There are many languages out there, and sometimes the American idioms that are
commonly used in the US may mean something else in other parts of the world. Products that
sometimes are presented to clients using a language they do not understand or mean something
different may make clients not purchase such products. De Jeu recommends that business owners
grasp the local dialect and also liaise with the local representative to understand the business
trends in the area. Understanding the local language, business trends, and respecting the cultural
differences of locals in the area a business operates in will give a business a competitive edge in
the market says De Jeu.

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