Maarten De Jeu Planning Your Financial Future With Commercial Real Estate

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Fortune 500 companies know Maarten De Jeu as one of the best in the field of strategic advisers. He goes into detail on why investors should add commercial restate to their investment and explains why adding real estate is a lot easier than most people think. 


Average investors now have more opportunities to invest in commercial real estate. Once the commercial real estate was something that only the rich could invest in, but these days anyone can participate in a pool for properties. 


When you think of commercial real estate, your selection is vast when it comes to profit. Commercial properties can be offices, warehouses, multi-family housing units, retail space, and even manufacturing centers.


There are some big differences in residential and commercial properties. For example, commercial properties are usually bigger which means the price to not only buy but constant care of than if you had bought a home plays a factor. 


In the past, investors on their own have had it challenging on grasping the full opportunities in commercial property. Thanks to the law-making changes, investors can now seek out possibilities in commercial real estate property. 


Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act helped make those changes for all types of investors. The act loosens restrictions for small businesses and allowed crowdfunding as a way of paying money for a specific project. With an investment as low as 5,000, investors have the opportunity of preselecting commercial real estate property, and investors get to share in the profit made from the rent or property asset. Jumpstart Our Business Startup or JOBS also allowed another option, and that’s receiving monthly interest rates. Learn more:


Another advantage of commercial real estate deals with tax-deductible. Every year investor deducts the value of their property for taxes which relieve the burden during repair with extra money coming from paying fewer taxes. Investors should make sure they’re getting the most from their tax deduction with seeking out a reputable accountant.


Commercial real estate has fewer fees than traditional investment. 


These options give investors the chance to collect and invest again from the gains of their first investment. Many opportunities are waiting for those who want to invest in commercial property. 

Maarten De Jeu earned an MBA while attending Oxford University, and he was the first to graduate in his class that year. Successful in international, commercial real estate, investment, and financial services, Maarten De Jeu has a combination of industry knowledge as well as technical skills. 


Before he started his company, Maarten De Jeu worked for Aviva pic and TVDK management consultants. While working at TVDK, he managed some of their top customers. He saw his potential in helping projects along with his decision making and also building up teams as well as given multi-disciplinary action. Among Maarten De Jeu’s achievement, he helped found a technology known as Speak-up.


De Jeu enjoys spending time with his family and playing tennis. His other activities include belonging to several communities and business associations such as the Economic Club of Chicago, Chicago Council on Global affairs.

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