Madison Street Capital Huge Recaptilizing for A Client

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In recent news, Madison Street Capital served exclusively as a financial advisor in subordinating debt investment and arranging minority equity for ARES Security Corporation, one of their clients. ARES Security,, is based in Vienna, Virginia. They are one of the leading organizations in security risk management offering solutions in comprehensive end to end security software where they protect the most critical assets of the world. ARES Security safeguards the most complicated systems operated by the nuclear, energy, government, and transportation industries. Madison Street Capital worked this recapitalization out with Corbel Structured Equity Partners, Launched in late 2013, Corbel is a structured equity fund with a capital amount of $95 million under management, and this company produces non-control investments to profitable, lower middle market companies normally on a preferred return basis.


The President of ARES Security, Ben Eazzetta, is overjoyed about this new transition. He stated how his company really appreciates Madison Street Capital and all the completed work they’ve done for them in 2016. He further stated that they were really impressed with the total process, ranging from initial due diligence to the capital raising procedures.


As a result, ARES realized that working with Corbel to structure the investment creatively was the best direction towards producing much equity value. Corbel possesses an operational and supportive partnership and flexibility in capital solutions. These qualities encourage a continual significant sales momentum and capitalization for them on new revenue opportunities that Corbel has in their extensive amount of industry contacts.


About Madison Street Capital


Based in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital is a global investment firm that takes great commitment in excellence, integrity, service, and leadership in delivering merger and acquisition expertise, corporate financial advisory services, valuation services, and financial opinions to privately and publicly held businesses. With these qualities, their clients can succeed in the global marketplace.


This firm takes their client’s objectives and goals and makes them their own. This ranges from financial advisory to the transfers of ownership. They see emerging markets as the core component as the driving force for their clients global growth. And because of all of this, they’ll continually focus a large portion of assets on these markets. And furthermore, with these qualities, their dedication, their highest professional standards, beliefs, and expertise, this firm has earned a great Madison Street Capital reputation in which their clients trust them worldwide.


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