Making Sense of Healthcare Data and Moving Forward with Eric Lefkofsky

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

A good discussion of the current state of healthcare in the US was discussed at the recent Milken Global Conference. The healthcare industry is probably one of the last industries to be affected by new technology. Eric Lefkofsky got involved in the healthcare industry when he noticed that doctors weren’t getting all the data they needed. It was personal for him because of his wife’s illness. His background in technology provided the means for him to help doctors and other medical professionals make sense of the healthcare data they were receiving. Healthcare data platforms like the ones run by Tempest provide doctors and other medical professionals the tools they need to access and organize the data.

The healthcare industry has been slow to adapt itself readily to the new technology. There are a couple of reasons why adaptation has been slow. Privacy concerns and a need to secure data safely are the main components for the slow implementation. It didn’t make much sense to Lefkofsky that doctors and other medical professionals struggled to gain access to needed medical data. Some inconsistencies with how the data was stored and accessed caught his attention when he first looked into the healthcare system. He knew that there was a better and more efficient way to both store and access healthcare data.

It was important to him to create a platform for medical professionals to share data without compromising the patients’ privacy. Lefkofsky’s experience with newer technology uniquely placed him in a position to create a platform that helped make sense of data. Larger healthcare corporations would benefit from this platform by allowing their doctors and medical personnel to share data safely. Lefkofsky feels that everyone will benefit eventually from the changes taking place in healthcare. He believes that data platforms can help physicians access data quickly.

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