Marc Beer: Advocating for Entrepreneurship in the Biotech Sector

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Marc Beer is one of those entrepreneurs who keep on proving their prowess in this sector every once in a while. His successful career has spanned more than twenty-five years. It is a career that has seen Marc bring many corporations to the peak of success. The reason he has been able to do this is that he has over the years developed a unique and practical solution that is able to address all pressing problems.
He attended the Miami University where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business in 1987. His innate talent coupled with his education background helped prepare Marc for a career path that he has continued to follow since that time. it is a career that began with him working in pharma sales and marketing. It would eventually lead to him to the vice presidency of Genzyme, where he was tasked with global marketing efforts.
The vice presidency position made it possible for him to re-introduce Genzyme into the world. His duties included promoting the company’s product lines. Its products were aimed at easing pain and providing relief to more than three hundred and fifty million people spread out across the world who were suffering from more than seven thousand rare conditions known to afflict humans. Learn more:
Working with the underserved in society motivated Marc to consider improving his game. He was motivated to continue pushing ahead and to try and make a difference. The only way that he could be able to do this would be by addressing pressing issues that were increasingly proving hard to solve. These were issues surrounding the pharmaceutical sector. Having worked in the industry for long, Marc Beer was confident that he had the skills and the experience required to bring about some changes.
Additional Information
Marc Beer is the Co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of Renovia Inc. Renovia Inc. provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to women suffering from numerous pelvic flood disorders. It mainly serves clients residing in and around Manchester. He is also a board member of the Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation. Apart from his work at Renovia, he also works as a consultant at GLG Consultant.

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