Matt Fleeger and Sadie Keller Help Support Those Battling Childhood Cancer

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Childhood cancer is a disease that affects countless children and their families every day within the United States. For many, the struggle is fierce and waring on the patients as well as the loved ones there to support the patient. It is sad to know that the research for treatment for this heart-wrenching and consuming disease is severely under funded by the federal government. However, there is one who is standing up for these children and their families. Sadie Keller works tirelessly to raise awareness and funding to help these kids. A survivor herself, this amazing ten-year-old girl inspires those around her to do all that they can to fight childhood cancer.

The Sadie Keller foundation is an organization that works to raise awareness and funds to support children and their families that are battling cancer. In addition, the money raised by the foundation also contributes to research towards the detection and treatments of this horrific disease. Most recently, Matt Fleeger managed to raise $14,000 for the Sadie Keller foundation. Fleeger is the chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western, Inc. The prominent gas and oil business man is well-known for his contributions to children’s causes, and was touched by Sadie Keller’s story. His donation will assist the foundation in providing gift packs for kids and families battling childhood cancer while also enabling the Sadie Keller team to continue their efforts in lobbying for additional spending to battle and hopefully one day erase pediatric cancers within the United States.

Sadie Keller herself was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age seven. A scared child that was uneducated in her upcoming treatments, Sadie began to film videos about her experience. She channeled her fear and anxiety about her daily struggles into educating others that were facing the same challenges in their own lives. Her aim was to help fellow childhood cancer fighters to know what to expect next and let them know they were not alone. Sadie’s efforts did not go un-noticed and eventually led her to work with The Truth 365 team. The Truth 365 is a film and social media campaign to bring awareness of childhood cancer and provide a voice for those entrenched within the battle.