Matthew Fleeger, the Leader in Business

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Matthew Fleeger is well known for his leadership in business internationally. He holds an intensive experience in various aspects of business. He leads the Gulf Coast western and also holds top positions in oil and gas companies in America. Matthew Fleeger desire in various corporates and leadership has made him to always remain focused and keeping in touch with all of his team members. In addition, he encourages his team for their work as well as contributions. He collaborates with other giants in business in order to gain exposure as well as ideas in running and development of his business.

With a profession in business administration, Matthew Fleeger developed his desire in business while he was young. He joined the management of his father’s business after school and served for a period of eight years. He was exposed to knowledge and skills in oil industry. He also served at Kinlaw oil company for a period of three years.

The skills and knowledge gained by Matthew Fleeger in his earlier employment gave him opportunity to take leadership role in Gulf Coast Western oil company. he has expanded the compny to attain higher heights of success in business.

Matthew Fleeger grew the desire to found his own compny in the year 1990. He succeeded to establish MedSolutions in the year 1993 which focused on giving the best option for the transportation as well as disposal of medical facilities. Under his experienced leadership in business management, the company expanded to the leading and the best healthcare waste management in the south of America. Matthew Fleeger later sold the compny in the year 2007, to the national industry leader, Stericycle.

Alongside MedSolutions, Matthew Fleeger also owned and operated a tanning company which he established in the year 1999. It started as a small tanning company which grew to the largest company in Latin America.

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