Metal Health Specialist Roseann Bennett Talks The Pros And Cons Of Telemedicine

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Roseann Bennett is no stranger to the current mental health crisis currently happening across the nation, which is why she’s worked diligently to be the Co-Founder of the Center for Treatment and Assessment within the Hackettstown area. As a licensed family and marriage therapist Bennett sees the imperative need for the telemedicine wave of therapy and is cautiously encouraging others to take advantage of this new way to receive mental health support for a tech savvy population.


Telemedicine is the creative way to utilize your laptop or smartphone to connect with various therapists online at literally any time of the day. You can now find help online during those hard to get through non-business hours that so many ends up struggling with finding support. As Roseann has made very clear in previous interview with IdeaMensch, with the way that technology is growing day by day it only makes perfect sense to have medicine follow suit making services available through a tech format. Learn more, as Roseann Bennett, LMFT; Talks About the Future of Therapy.


The pros of telemedicine seem to be endless with this service offering lower rates for therapy, there’s no travel required to receive mental health support, and insurance really isn’t a problem since most people either pay the posted rate to talk to a therapist, or they receive free services through various assistance programs. View Related Info Here.


As far as cons go receiving these virtual therapy services, the biggest missing piece of the puzzle according to Roseann Bennett, is the element of human interaction lacking from telemedicine. You can still obtain excellent support online, through an app, or simply by talking on the telephone to a counselor or therapist, but not seeing them face to face could jade your results. In most cases, the patient desires this virtual format due to a scheduling conflict that otherwise would totally inhibit them from receiving any care at all. Which can be dangerous with mental health and having the ability to hop online for a few minutes and talk something over such as an anxiety attack, or feeling depression set in, is so very crucial to one’s wellbeing. Is telemedicine right for you? It’s very possible, so spend a few minutes online doing your research and book a session to try it out before committing to any long-term contract. It could very well be the change you’ve been looking for.