Nina Vaca Says that Adversity Is Opportunity for Growth

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

As one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the United States, people assume that Nina Vaca’s life is all fun and joy all the time. But she will be the first to tell you that she still faces her share of struggles and adversity. However, the important thing is how you react to those circumstances when not everything is going your way, Vaca says.

Vaca is constantly determined to overcome obstacles and learn from adversity. This philosophy is a major reason why Vaca was able to create one of the most successful staffing agencies in the world. She launched Pinnacle Group at age 25 with just $300. Furthermore, being a woman of minority status meant that Vaca had to face an array of hurdles that many other entrepreneurs never have to worry about.

Vaca is the daughter of immigrants from Ecuador. A major challenge confronted her early in life when her father died unexpectedly, leaving Vaca and her sister to take over the family business – a travel agency. Vaca said that it was a frightening and difficult time, but she threw herself into the task. She and her sister placed the business on solid ground and made it thrive.

It was this early lesson in perseverance that infused Vaca with the confidence she needed to found and build an entirely new business from the ground up. Today, Pinnacle Group is considered by industry observers to be among the premier businesses of its kind in the world.

Pinnacle Group has an international presence with operations in the U.S., Canada, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Jordan. The company recently announced that it will expand to four more international locations: Ireland, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.