Nitin Khanna Brings Forth Strategic Vision as an Entrepreneur

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Nitin Khanna is the noteworthy CEO of MergerTech and as their name suggests they provide specialized expertise for tech companies undergoing mergers and acquisitions. This endeavor is but the latest in a string of successes for Khanna as he’s been involved with other profitable launches. He is from India originally and emigrated to the United States for his higher education. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon which he enthusiastically calls home.

The powerful influence of close family members is something that has blazed a trail in the life of Nitin Khanna. He remembers the ongoing, daily influence of uncles who were engaged in various types of businesses. One, in particular, was involved with a motorcycle parts factory. This helped lay the foundation for his future business launches as it came naturally to him with his upbringing.

Saber Software was created by Nitin Khanna along with his brother in 1999. For a decade they steadily nurtured and watched their company grow. Their biggest claim to fame was election software. The Bush vs. Gore election in 2000 highlighted the immediate need for upgraded voting systems. Saber was well positioned during this time and the company eventually helped 21 states modernize and upgrade their voting procedures. Additionally, Saber helps with many other government functions and provides comprehensive software support.

In a recent interview, Khanna detailed how he strongly focuses on a strategic vision for any of his projects. This could be clients with MergerTech or how his own company positions itself now and into the future. He is also careful to define an organization’s mission as well as trying to create a company culture which nurtures success.

Another skill that helps Nitin Khanna achieve big things is determining who the right people are. He’s a strong believer that a group’s people will make the difference between success and mediocrity. He’s willing to spend time and energy ensuring that the right people are in place with good working chemistry.

On a personal level, Khanna has become a successful DJ after he was inspired by a performance at the Burning Man Festival. He bet a friend that within a year he would have a paid gig and actually made it happen.

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