Nitin Khanna

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Nitin Khanna was born on March 9th 1971 into a military family in India. He completed his early education in India and migrated to the United States to live in Portland, Oregon. He was accepted into Purdue University where he obtained both a Bachelor and Masters degree in Industrial Engineering. That was the beginning of his success in the United States. Nitin Khanna subsequently became an entrepreneur, a tech investor and the founder and CEO of Mergertech, a multi million dollar company that is an investment bank for technology entrepreneurs.

He founded Mergertech with his brother in 2009, in Port Oregon. Prior to creating this company, Nitin Khanna was involved in eight different mergers and acquisitions. He founded Saber Corp along his brother in 1998. Saber Corp was a leading company in the technology industry that eventually evolved into a software system provider to several state government departments with over 1200 employees working at this company. He eventually sold Saber Corp to EDS for 460 million dollars. He gained a lot of experience on how to be successful entrepreneur during his tenure with Saber Corp.

Prior to working with Saber Corp, Nitin Khanna held several senior positions working with Oracle Corporation. Today, he is the advisor to companies in the mobile phone industry, Apples icloud and the social media space. He also sits on the board of several successful companies such as Tie Oregon, Freewire Broadband, Classic Wines Auction and Vendscreen. He invested $5 million dollars in ISOS Inc., a software that enhances productivity of users with features like inventory management, security management, cashless transactions, real-time tracking and smart attendance.

He has recently been involved with the recreational cannabis industry. This is an industry that is worth over 100 billion dollars. Nitin Khanna started his company Cura Cannabis in 2015. Today, Cura Cannabis is the largest company to supply cannabis oil to other cannabis producing oil companies and consumers. The company is ranked among the top 50 Americas fastest growing companies.

Nitin Khanna is a well-rounded entrepreneur who is involved in several projects in different industries. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur in the technology and recreational cannabis industry, his passion for movies and wine led him to serve as the executive director for two outstanding award winning movies, ‘’What Lies Upstream” and ‘’Terms and Conditions May Apply’’. He has also produced his own line of high quality wines known as Four Handle and Oregon Pinot Noir.

Nitin Khanna has played a valuable role, in inspiring others to work hard, stay focused and follow their passion, by leading an exemplary lifestyle, which has yielded an unprecedented level of success in his career. We can definitely expect great things from him in the future.

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