Notes from James River Capital Founder on How to Inspire Others at Work

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

JAMES RVER CAPITAL CORPAnybody can be a boss and be in charge of other people.  But how do you truly inspire others in a business setting?  We provide some helpful tips that come from James River Capital founder, Paul Saunders.  Read this blog and you too can become an inspiration for your co-workers. 

First of All, Connect with People

What do we mean by this?  Instead of walking around the office with your nose up in the air, talk to your peers and employees.  Get to know them and find out their goals and ideas for the company.  Then help them achieve those.  Strike up a conversation with the lad sitting at the desk next to you.  Do not worry about talking during work hours because you can make it a chat about business.  Maybe he or she is having a problem with a task.  You may have just the solution for them.

Demonstrate Leadership Qualities at Work

Stick to your deadlines. Be on time always.  Be confident but not arrogant.  Stay away from inter-office gossip.  Dress appropriately but not in a gaudy fashion.  Take lots of notes during a business meeting.  Employees at James River Capital have lots of experience doing this.  These are definitely leadership quality pointers.

Do More Than What is Expected of You

If you are the boss, people expect you to exhibit leadership qualities.  However, if you want to inspire them, go above and beyond those qualities.  Become involved in what your employees are doing and go out of your way to be helpful.  Always listen to what they have to say, then try to address their concerns or implement their ideas.  You ought to do these things without any financial incentives being offered to you.  Present them with helpful ideas of your own on how to complete a particular project.  In other words, show them you care.  It will go a long way to inspiring them to perform better.   That is always a good thing.