Omeed Malik And The Power Of Persistence

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

Farvahar Partners was created by Omeed Malik. As the Chief Executive Officer of the company, he oversees the daily operations and structure of the company. The New Jersey native studied his way through numerous colleges and universities before embarking on a banking career. As an undergraduate, Omeed Malik studied political sciences at Colgate University. As a post-graduate, he would earn his Juris certificate and degree from The Emory Law School.

Upon finishing his college curriculums, Omeed Malik would start his work days as the spokesman for a former New Jersey State Representative. The time he spent assisting Donald Payne gave Omeed early lessons on dealing with business and the public. After his days as a spokesperson, Malik became a corporate lawyer in New York City. His work at the Weils and Manges Firm helped shape his understanding of banking laws.

Omeed Malik would eventually found his own firm after leaving the New York City Firm Of Weils, Gotshal, and Manges. His company would be called Farvahar Partners; and focuses on IPO strategies and investment tradings. His company has grown substantially over the last several years. The overall aim of Farvahar Partners is to help investors and provide needed insight to the banking world.

The CEO states the idea for his company came from his many years in the financial industry. Raising funds in both private and public sectors has given him insight to help investors and companies on large scales. Omeed Malik mentions that he became highly interested in closing the gap between venture-capital and late-stage capital in business dealings. The typical day for the businessman generally includes law reviews, meetings, and setting goals to name a few. He also states that his schedule remains flexible; because productivity thrives on flexibility. Omeed Malik brings his ideas to life by extensive researching. He likes to gain perspective to help build a foundation before he starts something new.

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