Oren Frank and Talkspace

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Talkspace is a company that has found a way for people to seek out therapy options through technology. It can be hard for people to seek out the help that they need. Some find it embarrassing. Some just do not want to accept the fact that they do need help. Having a way to seek out help without having to be face to face with a therapist has really helped.

Talkspace is owned by a man named Oren Frank. Talkspace offers services on a weekly basis. It is very affordable and easy for anyone to use. Recently, Talkspace received their one millionth user! Talkspace has only been in business for a little over 5 years, so they are doing some really good business. Oren Frank recently hired a man named Neil Leibowitz who is a medical professional who used to work at UnitedHealth. Oren Frank thinks that this is a great idea because Leibowitz will be able to prescribe medications as needed.

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With Leibowitz coming on board there is big excitement among the Talkspace company. Oren Frank sees big things happening for the company. With an increase in anxiety and depression among people of today’s age Oren Frank and Talkspace are just hoping to help.

When Oren Frank developed Talkspace he never dreamed that it would grow into the huge company that it is today. Talkspace has really become popular because it is an easy way for people to seek out help when they need it most. They do not have to be ashamed of being face to face with a therapist, they can easily express themselves through a messaging app. Talkspace is truly changing the world one life at a time. Talkspace is leading the way for the future of changing lives and getting rid of depression and anxiety.

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