OSI Group Has Manufactured its Impossible Burger Production Plant in Chicago

Published / by TheRugbyUnion

OSI Group began its business early in the 1900s when Otto Kolkovsky landed in America from Germany and re-located to Deer Park, a small suburb of Chicago. Otto & Sons, as the small meat packing business was named, were well-received because of the strong Berman work ethic they brought to America and the quality of service the gave to their customers. It wasn’t long before the small company grew and expanded until 1955 it had reached many locations throughout the states. In 1955 Ray Kroc approached them to produce his McDonalds brand burger for his franchises. It has been 65 years since that agreement and the OSI Group still produces the same quality burger, though the name has changed. OSI Group has grown into 17 countries and is found in 65 locations internationally.

In 2016 Impossible Foods created their Impossible Burger within their Redwood City food science laboratories and debuted it to critics soon after. The burger is completely plant based food with no additives and no beef, but it has been accepted with great demand for its plant-based qualities by thousands of restaurants throughout the country. The Impossible Burger has even been approved by the FDA to be sold in supermarkets throughout the country. The demand for the new Impossible Burger had become so great that by mid-2019 Impossible Foods was unable to produce the burger fast enough ot meet its demand so it turned to OSI Group and offered it a co-production agreement which would allow OSI Group to produce the burger on a second plant, which would be a copy of the Impossible Foods production facility in Oakland.

OSI quickly manufactured the plant within one of its Chicago plants. Today both Impossible Foods and OSI both produce the Impossible Burger parallel to one another. Sheetal Sah says that the company is very pleased to work with the legendary meatpacker and is confident it can go anywhere and everywhere with the logistics, distribution network, and 110 years of OSI innovation. Impossible Foods has extended the demand for the Impossible Burger through a recent production deal with Burger King for its Impossible Whopper to be placed on the menu of its 7,500 restaurants this year. Click here.