Successful Partnerships and Ventures Continue to Propel OSI Food Solutions Towards a Profitable Future

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OSI Food Solutions continues to march forward as one of the largest food suppliers in the world. While the company is now a global force that is looking to expand its reach into new regions, it started out as a small meat market in Chicago in 1909. Otto Kolschowsky was the founder of OSI, and he came to the United States from Germany in search of a better life. His company was renamed Otto & Sons after his two sons joined him in the business, and it was during the 1970s that the company again rebranded by becoming OSI Food Solutions.

Otto Kolschowsky was a good businessman, and he was able to secure a deal with Ray Kroc, which made OSI Food Solutions one of the earliest providers of meat for McDonald’s. During the 1970s, OSI opened its first meat plant, which was able to shape meat patties and freeze them for shipping. After this, the company built a plant overseas that would serve McDonald’s as it, too, made the decision to begin to do business overseas.

During the 1990s, OSI Food Solutions continued to nurture successful partnerships all over the world. The company put together partnerships with the General Million Corporation and the Alaska Milk Corporation, which helped to create GenOSI. OSI also made smart business decisions that helped it to establish itself in India. During the 2010s, the company built a new section for its Illinois-based headquarters, which allows it to create better customized food offerings.

OSI Food Solutions has also been acquiring or partnering with farms, processing plants, and warehouses in order to offer even more to its customers. The company is recording record sales due to its innovation and willingness to improve upon its offerings. In Toledo, Spain, OSI impressed locals when it made the decision to add a high capacity processing line to its facility there. This allows the company to process twice the amount of chicken and chicken products as it had before. The expansion took place because OSI’s customers were demanding more chicken products. Instead of ignoring their desires, the company made the right move when it gave them exactly what they wanted.

Media Interview Tips: Type of Questions a Journalist Asks & How to Handle Them

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PR distribution service  journalists are superb at asking issues. In many cases, their questions are unbelievably tricky, inquisitorial or accusatorial.

Whatever kind of concerned journalists include, you need to constantly show up positioned as well as also positive in answering. A superb way to take care of the circumstance is to be prepared with the most tough concerns. It’s the only means you can have a successful media meeting.

Although it is tough to anticipate what reporters might likely ask, it’s far better to be prepared than to be recorded unprepared. Listed here, we have explained the kind of queries that journalists might most likely ask during a meeting:

The initial worry.

Periodically, the really initial issue is among one of the most difficult queries they ask. You have prepared concerning what they will potentially ask you like, “What’s your story all about” or “Exactly just how do you think of your new product,” however suddenly, they asked a numerous question that you’re not even prepared to react to whatsoever.

Typically, radio press reporters or TELEVISION sustains ask this type of problem, “You look terrific today, exactly just how do you maintain that look?” or something like “You look so young, what’s the secret?” The trick is to be as peaceful as feasible along with focus on responding to the question.
Problems that you do not even understand the reaction.

Some press reporters ask questions that are challenging to reply to. If it’s a real-time conference, as well as also you were asked: “What do you presume is the result of environment change in Antarctica?” The most effective means to address this is not to inform them “I don’t acknowledge.”

Rather, tell them what you understand. Attempt as much as possible to respond to discuss what you comprehend. You may begin with a sentence like, “That could be unsure, yet what I can assert is …” By doing this, you do not undercut your integrity among the target markets.

Inquiries that call to hypothesize.

Some press reporters ask concerns like, “Will authorize the prices?” It appears that this inquiry is utilized when press reporters desire to acquire the viewpoint of the interviewee.

If you’re uncertain of what to address, you may handle it by mentioning, “I do not want to hypothesize, but I assume the expense has a high opportunity of acquiring the president’s permission as an outcome of …” If you provide a straight solution, it may be utilized versus you and also may affect your honesty permanently.

Queries that ask for individual viewpoint.

Some press reporters will ask, “In your point of view, what company makes use of one of the most effective things on the market?” Remember that you are not offering an individual viewpoint, yet the perspective of the business. Remember that if you are an agent or Chief Executive Officer of a company, whatever you state in public gets on part of your brand.

If you made an unfavorable statement, as well as additionally you safeguarded that it’s an individual onion, you’re slipping up. Once you enter into a firm, you represent the firm as well as additionally whatever you say shows your brand name. Take care of what you assert due to the fact that it might either make or harm your brand name.

A friendly inquiry.

You need to be mindful when responding to a friendly inquiry. Some interviewees make oversights by answering the reporter straight, without even presuming that it can be used versus the brand name. As an instance, although the preliminary questions may look extremely informal as well as enjoyable like, “You look fresh, have you gotten on trip recently?

If you tell the press reporter that it’s due to the fact that you took a holiday in Asia, but later on the info checks out that your brand is experiencing minimized wage concerns, you might, in the future, regret why you resolved it this way. Frequently identify what’s taking place in your brand name and additionally listen when responding to concerns.

Repeating an adverse language.

Some press reporters will specify, “Isn’t it pointless? Do you believe it puts on?” If you addressed, “Yes, it wears since …” Bear in mind that an undesirable declaration might be utilized versus the trademark name although a press reporter first utilized it.

Requesting a history.

Although you were asked all the pertinent concerns, some press reporters may all of a sudden ask data, realities or numbers simply to sustain the declarations. This is terrific, yet you must be upset if this will certainly be just made use of as a background, or it will undoubtedly be additionally quoted.

If you can attend to all the above worries properly, you have discovered the abilities that are regularly enlightened in media training courses. You presently comprehend one of one of the most frequently asked worries of reporters, like what is your tale, why is it fascinating, what advantages it provides, and so forth.

It’s always terrific to be prepared in any way times. Remember that whatever you say may be priced estimate to you in addition to your brand.

Matthew Fleeger, the Leader in Business

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Matthew Fleeger is well known for his leadership in business internationally. He holds an intensive experience in various aspects of business. He leads the Gulf Coast western and also holds top positions in oil and gas companies in America. Matthew Fleeger desire in various corporates and leadership has made him to always remain focused and keeping in touch with all of his team members. In addition, he encourages his team for their work as well as contributions. He collaborates with other giants in business in order to gain exposure as well as ideas in running and development of his business.

With a profession in business administration, Matthew Fleeger developed his desire in business while he was young. He joined the management of his father’s business after school and served for a period of eight years. He was exposed to knowledge and skills in oil industry. He also served at Kinlaw oil company for a period of three years.

The skills and knowledge gained by Matthew Fleeger in his earlier employment gave him opportunity to take leadership role in Gulf Coast Western oil company. he has expanded the compny to attain higher heights of success in business.

Matthew Fleeger grew the desire to found his own compny in the year 1990. He succeeded to establish MedSolutions in the year 1993 which focused on giving the best option for the transportation as well as disposal of medical facilities. Under his experienced leadership in business management, the company expanded to the leading and the best healthcare waste management in the south of America. Matthew Fleeger later sold the compny in the year 2007, to the national industry leader, Stericycle.

Alongside MedSolutions, Matthew Fleeger also owned and operated a tanning company which he established in the year 1999. It started as a small tanning company which grew to the largest company in Latin America.

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Flavio Maluf – Taking Eucatex’s Growth To The Next Level

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Eucatex Group is a leading home furnishing company in Brazil that has been growing at a tremendous pace in recent years. It is a company that has been witnessing massive growth mainly due to its leadership which is in the hand of famous Brazilian businessman, Flavio Maluf. Eucatex Group is a family run company, and it offers home furnishing products like paint, wallpapers, wooden floors, and so on. Flavio Maluf has contributed majorly to the growth of Eucatex, and it is mostly due to his modern age thinking and progressive business strategies he has implemented, which helped Eucatex Group become a multi-million dollar company it is today. Visit on his twitter for updates.

Eucatex Group is actively operational in over thirty-five countries today, and the number continues to grow with time. Not only has Flavio Maluf ensured its consistent growth, but he has also ensured that the expansion continues across the globe. During the time Brazil was hosting Olympics, Eucatex Group is the company that participated in the Olympics’ infrastructure development, and it is what helped it become a household name when it comes to painting. Flavio Maluf is also a highly qualified individual and has studied mechanical engineering as well as business administration from FAAP University and New York University respectively.

Flavio Maluf is also the president of Grand Foods, which has two primary subsidiaries, namely Premier Pet and Golden Feeds. Flavio Maluf has studied the market and has made business strategies accordingly, which has helped in the company’s unprecedented growth. Along with being an active businessman, Flavio is also a kind personality and continues to work closely with many local and international charities to help the world become a better place. He donates generously to many local hospitals and is dedicated to the cause of health care. He understands that many people cannot afford health care today and thus, wants to contribute in whichever way he can.


Guilherme Paulus – Business Owner with a Heart of Gold

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Guilherme Paulus has helped CVC Brazil become of the leading tour and travel company in the world and is the largest tours and travels company in Latin America. He is one of the co-founders of the company and since its inception in 1972; CVC Brazil has grown exponentially and continues to expand operations across the globe till date. He is named by Forbes as one of the wealthiest Brazilians in the world today and has the net worth of over a billion dollars. Recently, he sold CVC Brazil to Carlyle Group, which further helped him to add to his ever-increasing fortune and also expand to other businesses.

One of the reasons why CVC Brazil achieved such success is due to the fact that he introduced very innovative travel packages for the consumers after studying the market demands and what the consumers are looking for. There are many travel companies out there that have been offering the same thing for years without any innovation, and it is what Guilherme Paulus did differently. He used his years of experience in the field of tour and travel to open GJP Hotels and Resorts in the year 2005. At present, it has over 20 properties spread across the country and has plans to open many more properties in strategic locations across the country. The plans for the same are already in the pipeline, and he is the man who is giving a useful tip for the same. The chances are that the new properties are going to change the hospitality industry in Brazil for the better.

Guilherme Paulus said in an interview recently that Guilherme Paulus believes staying organized and maintaining a daily to-do list has helped him stay ahead of schedule and be productive always. He feels that people need to have an early start to their day. It will allow them to start working early and finish off their work in an organized manner. With so many start-ups failing these days, Guilherme Paulus says that integrating the use of technology to business and ensuring that the entrepreneurs focus on innovation is important to achieve success in the competitive world.

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Looking Into the Successful Career Life of Marc Beer and His Role at Lumen Xt

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Marc Beer has a vast experience in fields such as biotechnology, devices, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals. He co-founded Renovia together with other co-founders such as Ramon Iglesias as the Managing Director and Yolanda Lorie in 2016. Together, they started and led various businesses, and during their work, they successfully closed a unique Series A financing on healthcare investments. He was a member of the board at Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He also served in the Governing Board of Biotechnology Industry Organisation (BIO)


In 2000, Marc Beer became the CEO of ViaCell, a firm mainly dealing with the collection and development of umbilical cord stem cells. In 7 years, he made the firm one of the fastest growing commercial organisations holding over 300 employees. In addition to these roles, Marc Beer also holds various board positions in companies such as Erytech Pharma and Genzyme where he also acted as the president. He is also the chairman of a committee in Good Start Genetics, Minerva Neurosciences and a member of the advisory committee in Miami University Business Advisory Council and Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee. He holds a BS degree from Miami University in Ohio.


In April 2019, Marc Beer has been selected as the Chairman of the board at LumeN XT. LumeN XT is a privately-owned company mainly specialising in surgical illumination for minor surgeries. His comprehensive experience from similar fields will fit into this role effectively. Marc Beer is happy to be working with a team of engineers who specialises in surgical illumination at LumeN XT. The project will help in performing more surgeries that are undertaken with minimally invasive methods. Compared to traditional methods of performing surgeries, Illumination method provides an environment with clear visualisation, flexibility, and effectiveness during operation.


The illumination technique is used to reduce heat cases and improves surgical operations by providing cheap options as well as safety throughout the services. From the evident success in aiding and guiding other companies in the growth at tender phases, the Co-founder of LumeN XT, Paul Rhyne believes that he will use the same ideology to develop the company. The most valued skill is his ability to start firms and guiding them through their growth to become successful commercial companies. Some of these companies are such as Renovia, a firm he founded with a vision of research on and deliver digital diagnostic and therapy tools for women with pelvic disorders. He was also sales and marketing personnel at Abbott Laboratories, aiding through successful growth of the company’s portfolio.


More about LumeN XT


LumeN XT is a privately-owned company focusing on the development of Intracavity Light Emitting Diode (LED) type of illumination. The technology is used as an alternative technique to improve surgical practices as well as its effectiveness, efficiency, and precision. Learn more:

Jingdong Is Bringing Their Customers Fresh Produce From New Zealand

Published / by TheRugbyUnion has brought a lot to their customers and recently began delivering fresh fruit to their Chinese customers from New Zealand. The fruits that Jingdong imported to China included apples and kiwifruit. In addition to being able to bring fresh produce to customers, they were able to strengthen the relationships that they have with Rockit Global Limited and Zespri. The kiwifruit that is produced by the companies that has partnered with is known for its high quality. The healthy snacks have already become popular among their customers and imported produce is becoming more and more popular on the site. In fact, imports are making up the majority of the sales.

The biggest export from New Zealand is kiwi fruit and China has shown to be its biggest importer. There are around 2,600 people in New Zealand that grow the kiwi fruit with a total of around 18,000 jobs in the industry. With the advanced logistics that Jingdong offers its customers, they are able to deliver fruit that is fresh and healthy. The companies that is working with to import the kiwis are excited to be working with them because of how advanced their logistics are. Customers in China are demanding fresh fruit that is also of high quality. With more people becoming educated throughout China, more consumers are demanding transparency with their foods and will not settle for anything less than quality.

The fresh fruit division of 7FRESH from is led by Xiaozhou Zhou. He stated that he was pleased to be able to further grow the partnerships that the company had with the fruit providers. Consumers in China agree that Jingdong is the best place in the country to get fresh produce. There are many products from New Zealand on Jingdong that had been popular before they began providing the kiwi and apples. These products have already gained a considerable following on the site. Some of these include health products, cosmetics, honey, and infant formula. New Zealand’s Trade Commissioner, Andrew White, is looking forward to bringing even more types of fresh fruit making its way to China through Jingdong.’s: Twitter.

Dick Devos

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Dick Devos, the husband of Betsy Davos, who is best known for working with Donald Trump as the head of the Board of Education, has strived for years to work and improve the city of Grand Rapids Michigan, as well as the surrounding areas.


Mr. Devos’s first and most public lobbying attempt was against a new sports complex in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1991. Since then, he and his wife have made names for themselves in their community, utilizing their family fortunes to help build and develop their local communities. The Devos’ have become known as public advocates in the Michigan area, and have steadily worked to build and influence their communities.


One of the ways Mr. Devos has impacted the community most is by assisting in the development of a children’s hospital in the area, saving families from having to make excessively long trips to the closest St. Jude’s hospital to receive exceptional care. The two have also pushed to fund more charter and public schools throughout the United States, citing their importance in the development of children in the long run.


Dick Devos has also been commended for having worked with the FAA on their management advisory council, where he has served as an important member. In the past, Mr. Devos was given quite a lot of credit for having assisted in the revival of the Grand Rapid’s airport, where his excellent social skills assisted him greatly. He convinced the CEO of Grand Rapid’s airport to charter planes from AirTran, a well known and affordable airline that would, potentially, increase the overall viability of the airport. Furthermore, as AirTran was bought out, Devos was then able to contract flights with Southwest, though not without struggle.


However, the work that Mr. Devos put into convincing Southwest to keep the most popular air routes paid off, and the airport’s overall activity improved drastically, which, some think, may have lead to his position on the FAA. Furthermore, both of the Devos assisted in co-founding the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which served an important role in developing potential air pilots in the Michigan area.


Overall, Dick Devos has been greatly beneficial to the aviation development in the Grand Rapids area and hope to continue to improve in these aspects. Furthermore, he and his wife are continuously pushing for the betterment of schools and hospitals in the area, and nationwide, and hope to continue to see the growth and development as they move forward in their new roles.


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The Man Of Modern IT

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Serge Belamant, once referred to as the Henry Ford of IT, was born in 1953. He spent most of his childhood growing up in Tulle, Frace before his family emigrated to South Africa when he was 14 years old. It was there that his life really took a fast track to where he is today.

After Belamant and his family emigrated to South Africa, he had to master the English language if he wanted to advance in his studies. It wasn’t long before he was able to do this. He was an exemplary student even though he never finished university. Always top of the class.

At the age of 22, he decided to join the workforce. Serge Belamant worked for various companies during his time in the RSA. At each of these companies, he developed new systems to rapidly and greatly assist with data management, collection, and data transfer. When SASWITCH hired him, things really took off. He became head of the IT division and began developing new technology for considerably increasing the number of transactions per minute the RSA banks could handle. Visit to know more about Serge Belamant

In 1989, Serge Belamant left SASWITCH to found his own company. Net1 Technologies was slow to start. Trying to get others to switch to a new system and technology can be a daunting process. In 1995 Visa took note of Serge Belamant and hired Net! Technologies to create what is still a central security feature in for Visa.

In 2012 the RSA contracted his company to develop payment systems for nearly 10 million social grants on a monthly basis. Companies who were unhappy with his success made false claims that caused many lawsuits and investigations. This caused Net1 Technologies stock to plummet, and later Serge to resign as CEO.

Serge Belamant has contributed a great deal to what are now common day things. From the security measures on our accounts to the way in which we transfer money. Without these essential financial systems of the modern world, we would not be able to economically function on a day to day basis. Learn more:



What inspires Glenn Schlossberg’s designs

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Some things can be hidden, but the love for fashion is not one of them. Glenn Schlossberg’s passion for fashion is both evident in how he talks about it, and more importantly, on the work he does creating fashion pieces. As the CEO of Jump Design Group, Glenn brings both the business expertise essential in running a successful fashion line, but he also brings the love for fashion that is integral in designing pieces that not only sell but pieces that awe.

Unlike most contemporary fashion designers, Glenn Schlossberg was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is from a humble background; a son of a dressmaker. But Glenn always saw a need in fashion. Upon realizing that the old-fashioned industry ways of cloth designing could not keep up with the increasing population and demand for quality pieces, Glenn decided to dive into the fashion industry.

According to dailyforexreport, having found a problem, Glenn felt that he felt he would be better suited to solve it given his background and his love for the industry; and this is how Jump Design Group was conceived. But Glenn knew that there was one more challenge that he needed to overcome; creating quality fashion pieces in a factory setup. Quantity is always given priority when designing and manufacturing clothing in a factory setup, and Glenn was confident he could do better by also offering quality.

What you need to know about Glenn Schlossberg and Jump Design Group

Glenn Schlossberg attended the New York Fashion Institute of Technology when he was still young. Add this to growing up in a family deeply rooted in the fashion industry, and it is no coincidence that Jump Design Group is a success. New York has always been a fashion hotspot. While spending considerable time in NYC, Glenn was able to learn from one of the most fast-paced fashion scenes and gave him an idea of what he wanted his company Jump Design Group to be someday.

Glenn and his team of talented designers spend a lot of time traveling across the globe attending fashion shows. By doing this, Glenn and his team can know the current, and most exciting fashion trends globally, something that is of great importance in the fashion industry. During these fashion shows, Glen and his team of designers are also always on the lookout for trends that sell; this helps them come up with relevant designs that can be incorporated into the everyday wardrobe.