Why Agera Energy is Different

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There is a reason why Agera Energy has become a different option for local residents within New York. Read more about Agera Energy on medium.com.

This company offers amazing options for both electricity and gas, allowing locals to know that they’re saving money day after day. Agera Energy is active on their Twitter page, giving information and tips to locals who want to save money on their electricity and gas needs. You can find out more about this company and what they are currently offering by going to the Agera Energy site or Wiki. You will see that this company is unlike anything you’ve used before and it is important to know that they offer lots of options for both homes and businesses.

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Agera Energy has become a leader within the energy industry and has been working with thousands of different customers all over the nation along with those living within New York and looking for solid energy options. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.


Making Sense of Healthcare Data and Moving Forward with Eric Lefkofsky

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A good discussion of the current state of healthcare in the US was discussed at the recent Milken Global Conference. The healthcare industry is probably one of the last industries to be affected by new technology. Eric Lefkofsky got involved in the healthcare industry when he noticed that doctors weren’t getting all the data they needed. It was personal for him because of his wife’s illness. His background in technology provided the means for him to help doctors and other medical professionals make sense of the healthcare data they were receiving. Healthcare data platforms like the ones run by Tempest provide doctors and other medical professionals the tools they need to access and organize the data.

The healthcare industry has been slow to adapt itself readily to the new technology. There are a couple of reasons why adaptation has been slow. Privacy concerns and a need to secure data safely are the main components for the slow implementation. It didn’t make much sense to Lefkofsky that doctors and other medical professionals struggled to gain access to needed medical data. Some inconsistencies with how the data was stored and accessed caught his attention when he first looked into the healthcare system. He knew that there was a better and more efficient way to both store and access healthcare data.

It was important to him to create a platform for medical professionals to share data without compromising the patients’ privacy. Lefkofsky’s experience with newer technology uniquely placed him in a position to create a platform that helped make sense of data. Larger healthcare corporations would benefit from this platform by allowing their doctors and medical personnel to share data safely. Lefkofsky feels that everyone will benefit eventually from the changes taking place in healthcare. He believes that data platforms can help physicians access data quickly.

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Betterworks and The Meaning of Culture

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One concept that is easy to misunderstand and put aside is that of the company culture.


Well, we think that revenues are the most important and that will be the driver of the business. Now, while revenues are important to serve a major purpose as being able to drive the firm forward, the culture, the overall purpose is what helps to create a context that will help to bring in more clients, quality people, and those that will go the extra mile to get compelling work done.

Betterworks sees that values, beliefs, customs, ways of speaking, mannerisms, interactions and more are present in cultures. These are all of the components that help to define how one culture is. Culture manifests itself in how a manager interacts with a subordinate, culture manifests itself in a way that even is present in titles (how a manager sees someone with a different title).

Betterworks culture would measure the return on investment in the type of people that are hired and how they perform, in the overall quality of life and strength in the company. Culture can bring about a sense of presence, it can bring about community and it can bring about support. A proper culture would account for all of the elements within the life of an individual.

Betterworks has seen significant value in measuring and optimizing for culture in businesses. See, culture is not something that is simply said, it is something that is part of the very essence of the company.

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Student Alumni From Academy of Art University and Endgame Success

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Avengers: Endgame has achieved a great deal of success in a very short amount of time. Within only 11 days, the film has achieved the near impossible and went right past the $2 billion mark in its entire gross. The very first day of the film’s release, Endgame was able to hit $156.7 million. Marvel’s franchise as a whole is an enormous success with general audiences.


Studios where certain Academy of Art University alumni are working with and that have provided their contribution to the film Endgame include Industrial Light & Magic (Megan Dolman), Double Negative (Ioanna Mailli), Weta Digital (Scott Brisbane and Vanessa Cook), Framestore (Heriyanto Tio), Cinesite (Anuj Anand), and Digital Domain (Matt Smith and Jan Philip Cramer). Each of these alumni have contributed to the production of Avengers: Endgame. How they did so depends on their area of expertise. Toanna Mailli is an FX Technical Director, Anuj Anand holds a position as a Compositor, and so does Matt Smith as a department Supervisor. Jan Philip Cramer lent their creative talent as the ever coveted title of Animation Director, Megan Dolman is an accomplished digital artist, Ioanna Mailli is a Technical Director, and the list goes on.

How each area of expertise is applied to a student’s career is limited only to the imagination of the student. At Academy of Art University, the school tries its absolute best to ensure that students are matched up with only their own areas of interest. The sky is the limit, when it comes to where a student can explore their own creative talent at AAU.

There are currently 21+ main areas of study. Many of them can be applied to the film industry, even if a student is not directly studying film. Just use these creative alumni as an example and you get a greater understanding of just how flexible an artistic career truly can be.

Academy of Art University provides a unique take on the typical hands-on way of learning. Not only are students learning from some of the most accomplished professionals in the industry, they also work with some of the most high-tech equipment on the market to date. Be it camera equipment, editing software, computers, tablets, etc. AAU provides only the best film equipment for students who attend in person for their classes in the San Francisco Bay.

Bhanu Choudhrie and The Tools Needed

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Bhanu Choudhrie slows down at times and conducts time for self reflection. He knows that there are questions that may remain that he would have to answer. He may ask himself a few key things. When Bhanu Choudhrie takes a pause, he may stumble upon some answers.

The answer could be anything, something that he, Bhanu Choudhrie, is involved with and is doing in that moment. But that lets him know exactly how much time in the day did he spend doing something he should have been doing, and how many moments Bhanu Choudhrie dedicated to activities such as procrastination.

This method causes him to have a self-check on his actions, which is the first step to seeing things as they are and prevent their avoidance.

Learn about more tips from Bhanu Choudhrie that you may utilize to empower yourself.

Application of some Accountability

Remember the mention of accountability always.

This is where it comes into play. Ask yourself if you are actively avoiding something. While your answer to another person may be completely false, you couldn’t hide the truth from your own self. If you are bluffing or lying to yourself, then you would know it anyway. And the first few things that come to your mind at this question are your answer or solution.

Come face to face with Problems

Once you are done with finding out the very thing that you are avoiding, it would be time to address it head on. It may be difficult at first and it may be daunting as well. But only by accepting it would you be able to do what needs to be done.

It could be a difficult problem of underlying mental health issues; it could be a long overdue reunion with a friend or family member; or it could be a professional responsibility that you have been avoiding for a while.

Whatever the case may be, accepting with the mindset of resolving it would provide you with the freedom that you need to achieve your goals. It would help open new doors of opportunities for you, which would help you achieve feats you didn’t once think were possible.

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All About OSI Group McDonalds Acquiring Rose Packing

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OSI Group McDonalds has confirmed that it recently acquired Rose Packing Inc. Rose Packing is a pork company that is located in Barrington. It mainly deals with the production of pork products when targeting both the food retail industries and services. Rose Packing was started in 1924. It has its production facility located in Chicago. Ever since it was established, Rose Packing has amiably grown. The company growth manifests itself through various aspects such as the large number of its employees. For instance, the company has more than 700 employees, which illustrates that it has expanded its production activities. Rose Packing produces a variety of pork related products. Its main products are Canadian bacon, ethnic sausages, hams and Guinness beer brats. In fact the company also produces pizza.

OSI Group McDonalds hopes that its acquisition action on Rose Packing will foster the provision of quality pork related products to their consumers. Confirming this, Kevin Scott who is a senior vice president of OSI Company in North America enlightens that the acquisition of Rose Packing will complement OSI company existing business. Also, the acquisition will provide new additional capacity; processing capabilities and strong sales to OSI company .These will directly support OSI Group in its growth strategy.  In spite of this acquisition, OSI Company will retain some of Rose Packing personnel’s. For instance, it’s their confirmation, OSI Company said that Dwight Stiehl will remain in the company. Dwight was the Rose Packing chief executive officer before its acquisition by OSI Company.

Also, the Rose Packing management team will also remain. Both Dwight and the Rose Packing team will work with OSI company leadership team especially on post-transaction integration. Briefly, the acquisition of Rose Packing has been warmly welcomed by both the involved companies and their personnel. For instance, Scott confirms that their company is happy to have Rose Packing agreeing their call to join them. On the other side, Dwight from Rose Packing affirms that the acquisition is a great gift to both companies for they will share a strong business relationship. Although both companies praise the acquisition action, none has revealed this transaction financial terms.

Entrepreneur Par Excellence: Richard Liu Quiangdong

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Richard Liu Quiangdong, also known as Richard Liu or Liu Qiangdong, is a well-known entrepreneur and founder of China’s premier online marketplace JD.com, also known as Jingdong Mall. The shopping network now supports over 100 million active shoppers, and is worth over US$57.6 billion.

Richard Liu Qiangdong comes from a humble background. He was born in 1974 in the Jiangsu Province in China to parents who were employed in the coal-shipping business. After his secondary school education, he enrolled at The People’s University of China, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology in 1996, and later earning an EMBA from the China Europe International Business School.

Richard Liu’s first employer was Japan Life, a company marketing natural supplements. He earned early business success here, growing his career within the company, and eventually held the position of Director of Computers.
In 1998, Richard Liu Qiandong left Japan Life to strike out on his own. He rented retail space in the technology hub of Beijing, and sold magneto-optical products, focusing on providing exemplary customer service and unwavering commitment to quality. This formula paid off, and Richard Liu’s business enjoyed immense growth, expansion and success.

In 2003, during China’s SAR outbreak which affected many small businesses, Richard Liu’s entrepreneurial acumen and ability to adapt to changing circumstances allowed his business to not only survive but thrive, and expand to become an industry leader. He was able to recognize the changes coming to brick and mortar retail stores, and pivoted his business model to focus on e-commerce. This change paid off handsomely, and JD.com was born.

Soon Richard Liu Qiangdong began marketing not just magneto-optical goods from his older stores, but diversified into daily essentials, and high-end luxury items on JD.com. As business expanded,he formed crucial partnerships with other giant retailers like Walmart and Google.

In 2014, JD.com became the first China-based company to be publicly traded on the NASDAQ. JD.com continues to expand into new markets like Europe and Thailand. And Richard Liu Qiangdong continues to stay at the helm of the company as CEO, and continues to guide the daily operations and strategic planning to ensure all aspects of the company’s success.

Contact Richard Liu: richardliu.wikidot.com/

U.S. Money Reserve Informs Consumers of A Recession

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From 2007 to 2009, the economy in the United States took a drastic downward turn which resulted in the Great Recession. Millions of people lost their jobs, retirements, savings, homes, and overall financial stability. While the national economy slowly recovered from 2010 until now, economists and U.S. Money Reserve (USMR) are skeptical of what could happen by the end of this year and in 2020.

USMR, a leading American gold company forecasts the possibility of a recession based on its informational resources and informs consumers to prepare themselves for the event. The company’s prediction is like other sources including The Conference Board Economic Forecast for the U.S. Economy.

U.S. Money Reserve shows important factors consumers should pay close attention to including some economic issues that could cause a recession. One factor to consider is that recessions happen when there are few jobs and wages increase.

These events will impact the unemployment rate and interest rates in which the Federal Reserves determines. It causes the economy to decline and profits to decrease for businesses. While Wall Street and the government will create policies to delay a recession, USMR believes recessions should be natural and not delayed. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | Biz Journals

If a recession is unnatural, it could cause assets to become overvalued, creating what U.S. Money Reserve refers to as an economic bubble. The way USMR explains it, as the bubble grows the event of a recession is possible. The message to consumers is to prepare for it before it happens and seek alternative assets, such as gold.

It’s a commodity and could serve as a hedge which preserves the buying power for consumers who are entering the market before a recession. Throughout history, gold continues to hold its value in its market regardless of economic conditions.

The informational resources U.S. Money Reserve created show the economy is facing a downturn and suggests the time is nearing soon. USMR and economists are monitoring present events, including unemployment, wage increases, corporate debt, interest rates, mortgage rates, and a slow decline in international growth.

The gold company reported this information to Daily Forex Report in April 2019 to advise consumers to take preventive measures. Order your gold today and convert your money to precious metal which has the ability of increasing in numismatic and market value. Inventory could sellout, therefore contact an account executive to help you with securing financial freedom.

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OSI Group Sets World Standard For Sustainable Growth

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With more than seven billion people on the planet and a still-growing population, the concept of sustainability has taken center stage in all aspects of the food production industry. From the way farmers grow crops and raise livestock, to processing food in the factory, operators on all levels understand the critical responsibility they have to ensure they are preserving fundamental resources for the future. The idea of sustainability is a core value for OSI Group, the suburban Chicago-based meat processing giant. As one of the largest companies of its kind in the world, OSI Group management is leading the way in developing and implementing sustainability in the way it processes food.

Much of the sustainability vision of OSI is supplied by its long-time CEO Sheldon Lavin. He joined OSI Group in the 1970s as an outside financial advisor. Mr. Lavin was brought in to help spur OSI’s ambitious plan to grow the company – his nimble and his creative approach to finance turned out to be a perfect match. Before long, Sheldon Lavin moved from an outsider into an ownership position with OSI. As CEO today, Lavin has led the company to a remarkable level of global growth. While aggressive expansion was always a central goal, OSI Group has made extraordinary efforts to build in the value of sustainability along the way.

No growth can be accomplished without also taking steps to reduce the carbon footprint of all operations. That means adopting alternative and renewable sources of energy. To that end, OSI has made enormous efforts to adopt solar and wind power to drive its plant processes. It has also focused heavily on waste production and adopting high tech solutions to provide energy-saving insulation techniques for refrigeration. The latter is a key function for a meat processor. It is critically important to keep meats at optimum levels of coolness to maximize safety. Refrigeration is naturally energy intensive, thus the need for new food solutions to counter the ever-increasing demand. OSI Group has been recognized around the world by industry observers and government regulators for its excellence in adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly operational procedures.

Read more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=23182821

Nitin Khanna Helping Grow the Medical Marijuana Industry

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In 2019 the use of medical marijuana and specifically the cannabidiol oil a chemical product that is extracted from the marijuana plant was legalized and licensed in most states in the US and other parts of the world. The medical marijuana industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is expected to skyrocket, and investors like Nitin Khanna have begun investing their money in the industry. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil has numerous tremendous health benefits. The oil can help treat and cure some of the world’s most deadly diseases and psychological disorders.

Nitin Khanna, a serial entrepreneur with an eye for opportunity, has seen the potential of the medical marijuana industry and is working towards ensuring that professionals who are researching and are helping to improve cannabidiol are given the necessary support from governments and other investors. Nitin is focused on ensuring that the cannabis industry becomes a success and even reach a broader market. Nitin contributions have gone a long way in helping grow the industry that is estimated to be worth more than 100 billion dollars. Medical marijuana has been used in the past in the treatment of psychological and physical pain. Also, the plant has helped in the treatment and care of tetanus and other diseases.

Nitin Khanna, a renowned Portland-based entrepreneur, and investors believe that the medical cannabis industry is a field that has not been fully explored and has excellent potential. Nitin currently serves as the CEO of MergerTech a Portland-based merger and acquisition firm that is focused on helping tech-based startups and businesses in the US. MergerTech is interested in investing in small companies that are worth less than 100 million dollars.

Nitin Khanna besides has previously served as CEO at Cura Cannabis. Nitin helped grew the company to greater heights and by the time he was leaving the firm was one of the leading cannabis firms. Nitin Khanna before establishing MegerTech founded Saber Corporation which was a Portland-based tech company that provided government solution services to the people. Nitin Khanna helped grow the company to a multimillion dollar company, and by the time he sold the company, it was worth more than 400 million dollars and had provided employment to thousands of people.

Read more about Khanna here https://medium.com/@NitinKhannaCeo