The Ways of Reaching Consumers with Steve Lesnard

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All throughout the 1900s, the advertising game was evolving but the core principles stood strong in the face of countless changes. However, everything changed when the smartphones began to enter the scene. Consumers were now not only less likely to go in-person, but even less likely to look around. This meant that companies had to completely overhaul how they planned to connect with consumers going forward. Steve Lesnard has been a pivotal fugue in helping companies find the resources they need to consume effective marketing tactics. He recently published an article on Medium to describes a pair of pillars to modern day marketing.

Consumers have less desire than ever before to interact with a company. This means that short and sweet messages are often not just the most effective, but generally the ones most likely to be read in the first place. Determining a phrase that encompasses everything you are selling can be a daunting task. Apple coined the phrase “10k songs in your pocket” over a decade ago. This single sentence showcases the sheer scope of the iPod. It has a high amount of storage for a device that can be slipped into your pocket. Steve Lesnard mentions how Apple continued refining this approach into the present day.

Once the tagline has been nailed down, the hard part becomes showing consumers how exactly it works. Present technology can make this process easier in some ways. Videos and interactive advertisements have made it simpler to showcase how a product works. However, some companies have instead strengthen their personal approach. Steve Lesnard discusses a company that used their mascot character to create an image of the company. He would appear in places where the product could naturally be used. Steve Lesnard finds computer based and in-person meetings to both be effective tolls for connecting directly with consumers.

The medium of advertising might have changed, but companies still rely on marketing techniques more than ever before. There is real competition over securing the eyeballs of consumers. A company who can master this art is one that is destined for long term success.

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Maarten de Jeu Knows What Businesses Need to Look Out for As They Go International

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Maarten de Jeu seems to have done it all in business. Known mostly for his time in real estate and financial services, he’s a businessman that continues to develop strategies to find success in foreign markets. Running a global business, he’s aware of the challenges facing those who want to make it big in Europe, Asia, and North America.


When Marten de Jeu worked as Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, clients of Aviva wanted to know how to grow their brands and remain profitable. He excelled in this role, so when he founded consulting firm SVM Advisory, clients like IGN, Sara Lee, and Heinz, quickly signed up for his advice. What Maarten de Jeu recommends for businesses going international is to prepare to invest time and resources to become familiar with that market’s culture before expanding too much.


Getting to know a new market is essential to know how to make a first impression. But just because a company has a good reputation in their home market, there’s no guarantee that it will transfer to a new one. For Maarten de Jeu, the best remedy for this is to commit to quality in products and services, but there’s more that needs to be said.


To better know how a foreign market works, businesses would benefit from speaking the language. Making connections in shared tongues is good for making partnerships and first impressions, but Maarten de Jeu says it’s imperative for a business that wants to deal with customers in ways that appeal to them rather than stick out like a clueless foreign brand. Learn more:


But those impressions might not matter is a business isn’t able to make the move into a new market. Going global is costly and many businesses may not be prepared to cover it all. That may lead to seeking investors, and Maarten de Jeu says it’s always best to deal with them in their native language. This puts them at ease at the business, or at least its management, has some familiarity with this new market and can put their resources to good use.


Nothing about expansion comes easily, so a business has to be tough enough to withstand those challenges and move on. To make things a bit easier, businesses need help from locals. Recruitment within a new market can provide insight for a business to determine how to best settle in their respective industry in a new territory.


Local professionals shouldn’t be passed over, Maarten de Jeu warns. Moving to new markets means competing for customer attention with businesses who provide similar products and services. With local knowledge, an expanding business can determine how to price and market themselves without placing themselves beyond the reach of their potential clients.

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Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Fosters a Positive Corporate Culture

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The elements of corporate culture are a company’s mission statement, values, and working conditions. Corporate culture directly impacts employee morale. Co-founded by Paul Herdsman Nearshore Inbound Call Experts provides outsourcing services. Nearshore understands that the right corporate culture benefits employee and employer.

How Corporate Culture Impacts Employees

At Nearshore employees are nurtured and supported. With proper support employees are more likely to advance within the company. Proper training fosters employee confidence and competence. Before a new hire at Nearshore answers a single call on behalf of a client they complete a comprehensive training program. When an employee is elevated to a supervisory position they perpetuate the positive work environment.

How Corporate Culture Impacts Employers

Employee turnover creates an added expense for employers. It costs time and money to orientate, train, and onboard a new hire. A positive work environment encourages employees to stay on-board reducing the turnover rate. Long-term employees learn more creating a more capable workforce. More knowledgeable workers make it possible to promote from within saving the expense of recruiting from without.

About Paul Herdsman

In 2014 Paul Herdsman co-created Nearshore Inbound Call Experts. Jamaican by birth Paul Herdsman now resides in Florida. Herdsman is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University. Without any real business experience and a well thought out and executed business plan Herdsman co-founded NICE Global 30 years ago.

About Nearshore Inbound Call Experts

Nearshore outsourcing is contracting with a foreign outsourcer to have them handle aspects of a business’ operation. Nearshore Inbound is headquartered in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Nearshores customer service department handles clients communications via phone, email, and live chat. The IT Solutions department offers technical support and training. Nearshore helps clients safeguard the quality of the client’s services by offering limited Quality Assistance management.

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Do You Know Betsy DeVos, the US Education Secretary?

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For those who have been following education reform the past three decades, there haven’t been too many successes to bring America’s students up to the same level as other countries around the world. America still ranks low in reading comprehension and math skills. While common core method and standardized testing have also caused problems, it’s been the lack of consistency between administrations that has caused the real problems.


Betsy DeVos has always made students her first priority. As the US Education Secretary, she has been at the center of controversy since her appointment in 2017. One of the main problems was that she didn’t have experience as a teacher before becoming the highest leader of the education reform movement. That hasn’t deterred her from doing what’s best for America’s students in the face of controversy.


While she grew up in Michigan, DeVos always wanted to be in Washington. She fought hard for education reform in her home state and donated over $35 million to educational causes. When she was appointed to the US Education Secretary position, she was able to work with many more states on ways to improve education. Her go-to was educational choice. She has always believed that students should be able to pick where they wanted to go to school. Parents have had to agree as well, as common core method has caused many problems with the public school curriculum.


Educational choice isn’t a new movement. It started in 1990s with charter schools and private schools, then it expanded into magnet programs at public schools. Students were able to pick where they wanted to go to school no matter where they were from and what school districts were zoned. Failing school districts have kept students back for many years, but it’s also been the fault of previous administrations.


No Child Left Behind and common core method have become two major issues for the current administration. President Donald Trump stated that he wanted to get rid of common core method within the term of his administration. However, it’s still predominantly taught at public schools across America.


DeVos has been fighting for students to have the right to pick a school. She believes that it’s better for students in underprivileged areas to pick where they go to school, and why not? Students shouldn’t be afraid to go to school. DeVos has supported charter schools and educational choice programs for many years.


She started in the early 1990s and continued to support legislation in Michigan, including the “Kids First!” Coalition in the early 2000s. This legislation wasn’t approved in Michigan, but DeVos continued to support charter schools. Now that she has risen to the highest post for education, she has been able to work with state leaders and support a campaign for educational choice across the United States.


In an interview with “60 Minutes,” Leslie Stahl asked poignant questions to Betsy DeVos about the success of educational choice. While it hasn’t been widely implemented in just two years in office, DeVos has had success in some states. In particular, Louisiana and Florida have been successful. Florida has the most educational choice programs, including a tuition-based scholarship to help pay for private school programs.


In addition, DeVos says that she plans on bringing more programs to make students face on school campuses. This included policies and regulations that would prevent school shooters on campuses across the United States.


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Impossible Foods Partnership with OSI Group

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Impossible Foods’ partnership with OSI Group, primary supplier McDonalds, is making a huge statement. Industry experts indicate that the Chicago based restaurant is taking the veggie burger competition seriously. It’s the reason why Impossible foods, wants to experiment their veggie burger in the US. The rise in demand for meatless burgers has led to the partnership with OSI Group, a private food supplier in Aurora, to meet the demand. The partnership will enable Impossible Foods to get enough capacity to manufacture burgers that will be enough for the customers. And because of its past work with restaurant chains, OSI is the perfect choice for the deal.

Sheetal Shah, the senior vice president of products and operations, has announced that the equipment is in place at OSI. Therefore they will make Impossible Foods’ burgers, and we expect a new capacity every week. Following the announcement, various restaurant chains have chosen to go vegan. Some of the chains such as White Castle and Qdoba have already incorporated Impossible Foods’ best meatless burger into their menus. However, there has been an addition of many customers which overweighs the production capacity of Impossible Foods.

And it became clear the moment Burger King announced their intentions of including the burger into their menus before the end of the year. The giant chain is going to be part of the increasing number of restaurants with plans to feature this product in their menus. Right now, approximately 10,000 restaurants are featuring the high quality product after its introduction in 2016. As a result, reports have indicated that the Company is experiencing a deficit in burger production because of the ever-increasing customer base. Impossible Foods’ deal with OSI, primary supplier McDonalds, is struggling to keep up with the expansion in demand. Therefore, the Company has gone on to hire Dennis Woodside, the former Executive at Dropbox to respond to the demand. The Company set aside $300 million for the acceleration of its scale-up.

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American Addiction Centers: Understanding AUD

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Alcoholism is a common problem in the world. Alcohol use disorder, commonly re-offered to as AUD, affects thousands of people in each community. An alcoholic person, according to many people in society, is mostly a homeless individual who loves to party and cure their hangover by taking another alcoholic drink. The American Addiction Centers believes that alcoholics have the community in many ways.

The institution is now training the community about AUD. Very few people know how this condition presents itself. A bigger part of the American society does not know that AUD is a disease. Society needs to learn the different stages of the disease so that they can help members of the community who are suffering.

AUD, according to medical experts, is a progressive condition. No patient wakes up and starts the behaviour of drinking alcohol heavily. This medical condition starts and progresses over a period.

A medical study shows that more than eight million patients dealing with this disease have a recurring mental disorder, and they run to alcohol or substance abuse so that they can run away from the problem. In most cases, the patients start with the normal drinking stage.

The next stage goes by the chronic name alcoholism. Later on, at an advanced stage, the patients develop a life-threatening habit that can only get cured using medical treatment. Sadly, many patients with AUD never get a cure. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

American Addiction Centers is concerned about the increasing cases of the disease, and it is raising awareness so that patients can access help early.

Diagnosing AUD, according to American Addiction Centers, is not an easy process. When accessing patients, medical professionals ask eleven different questions. When the patients’ answers yes to the questions, it means that they have the symptoms of the condition. The doctor will then use the answers to know how severe the condition is.

Stopping the habit of drinking might seem to be a tough challenge at first, but it is possible to stop the activity and live a clean life. Accepting that you have the problem is the first step to recovery. Alcoholism affects people in many ways. People who drink most of the time cannot hold jobs, and sometimes, they get into crime so that they can afford their drinks.

Everyone in society can help to treat AUD. By identifying the symptoms in time, everyone should get help for their loved ones who are struggling with the disease.

Discriminating the people dealing with the condition can be frustrating and dangerous to the patients. Showing the patients love and care will help them to accept the situation and get professional help. Any underlying mental conditions need treatment too so that the patient can recover fully.

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Sharon Prince Welcomes Everyone To Grace Farms

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Nationally recognized businessperson Sharon Prince is the driving force behind the Grace Farms Foundation. Several years ago, she thought that where she lives, New Canaan, Connecticut, could use a community center. She started business foundation, which is nonprofit and tax-exempt, by buying an 80-acre space and having an award-winning building placed on it. It cost $120 million, including the land.

She hired Sanaa to design the building. This is a Japanese architecture firm which has won the Pritzker Prize for some of their work. The design incorporated five works of art. Grace Farms is a multifunctional space that includes a community garden, gym, space for social justice groups, an area for faith-based activities, and a nature center.

The building Sanaa built is called the River. It snakes down the hill and has five main sections. All of the exterior “walls” are floor-to-ceiling glass. Sharon Prince Grace Farms said that River is just what they were hoping for. “They” refers to her along with 100 generous donors who made Grace Farms and River possible.

The Sanctuary is a section of River that is used for faith-based activities. It can seat 700 people and holds Sunday Services. This space was blessed by Cliff Knecthtle when it opened. He is the pastor of the nondenominational Grace Community Church. This space had been a barn that was converted by Sanaa. On just the first day it was open to the public 2,500 people visited Grace Farms.

An important thing to know about Grace Farms is that they welcome people no matter what their faith is or if they do not have one at all. Sharon Prince wants it to be a welcoming space for anyone who wants to view art and find out about the important issues of the day.

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Bernardo Chua Takes Beverages Market To Another Level

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Bernardo Chua is a familiar figure in directs sales because of his significant contribution to the beverage market. Besides his admirable effort in promoting coffees, teas, and other products, Chua has won a reputation by introducing Ganoderma globally. The product is a medicinal herb that is very popular in China and in Asian countries. Organo Gold and Gano Excel are the companies which Bernardo utilizes in promoting the product across the North American market.

Although Bernardo Chua is a Chinese national, he spent the better part of his life in the Philippines. Chua took the excellent opportunity to start the marketing of Ganoderma in the region as he was well conversant to the herb. His expertise in blending the teas and coffees with Ganoderma played a vital role in boosting his business. Additionally, his unique direct sales marketing style helped his business grow quicker than that of his competitors. He admits that his style of marketing resonates well with the teas and coffees business. See more on twitter for more information.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua continues to market Ganoderma lucidum since 2008 when he founded the company. It took him five years to raise the company into global recognition emerging as the 55th largest company globally in the direct sales category. The success of the company results from Chua’s passion for educating the world on the benefits of the medicinal herb. The Canadian based company has more than one million distributors globally. The number of distributors continues to rise through the multilevel marketing strategy embraced by the company.

Concisely, Bernardo is one of the award-winning direct sales executives having won five Direct Sales Awards. The Dangal ng Bayan is the recent award that Chua won in 2014 for his effort in business and industry. The Joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice organizers hosted the occasion. Chua, also bagged the National Consumers Quality Award in the same year.

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Isabel dos Santos: An Advocate for Renewable Energy

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Isabel dos Santos: An Advocate for Renewable Energy

Angola, the former Portuguese colony, is the homeland of the richest African woman. Angola, located in South Africa, supports a population of over 23 million people. The country has a GDP of 124 billion dollars, and is one of the wealthiest countries in Africa. The industries that contribute to its GDP consist of oil, mining, construction, transport, public administration, services, and transport. Although the country is a huge producer of oil. Isabel Dos Santos has joined the movement to produce reliable, renewable energy and allow it to be accessed across the country.

Successful business leaders such as Isabel Dos Santos, release that renewable energy such as hydropower, wind power and solar power. The strategy is to economically diversify the production of energy within the country. These business leaders have helped to draw up plans and seek funding to construct the infrastructure, such as the power facilities, to generate the energy. The benefit of this is the creation of more jobs, build networks for communication and build a new business in economically underserved communities across the country.

Isabel dos Santos is committed to building the networks of renewable energy in Angola, as well as, transforming the country into an economic powerhouse. As an entrepreneur, her extensive background and expertise, she is an inspiration for the next generation of “green entrepreneurs” across the African continent. She is adamant about transforming her country and other African countries to transform their economies. Isabel Dos says that today’s youth must be properly educated in order to be able to establish and grow Africa’s future green enterprises. The manner in which this can be done she claims, is a grass roots effort to shift the workforce from the lowest producing sectors into more productive sectors, such as green technology, through by educating the youth being raised in these communities.

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Há uns dias falei aqui que a educação era a chave para a mudança no nosso país. E porque acredito nessa missão, é com muito orgulho que vejo a diferença que nós BFA estamos a fazer na educação em Angola. Queremos ir mais longe e fazer mais pelas nossas crianças. Passo a passo. Agora começamos com o projecto de Capacitação para Professores Primários, em parceria com o Ministério da Educação. Com o nosso apoio, vamos formar mais de 5000 professores 🙌🏾 Porque as nossas crianças merecem professores dotados e educação de qualidade. Vamos continuar pelo desenvolvimento da educação em Angola e o futuro das nossas crianças. Bem hajam 🙏🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #BFA #ResponsabilidadeSocial #Educação #Angola A few days ago I shared here that education was key for a change in our country. And because I truly believe in this mission, I am very proud when I see the difference that we BFA are making in education in Angola. We want to go further and do more for our children. Step by step. Now we are starting with the Primary Teacher Training project, together with the Ministry of Education. With our support, we will train over 5000 teachers 🙌🏾 Because our children deserve well-trained teachers and quality education. We will continue so for the development of education in Angola and the future of our children. Thank you all 🙏🏾

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The Phenomenal Bhanu Choudhrie

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The life of Bhanu Choudhrie began when he was ushered into this world in 1978 in New Delhi, India. He proceeded to the University of Boston in the US to study a course in International Business and Marketing. After graduation, he was able to secure an internship at JP Morgan that opened up his doors to a lucrative career. He moved to London where he got a job at the C & C Alpha Group. The company specializes in healthcare, hospitality, aviation, utility, and real estate.

In 2001, Bhanu Choudhrie became C &C Alpha Group’s executive director. He worked with other employees to invest in classy hotels in Mauritius and India. Further, the organization has cared for homes that are thriving in the United Kingdom. In addition to the business accomplishments, he offers consultation services to people in the various sectors in the firm’s scope.

Bhanu Choudhrie continued to grow intellectually by joining the Harvard Business School. He pursued the Owner and President Management Program, where he acquired new capabilities and skills. It paid off since in 2018; he became the director in a new company; the Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp. It was the highlight of his career since he switched to the vehicle industry to make excellent moves as well.

In terms of philanthropy, Bhanu Choudhrie has donated money to many organizations to help the marginalized in the community. In addition to that, he is the director of Path to Success, a charity which helps disabled women get a quality education. It also guides them to achieve their goals in various sports that they love.

Bhanu Choudhrie is among the board of directors in two eminent banks; Atlantic Coast Bank, and the Customer’s Bank. He stands out, and that is why he received an award to honour him. He took home the Entrepreneur of the Year title in the United Kingdom. The event was the Public Life Awards that recognized his efforts as a great businessman. Typically, he balances family and work-life because he has scaled many people to reach professional peaks. He also gets time to spend with his family, who are equally important.

Alpha Aviation Academy and Bhanu Choudhrie Celebrate 10th Anniversary