Ted Bauman warns about possible trade war

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Ted Bauman is a financial expert and one of the best today. He normally analyzes events that are taking place in the world and relating their impact on the financial market. He has experience from years of traveling around the world and working in different environments in the financial sector. One of the countries that he has worked in for a long time in South Africa. One thing that he noticed while in South Africa is that a lot of products that were sold in the country came from American companies. The same thing happens in other countries such as Switzerland and German where he has also spent some time. However, even as these countries import some products, they are still making numerous products for themselves. They do not have to depend on the United States solely for survival.

Ted Bauman was born in Maryland, United States. He attended the University of Cape Town. He holds two degrees in Economics and History. After his degree, he did not leave the country, he stayed on and started working in different sectors. For 25 years, he was working with different non-profit organizations. He then moved back to the United States where he is now working from. In 2013, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing where he has been using the experience he has gathered from the industry to publish materials on investments and the financial sector in general. His newsletter has over 100,000 subscribers.

Ted Bauman has warned about a possible trade war between the United States and other countries due to some policies that the government of the United States is putting in place. President Trump has put tariffs on some products coming into the United States, but such a move will only hurt the US economy. Trade wars with China and the European Union will likely lead to less demand for American products in other countries.

Ted Bauman is worried that American companies that are established in other countries will mostly suffer from any attempt by the current administration to trigger a trade war with other countries. American companies are doing their business in China, and they need to be protected since they do bring back a lot of revenue back in the country.

Peter Briger Know the Person behind the Success of Fortress Investment Group

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Peter Briger is one of the most successful financial executives in today’s world and is listed by Forbes as the 400 most successful and talented business professionals globally. He is also the co-chairman and principal of Fortress Investment Group. The thinking out of the box approach of Peter Briger is what has helped him take Fortress Investment Group to new heights of success. Recently, Fortress Investment Group was taken over by Softbank Group and he is helping the Fortress Investment Group to use the resources of Softbank globally to reach out to new potential clients. It would help the business of Fortress Investment Group as well as to grow exponentially.

Peter Briger has studied MBA from the Wharton School of Business and has done his Bachelor in Arts from the Princeton University. Fortress Investment Group is heavily involved in the real estate as well as credit funding business and he is responsible for business expansion and management. Under his leadership, Fortress Investment Group has gone to become one of the leading private equity firms in the world. It is also involved in the alternative asset management business and he has helped in the expansion of its business. Currently, he is responsible for managing over $70 billion that Fortress Investment Group is managing for its clients. He has helped Fortress Investment Group to convert millions of distressed assets into cash thereby minimizing the losses for the firm.

Peter Briger is also a philanthropist and believes in giving back to his community and those in needs. He is on the board of an NGO with the name Tipping Point that offers support to the low-income groups in San Francisco. He has also donated about $600 million to help conserve the central part. He also donates annually to different educational programs for children from the low-income families. He also supports the professorship program at the Princeton University that offers financial support to entrepreneurs who lack the resources to take their ideas and projects forward. Apart from funding, he also supports them with ideas and resources, something that he believes was not provided to him.

The Benefits of Dr Saad Saad Medical Inventions in Surgical Department

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Dr. Saad Saad is a medical practitioner who has significantly improved the current settings of the medical industry. He has offered himself to research and innovate some of the most advanced medical tools that will change the lives of individuals who are seeking medical attention from the doctors. After working the surgical department for more than forty years, Dr Saad has demonstrated commitment, knowledge, and skills in discovering some of the most advanced tools that have played a key role in helping individuals to get quality treatment services and they heal earlier. On the other hand, physicians working in the same industry have benefited which highlights the needs for more tools.


Electromagnetic Catheter Locator

Initially, physicians were locating the position of the catheter by the use of long wires that were inserted into the body of an individual through the necessary opening. This was a challenging aspect as it exposed human beings to extreme dangers, especially if it could accidentally get stuck in the body of a person. The other tool brought about to locate the catheter include X-ray radiations and magnetic imaging resonance.


The problem is that both X-ray scans and magnetic imaging resonance have a significant number of challenges. One of the significant challenges is that the MRI equipment is very heavy to carry around and is likely to break with ease hence not offering the best services. Besides, the X-ray radiations are known to have significant health challenges such as causing cancer or exposing the body to other serious medical problems such as damaging the soft tissues.


The new catheter developed by Dr. Saad Saad has a magnetic field such that anytime it is inserted in the body of an individual to remove fluids, a physician can easily detect its position by the use of an electromagnetic detector. This device will detect a magnetic field in the area hence informing the person who is using this device the position of the catheter. Using the electromagnetic energy, the device will receive signals in the form of light from the catheter hence notifying the surgeon or the medical practitioners on the location of the catheter.



Another important discovery that Dr. Saad Saad brought is bringing an advanced endoscope that helps individuals to see the internal organs of the body before conducting any type of surgical operations. It is crucial for a doctor to see the internal parts of the body so that he can perform the surgery with a clear picture in mind about various body parts looks like. The endoscope currently used by Dr. Saad wipes all the fluids that block the visibility of the of the lenses making them clear such that one can see the internal part of the body without challenges. Learn more : https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md

The Accomplishments Of Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides And The Amazing InnovaCare Health Staff

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Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare. She came back to the company in the summer of 2015. She previously worked for InnovaCare as the CEO, the Vice President of Clinical Operations and the Chief Operating Officer for Aveta.


Kokkinides experience spans twenty years in the healthcare industry with her specialty in Medicaid and Medicare. She has developed clinical programs and health care processes with a focus on organizing and improving the efficiency of the companies infrastructure.


Kokkinides was the CEO for Centerlight Healthcare and managed the direction and strategies of the managed care division. Her work with UnitedHealth Group resulted in the development and implementation of the health care model for the company.


Kokkinides has her bachelor’s degree in the fields of classical languages and biological sciences, a masters degree in public health, a masters degree in social work and an advanced degree in substance abuse.


Dr. Richard Shinto is the current CEO of InnovaCare. He was the CEO from 2008 until 2012 when the company sold. He then became the CEO for Aveta. He is the CEO of the health care plans for Puerto Rico.


Dr. Shinto has well over twenty years experience in operational and clinical healthcare. He was previously the Chief Operating Officer for Medical Pathways Management Company and NAMM California’s Chief Medical Officer. You can visit bizjournals.com



His medical tenure started when he was a pulmonologist and internist in Southern California. He has written numerous healthcare articles on clinical medicine and has a medical degree, an M.B.A. and a B.S. You can visit innovacarehealth.com



InnovaCare believes patients must remain the top priority. They are one of the leading providers of Medicare and Medicaid advantage plans as well as physician practice services. Their commitment is in providing top quality healthcare services integrated with todays advanced technologies.


InnovaCare has two Advantage plans for Medicare in Puerto Rico. PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare. Their membership totals 200,000 people with a network of over 7,500 providers. They work to redefine healthcare management that will meet the challenges, complexities and needs of todays healthcare environment. This is accomplished with their Medicare and Medicaid Advantage Programs and their Provider Networks.


Click here: https://changemindchangefuture.org/index.php/2018/03/09/rick-shinto-and-penelope-kokkinides-provides-leadership-through-managed-healthcare-plans



My plastic surgery experience with Dr. Jennifer Walden

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I went to see Dr. Jennifer Walden for rhinoplasty surgery, also known as a “nose job”, about a year ago now. I specifically decided to choose her as my plastic surgeon because of the fact that she’s a woman and she had an amazing track record. In trying to find the perfect surgeon, for my seemingly simple surgery, I noticed that the industry is dominated by male surgeons and I felt like she would better understand my needs and concerns being a woman herself. Dr. Walden proved me right, as I am very satisfied with my results after healing. Before surgery she walked me through all of the steps and she discussed with me in detail about post surgery and how to make sure I healed correctly. Her staff was also great and helpful throughout the process. Knowing that she is one of the 851 board-certified plastic surgeons in the country that are women (the remaining 7,249 are men) made me feel proud to be one of her patients. In doing my research, I also discovered for female surgeons this is a good thing. Over 90 percent of all cosmetic surgeries are performed on women. This includes augmentations to tummy and face lifts. A lot due to the significant changes from giving birth. Most women, like myself, are more comfortable talking to another woman about these things than they are with men. Another thing I liked about Dr. Walden was the fact that she was very personable and knowledgeable. Even though she is very well known, she did not make me feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. I would refer her to any of my friends interested in plastic surgery.

The Chainsmokers: Making Music, Performing Live

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The Chainsmokers are a DJ/production duo from New York. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart formed a band in 2012, making their public debut in 2014 at Terminal 5 as the opening act for Timeflies. Since then they have performed across the country to crowds in clubs, arena’s and other venues. They release albums, EP’s and singles on a regular basis. Many of these singles can be found on the band’s website as free downloads.

Their most recent single, “Side Effects”, features frequent collaborator and close friend of the duo, Emily Warren. The song is the admissions of a late-night lonely party-goer who hooks up with a not-so-good friend that they can’t seem to get over. The song has an upbeat melody and a faster-paced tempo than many of the band’s recent offerings. The Chainsmokers try and write songs about what is happening currently in their lives, and this effects the tempo and vibe of the track. With “Side Effects”, they duo wanted to make something more upbeat for the summer than the material they had been making during the winter. They wanted ‘Side Effects” to be a “summer banger”, and used disco and funk elements to make it so.

The duo are always working on new music and playing live shows. They perform regularly, always trying to bring something new to their performance. They no linger simply spin records and add sounds from behind a DJ table: They have integrated elements of a traditional live band into their shows, particularly enamored of having a drummer on stage. Taggart has also done some singing in their live shows, after first having recorded vocals in a studio. He was nervous about live singing at first, but after a year of practice he has gained the confidence to have fun singing in front of people.

With more new material coming out almost at all times, the Chainsmokers show no signs of- or have any desire to- slow down on their recording or performing. Making music is a lifestyle for the two men; being successful at it is a bonus.


Jeunesse Global develops revolutionary health drink

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Throughout the last four decades, it has become well known to the medical sciences that there are considerable benefits associated with the regular and moderate consumption of red wine. This insight was originally found when studying a list of food items known as the Mediterranean diet. The gastronomy of the people around the Mediterranean regions of Europe seemed to lead to longer and healthier lives. And it was eventually discovered that a key part of the Mediterranean diet was the consumption of red wine.

This finding eventually led to a large number of studies on the health benefits of red wine and similar alcoholic drinks. Today, the findings are very clear. People who regularly consumer moderate levels of red wine enjoy longer and healthier lives. And this effect comes largely due to the decreased incidence of coronary artery disease and other atherosclerotic disease processes in those who are regular wine drinkers. The total life expectancy increase that is associated with the regular consumption of red wine is on the order of five years.

Many find it hard to believe, however, that despite all of the good news surrounding wine consumption, the major medical organizations of the world still do not recommend that people begin drinking red wine. This is simply due to the fact that the risks associated with alcoholism are so severe that, even though only around 10 percent of people who start drinking go on to develop an alcohol use disorder, the risks of alcoholism outweigh the benefits of moderate red wine consumption at the population level.

Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the most innovative health companies in the world, has developed a health drink that solves this problem for good. Known as Reserve, the health-packed energy drink allows users to gain all of the benefits of red wine consumption without incurring the risks of consuming alcohol.

Reserve contains resveratrol, one of the most potent antioxidants known to medicine and the main health-protective ingredient in red wine. Reserve is also made with some of the healthiest fruits in the world, including concord grape, acai, blueberry and pomegranate.


Sussex Healthcare: Hiring A New CEO

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In a recent announcement, Sussex Healthcare has added a brand new CEO to run their organization. Amanda Morgan-Taylor has worked in the industry for nearly 30 years and brings a lot of hospitality experience. Sussex Healthcare didn’t informed the public until 2017 was ending, yet, she did not effectively become a part of the team until January 2018. Amanda has always been known as a passionate driven leader who understands management. Prior to stepping into her position, she started making plans early on for the team’s success. She took it upon herself to learn about the company’s residents and specific culture.

It did not take Amanda long to adjust to the organization. Her initial goal is to promote compliance, quality and make a huge improvement to all services. The company has been known in the market for years based on there holistic approach when it comes to providing elderly care. Leadership has maintained its dedication to finding innovative ways to better assist all of their residents in their homes. Amanda other goal was to preserve that reputation in keeping with the enrichment of residential life. The company shared on personal website that Amanda would arrive as the new CEO and take the lead.

Sussex Healthcare is highly committed to Amanda’s arrival and will do everything to assist her in her leadership. One of Amanda’s first steps was visiting all of the Sussex Healthcare locations to get a better feel regarding the programs and resident’s needs. She took the time to sit down and answer questions along with listening to all concerns. Once hearing from caregivers and residents, Amanda was able to effectively improve care plans and enhance Sussex Healthcare’s overall structure.

Amanda’s background has remained in social care and healthcare for three decades. Her background shows she started in 1984 as a mental health nurse. During her time in the healthcare industry, Amanda has witnessed many facilities failing to provide adequate care when it came to handicapped individuals and the elderly. Her experiences that took place in the 80s and 90s encouraged her to find ways to consistently improve care when it came to those needing the help.

Talkspace Emphasizes the Advantages of Using Online Therapy for Depression and Other Mental Illness

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Depression, anxiety, and another type of mental health disorders have been increasing at a rapid pace among the world population. The deterioration in the quality of life that people are leading these days is the primary cause behind it. If you are not sure as to how to keep your mental health stable when life is rough then maybe a session or two with the therapist is definitely going to help. Talkspace is an online app that was developed and founded in the year 2012 to help create awareness about the importance of mental health. People who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, ADHD, or any other kind of mental illness should consult with a therapist at the earliest.

If you want a solution to your mental health issues without having to spend hundreds of dollars or going for an in-office counseling session, then Talkspace has just the solution for you. Talkspace provides people with the convenience to talk with the therapist through the phone. It connects people easily with the licensed therapists and ensures that they get the solution they are looking for without having to spend a lot of money. The fact that Talkspace is cheap and convenient has made it hugely popular among the people, especially the youth. The youth of today are going through a lot of pressure in their professional and personal lives, and it is natural for such stress at a young age can make it difficult to cope with it mentally. The therapists at Talkspace would understand the problems you are going through and provide you with the diagnosis that would bring you back up in full mental health.

Talkspace has recently collaborated with the best Olympian in the world, Michael Phelps. He was happy to be called in to be part of the team as he believes that everyone should have access to quality therapy. It is the reason why he is a supporter of online therapy and wants people to become aware of it as an alternative to traditional therapy. He has himself used the services and knew that they can be quite effective.

Southridge Capital Trains its Customers the Essential Art of Debt Management

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Southridge Capital is one organization that has brought peace of mind to many Americans by the way it has been providing them with solutions to their debts and other problems related to finance. The organization was established by its able founder, Stephen M. Hicks, in 1996 with an idea in his mind to transform the world of finance. Stephen M. Hicks had observed that many people were struggling with debt problems and other financial constraints that made them suffer at both individual and family level. Many families have encountered crises due to the issues associated with financial constraints which have led them to be indebted, and as a result, they end up breaking up.


Stephen M. Hicks felt that it was unfair to the victims of these situations, who were oblivious of how they could handle their finances so that they could avoid reaching the point of depression out of their financial conditions. He established a firm that would focus on assisting the Americans in managing their finances so that they could shun the aftermath of poor financial management. He called it Southridge Capital. This company has been very instrumental in assisting the everyday citizens in the management of their finances. For instance, the customers of Southridge are trained on how to cut their daily costs so that they can manage to pay off their debts more efficiently.


On the other hand, these clients also benefit from extensive expertise from the personnel of Southridge who are well trained to handle their customers with the utmost politeness and humility. The customers of the company also enjoy the knowledge about the best ways to repay their debts efficiently. This comes after voluntary training that is offered by the company’s experts to any customer who wishes to have financial assistance from the company. For more details you can visit linkedin.com



In an interview that was conducted by the IdeaMensch, the principal and the CEO of Southridge Capital, Stephen M. Hicks, indicated that the company has obtained most of their clients by voluntary visits by the customers seeking their services. However, they have also obtained a significant number of these customers through promotions. You can checkout southridge.com to see more.