Why Boraie Development Has Remained a Leader in New Jersey’s Real Estate Sector

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The economic turbulence affecting real estate business in the United States is now being felt at New Jersey. This harsh situation is threatening the real estate sector in New Jersey, one of the most populated areas of the country. According to Zillow, a real estate tracking firm, shares, and mortgages in New Jersey are the highest in the country. This condition is making it difficult for mortgage payers as the situation may cause foreclosures.

Lawrence Yun, the Realtor chief economist at National Association of Realtors, foresees that the current crisis might turn into an emergency if the gap between housing supplies and demand continue to widen. Lack of homes for auction coupled with high rate of selling new homes is still unclear. The chief economy further argues that the situation could get worse if no actions are taken. Some homeowners are holding off vacant houses expecting the situation to get better, a situation exacerbating the current crisis.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Although this situation is worse for the economy of the region, post-crises events might be better for the people of New Jersey. Positive trends are expected in the future. Higher employment rates, better household formation and an increase in home prices are among the expected benefits. Lawrence Yun also issued similar sentiments that the post-crisis events will be better and will see an appreciation of homes and improved selling conditions.

The turbulence is, however, not affecting all areas in New Jersey, some towns in the area are doing good as the prices have remained high. Cities with NJ Transit station have remained unique despite the economic turmoil. Home prices in these cities have constantly been rising in the last few months, a situation that has attracted prospective home buyers. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

About Boraie Development

According to NY Times, Boraie Development is a real estate firm offering a wide array of services in urban property development, asset management and sales and marketing. Armed with a team of excellent professionals, Boraie development is committed to providing unmatched services to its clients. The team works closely with architects, financial institutions, and visionary contractors who ensure timely completion of all projects.

Led by the visionary Sam Boraie, the firm has established itself in the market as a leading real estate developer in New Jersey. Boraie Development focuses on attracting financial partners, residents, and tenants into a long-term relationship, which fosters development. Currently, Boraie Development is focusing on developing residential, hotel assets, retails, and student housing facilities. The firm has so far sold properties worth $150 million making it one of the most trusted real estate players in New Jersey.

Check out boraie.com

See more: https://www.statetheatrenj.org/board-of-trustees?_r=0

Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein and How the Mobility Authority is Benefiting Central Texas

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The American-Statesman has argued in the Sept. 3 Viewpoints editorial that Austin would see an increase in congestion of traffic. They went on to explain that the area will require a tech related solution to solve this increase in traffic congestion. Mike Heiligenstein has taken the time to thank the Statesmen for acknowledging this key issue in regards to public traffic and agrees that the need for addressing this issue should be a top priority. He believes that this issue will require more than one resource in order to see it through to improvement and that it is issues like these the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority handles on a regular basis.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority exists in order to provide mobility solutions for roads or otherwise. They are the driving force behind building the 183A Toll road in Cedar Park and Leander, which has done nothing but help the community in its growth by providing a public traffic solution that works for the everyday worker and citizen living in that area. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority are also the minds behind the U.S. 290 toll road that exists between Austin and Manor, which tripled the non-toll lanes and provided added capacity for the previously existing road times three, as well. They are a local agency, not a private company. They exist to work for the local communities that their efforts help, particularly for the people of the Travis and Williamson counties for which it has been established for and by.


Innovation exists at the heart of the Mobility Authority. They aim to provide new time solutions for old problems, when it comes to providing added mobility for public spaces. The authority is currently developing the new MoPac Express Lanes, which is aiming to improve tolling using nothing but the most recent and sophisticated technology. Who is the head behind this innovative Mobility Authority? That would be Mike Heiligenstein. Heiligenstein developed Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority with a key vision in mind: to provide a well designed and modern transportation network specifically for the benefit of public spaces in Central Texas.


Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director at Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He serves not only as a head position at this company but also as the esteemed president of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association, with 23 years of public official experience for Williamson County behind him.


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Doe Deere Focuses on Digital Marketing and e-Commerce

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When it comes to creating quality makeup Doe Deere believes that she has a winning formula. She has become one of the most outspoken entrepreneurs in the cosmetic industry, and her fans are willing to go the distance with her to keep her brand alive. She has been able to become a big-time leader in cosmetics because she has an imaginative spirit that appears to be the core of her brand.


Doe Deere has been able to create the kind of company that many people are interested in. She started small and she has continued to build her fan base through her social media connections. She has come a long way from her early start with an eBay store. This is where she would initially draw a crowd that noticed what she was doing online. See what staying aware of the digital formation of e-commerce and this was going to be relevant to her success. She would focus on marketing and sales of cosmetics through digital outlets.


Doe Deere has managed to focus on what the market was missing. That is where she fits into the entire scheme of the cosmetics business. She is not someone that has made a decision to go with what the other companies were doing. Doe Deere has devised a plan to be more of a unique brand that fills a void for women that were looking for rebellious colors of eyeliner and shades of lipstick that they were not seeing with the more traditional brands of cosmetics.


Doe Deere is already marketing in a digital world and she wanted to a new foundation for cosmetics that would be complimented by her social media marketing. She managed to hit the ground running and celebrities are even getting the memo about this brand of cosmetics that looks different from the rest.


Even the manner in which these products are tested is different. Doe Deere has always emphasized cruelty free products is what she wanted to sell, and this statement of has done two things: it has boosted sales and created controversy in cosmetics. Doe Deere has controversy has welcomed the controversy because she knows that this brings talk about the brand. She knows that the talk about the brand will essentially bring in more consumers. Many spectators will agree that this is a smart marketing move for Doe Deere to generate buzz about her cosmetics brand.


Visit http://www.doedeere.com/ to learn more.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Initiate Human Rights in Arizona

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The birth of human rights marked the beginning of civil rights. Human rights have a close relationship with civil rights. Both have been designed to make life easy for people. Human and civil rights were founded to allow people to freely coexist in the society without the fear of being judged for cultural differences, freedom of speech, race, and background. The primary objective of these rights is allowing humans to exist freely without the fear of being persecuted. Since the establishment of these rights, they have been applied in different states across the world.


Human rights refer to fundamentals upon which the society has generated over the past years. According to the human rights department, every individual is entitled to personal beliefs as well as the rights to make choices based on what they deem useful in their lives. Here are examples of fundamental human rights:

Protection from torture

  • Protection from labor and slavery
  • Protection from persecution
  • The right to have a spouse
  • The right to acquire education
  • Protection from poverty


Human rights have continually developed over the centuries. To foster the effects of human rights in the society, there has been the development of several foundations as well as organizations that promote human rights. Since the World War II as well as the Holocaust, the United Nations stood up for human rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/relevant-links/

This movement marked the introduction of human rights in the society. Through that universal declaration of human rights in the society, atrocities were banished. The declaration enlightened the society on the importance of human rights to the society. It marked the birth of localized treaties as well as the European Convention.

Human Rights Foundation

At a basic level, there is hardly a difference between civil and human rights because the two elements focus on the independence of human races and their entitlement to basic and fundamental rights. Although the actual policies may differ in countries, the primary objective of these rights is to provide a comfortable environment for humans. At Human Rights Foundation, the management understands the importance of fostering human rights in the society.

The Foundation for Human Rights is a nonpartisan organization founded by promoting peace in the community. The institution supports civil rights in organizations that are focused on implementing programs aimed at protecting human rights. The objective of the foundation is to highlight the pleas of the less fortunate by promoting advance transformation in the society.

Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey, as well as Jim Larkin, are the co-founders of two strong media firms called Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. Sherriff Arpaio arrested the duo in 2007. They were arrested for leaking critical information on the procession of a case proceeding. Their release was marked by a lawsuit settlement of $ 3.75 million.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin channeled the entire amount to the human rights foundations in Arizona. Lacey and Larkin Fund was established to support human rights organizations in Arizona. From migrant rights to the freedom of speech, this fund covers several organizations.


Joe Arpaio: Lacey & Larkin

All of the bums of the world will be unhappy to know that there is one more voice out there to call them out on their bullshit. This voice is frontpageconfidential.com. Started by Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, it keeps readers updated on current information regarding what racist, bigoted, mean bums are doing in the United States of America.

The site has a very liberal, far left mindset to it—liberal and far left in the context of what those terms mean in American society—and it is especially against Trump and Sheriff Arpaio. Everyone knows who Donald Trump is, but not everyone knows who Sheriff Arpaio is. Sheriff Arpaio is an elderly man who made a seemingly endless, decades long career in law enforcement. He operated under a more conservative, right-winged mindset that ran contrary to the mindset of Lacey and Larkin. Some people ask why some random sheriff is so important to Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin. Well, the reason why the topic of Sheriff Arpaio is so near and dear to them is the fact that they lived in the jurisdiction that he worked in, and they were on the front lines when it came to experiencing the full brunt of his authoritative rule.

As people who own publications about social issues and certain political stances, Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin were already targets. On top of it, they owned a local publication that frequently spoke out about the perceived wrongdoings of the old sheriff. As a result, Arpaio found any reason that he could to get the two men into legal trouble. He got them arrested, though in the long run it came out that Lacey and Larkin were innocent and arrested without any valid reasons. Sheriff Arpaio was recognized by federal courts for the various types of crap that he pulled on people, though he always got off the hook.


Jason Halpern – Writing the Success Story of JMH Development Firm

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In the real estate space of the United States, Jason Halpern is a familiar name. He presently serves as the Chairman and CEO of the JMH Development firm, which is a family business that has been running for decades. It is a company that was first established to serve the New York State by the grandfather of Jason Halpern, and till date continues to be a major player in the real estate space of the New York State and the city. The company is known for its ultra-luxurious residential and commercial development that is designed and developed to suit the taste of the new users.

Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream
Aloft Property: Jason’s Dream

JMH Development’s primary focus was and always has been the state and city of New York, but the company has expanded over the years and is now has projects in many different developing areas. Some of the places where JMH Development has the projects under development or have developed in the past couple of years, including Brooklyn, Miami Beach, and Manhattan.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern
Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern

One of the most recent projects that the company took on was at 184 Kent, where the company developed a 340 luxurious apartment complex. The property was a defunct warehouse that the JMH Development bought and completely transformed into a beautiful residential complex, which is the home to many families today. One other project that JMH Development took under the leadership of Jason Halpern is the Cobble Hill Project, situated in the Greater Brooklyn Area. The project consisted of the highly luxurious and exemplarily designed nine townhouses.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard
Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

In the future, Jason Halpern plans to take the company’s outreach to many other states in the country, and many new projects are already under development in and around the New York State. In the fast developing regions of Brooklyn, Queens, and Williamsburg, JMH Development has a particular interest and has developed scores of property, and has many new projects in the pipeline. One of the passions and interest of Jason Halpern is to acquire excellent properties that have heritage value and restore it comprehensively. JMH Development has taken on several such projects and completed the same in the New York State.


Sweetgreens’ Nataniel Ru and What Motivates the Entrepreneur

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Sweetgreen is what the legacy restaurant companies would emulate if they could start over. This is backed by investors including Danny Meyer, Daniel Boulud, and Steve Case and is a high-end salad chain. It fits in with today’s focus on nutrition with healthy organic fresh local ingredients. This is sought after by diners and seen in the long lines at the 40 locations Sweetgreen’s has.


Sweetgreen’s co-CEO Nathaniel Ru said about the restaurant they want Sweetgreen’s to stand for something and to feed customers better food. The restaurant has a different twist with 30 percent of their orders made either through their website or using a mobile app.


The co-owners attended Georgetown University and have been breaking new ground in technology including their app to order at Sweetgreens. The three began to rethink management strategies and wanted to remain close with customers to do this they close the corporate office five times a year so everyone can work in the restaurants.


The co-CEOs include Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet who along with Nathaniel Ru met at Georgetown University taking an entrepreneurship class together. The three are first generation immigrants and each of their parents started their own businesses. The idea came to the three because there was a need for healthy eating options at the University. In a later interview, the three said they knew during their first winter break with other students gone home that they would make a business thrive.


Nathaniel Ru is an executive officer and director of Sweetgreen and one of the founders. He is located in Washington DC and has said in an interview that no matter how many Sweetgreen’s they open each has to live up to the core values of the company and community. He does not want the high-end salad restaurant to become just a corporate giant. Mr. Ru said during their time at Georgetown University they came up with five core values and since posted them in every Sweetgreen’s kitchen. He said they use these in helping to make decisions.


The values they decided upon include win, win, win and the company, customers and community all have a part. The second is thinking about sustainability, and decisions should be made for the long term. The third is to keep it real, which is for everything to be authentic. The fourth is adding the sweet, which includes employees giving it their all and customers will tell friends. And the final core value is “we do it together” and Ru said that is why he comes to work every day.


Stopping Drug Use in Jail with Securus Technologies

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Drugs are one of the biggest problems for me and my staff of corrections officers. When the inmates have access to drugs, they become more violent than when they are unable to get their hands on this contraband. Some inmates can not handle drugs like heroin or crack, and they become impossible to contain, often needing a half-dozen or more officers to bring the inmate to the ground. Our prison was in the middle of an epidemic, and my superiors wanted things to change immediately.


On a normal day in the prison, we do surprise cell inspections or run visitors through a number of checkpoints to check for any trace of drugs. These efforts make a dent in the issue, but are not stopping the flow of drugs by any means. When I heard Securus Technologies was installing a new inmate call system in the jail, I got excited because I recognized we would have another resource to discovering where the drugs were coming from and to stop it once and for all.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas Texas, and CEO Rick Smith says that his one thousand employees are all working towards the one goal of making the world a safe place for us all to live. This objective of the company is why I felt so strong this technology would make a difference, and soon after I was trained on the LBS software, we saw results.


That first week of monitoring the calls for drug chatter, we uncovered a wealth of information. On one call, inmates were talking about doing drugs in the cells at night and where they hit all the contraband. Other calls have yielded information leading to the arrest of visitors coming to the jail with drugs, or inmates forcing others to sell the drugs and kick up the cash.


Rio De Janeiro’s Newest 5-Star Copa Star Hospital Provides Patients With Hotel-like Atmosphere

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Delivering all the features of a 5 star hotel, the Copa Star Hospital recently opened in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is providing its patients with the highest levels of health care services.

The hospital, which opened in October, 2016, is part of D’Or Institute’s Brazilian hospital network. In designing the new medical facility, the project team set the goal of creating the most modernized patient care site in the country. That standard was clearly met with all of Copa Star’s offerings that include operating room robotics, neurosurgery facilities and the latest diagnostic equipment.

Copa Star was designed to provide the highest level of patient experience. Patients and staff are able to personalize several of the hospital’s environment parameters using a custom-developed iPhone software application. Patients are able to adjust lighting, contact the nurse and engage in video conversations with the physicians using a hospital-supplied iPad tablet. The intensive care unit is fitted with video screens that receive real time feeds from outside conditions such as traffic and the beaches.

The building implements energy efficient architecture principals, the structure makes use of natural lighting to illuminate and provide warmth throughout the building. It provides 9 operating rooms, 59 intensive care units and 155 patient suites.

Enhancing the luxurious ambiance of the facility, the lobby has a grand piano, luxurious sofas and the restaurant features a menu custom-designed by Roland Villard, known for his French gastronomy at the Sofitel Hotel and Pré Catalan restaurant. The hospital also showcases 231 kinetic art compositions of Japanese-born Yutaka Toyota, the 86 year old sculptor and painter whose works are displayed at fairs and auctions throughout Brazil. Copa Star is set to rival Brazil’s other top hospitals such as the Albert Einstein and Sirio Libanês hospitals located in Sao Paulo.

The employees must go through 2 months of specialized training at the hospital that includes dealing with issues related to patient management and role-playing crisis simulations in scenarios with professional actors. Additionally, there are more than 113 specialists employed at the hospital.

The $155 million medical facility will specialize in cardiology and neurology. D’Or has expansion goals of building upon their their Rio De Janeiro success with additional Copa Star construction projects in Brasilia and Sao Paulo. View the design at rafarquitetura.com.

About D’Or Institute

Established in 2010, the Rio De Janeiro, Brazil-based D’Or Institute for Research and Education is a non-profit organized to bring scientific and technological innovation to health care.  D’Or has partnerships with Universities in Brazil for graduate level programs and scientific projects. The graduate programs have included residency and specialization programs and fellowships. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

Top American Groups that Defend Migrant Rights

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There has been some upset over the past few months due to the increasing number of threats to civility and even personal sentence made by the man in the White House. Donald Trump was elected to the Presidential position after a campaign based on hatred, fear and aggression.

The president has done all he can to paint those of particular races and colors as being subhuman, depraved and generally criminal. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/immigration/2014/12/16/proceeds-arpaio-suit-fund-asu-journalism-chair/20480479/

Immigrants and refugees in particular have felt the brunt of Trump’s hatred and aggression and even been persecuted by the president’s frenzied supporters. Immigrants were one of the first groups targeted in the president’s “1st 100 Days in Office” plan.

But these attitudes and opinions are not shared by all and many have become concerned for the future of the country.

Following is a list of some of the leading organizations in the US that are fighting for the rights of Migrants and Refugees.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles

Focused on the defense and progression of the human, labor and civil rights of immigrants in Los Angeles and the greater area. This is an advocacy groups that also seeks to improves the lives of the many refugees who have relocated to this place from across the world.

National Immigration Law Center

The National Immigration Law Center is dedicated to providing legal aid and advice for those immigrants with decreased income possibilities. Policy analysis and advocacy in various legal processes are some of the services they offer to their clients. You can visit the website for the National Immigration Law Center to see more about their work or how you can be a part of it.

Border Angels

You will find the Border Angels in operation all down the border between the United states and Mexico. These are a group of non-profit volunteers that work to promote social reforms and justice in the immigration approaches in the US. The Border Angels also conduct important awareness programs and educational workshops to improve the lives of those immigrants living in the San Diego region. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund and Jim Larkin | Facebook

Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights

The Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights works to defend and protect the rights of children that enter the country from other countries. This is a widespread organization and many volunteers become a “Child Advocate” at one of their facilities in many of the largest US cities. If you are in Chicago, New York, Houston or Washington DC, drop by their centers to see what you can do for a needy child.

The Lacey and Larkin Border Fund

Many of the most active organizations that seek to defend the civil and human rights of those who need it most receive support from the Lacey and Larkin Border Fund. Michael and Jim are the founders of the Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times. They dedicated the proceeds of a negotiated compensation to furthering the progress of civil liberties groups working in Arizona.

In Closing

If you are also tired of the hostilities being slung by those in power at a time when human civility should be at it’s peak, you are not alone. But it is equally important to remember that the efforts of these and many other groups that work to support the causes of migrants and minorities need your support. Contact the organizations operating yin your community to find out what you can do to make the world a better place.

Betsy DeVos Pioneers Giving for Schools

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Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist first and everything else second. She has worked hard to make sure that she is able to donate to schools and causes that she cares about. This is one of the platforms that she has always stood on and something that has given her the chance to help people out even when they thought that they weren’t going to have the help that they needed. For Betsy DeVos, philanthropy is something that will always be at the top of her priorities. While she is giving to people and doing things that are charitable, her focus is always on kids and what she can do to help them. This is something that she wants to make sure that she is doing because she knows that children are the future of this country and without a proper education, they won’t be able to do anything that they need to do.

Not only does Betsy DeVos give on her own, she also uses her family’s charitable organization to help people out with the things that they need. The organization is dedicated to building community, saving justice and helping students get the opportunities that they need. The family works together on the foundation and they have done what they can to promote an atmosphere of community and to create a giving culture among the people who they work with. The family wants to make sure that they can do what they can to show people that they are going to be able to get more out of life.

Visit: http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/

One thing that the foundation has always believed in is not just giving freely. While they do recognize that being charitable can help people, they also want to show people that they will need to be able to do things for themselves. Instead of handing things to people, they teach them how to get them on their own and then hand them to them after they have helped them with a life skill.

No matter what Betsy DeVos does or wants to be able to continue to do, she is always going to be a charitable person. Even as the secretary of education, she plans on continuing to work with the charity that she has been such a large part of. This is something that has allowed her to be so much different from other people and has also given her the chance at showing people that she is capable of doing more for others instead of just keeping her wealth to herself. Visit Betsy’s profile on twitter.com.