Locationsmart finding new barriers without a challenge

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LocationSmart picked and Digital World Map Shoreline and International Administrative Boundaries to use in its consistence APIs. The organization has extended its Smart Zone API that enables a business to affirm that the area of a gadget got by means of one of different area techniques is in or out of a given limit.

This now 46 API presently incorporates consistence checks against worldwide nation limits alongside other pre-designed and client explicit limit alternatives. LocationSmart plans to have the first of its worldwide clients utilizing this consistence administration in Q4 of this current year. Now enjoying this time off but still being able to flip the switch when needed. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

CEO Hugo van der Linde: “We are cheerful that we have gone into a consent to permit area and limit information to LocationSmart. LocationSmart is the overall Cloud Location Services showcase pioneer for associated gadgets. This understanding reinforces our conviction that we offer a quality mapping item, coordinating current market needs.”

LocationSmart chose AND as its accomplice for worldwide guide limits for their exhaustive inclusion and flexibility in information conveyance,” said Mario Proietti, CEO of LocationSmart. We’re satisfied to offer these improved administrations to our clients and to expand the utility of our area stage for check and consistence needs.

LocationSmart can you believe it is now the overall Cloud Location Services showcase pioneer for associated gadgets. We give the most complete cross-bearer stage for nearby, hyper-neighborhood and setting mindful application improvement.

Our center area administrations range indoor and open air use crosswise over gadgets, stages and bearer systems. Serving High Value net clients and inventive new companies alike, LocationSmart is changing the manners in which organizations work together.

We convey the broadest reach and biggest worldwide impression, with a broad arrangement of security assent strategies for simple end client appropriation.

This marks the great start to a great company where it will thrive upon its markets and customer showing competitors what its all about and who runs this sector. Do not get them wrong they are only using the slightest of slight to play from the underdog stance where nobody expects nothing from them.

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David McDonald Talks About OSI Group’s Expansion In China

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The global food processing company known as OSI Group celebrated it’s 20 year anniversary of operating in China. Since the company opened up its first location in Beijing in 1992, it has been able to grow and establish a strong presence in the country. During the year of 2008, China held the Olympics and was able to supply a number of food items such as beef, chicken, pork, eggs and onions to the masses. During this time, OSI China did not receive any complaints for providing these food items. Today, OSI China provides food supplies to many known restaurants and coffee chains such as Starbucks, Papa Johns, Burger King, Subway and McDonalds.

The president and chief operating officer of OSI Group David McDonald has recently talked about the company’s presence in China. When talking in a recent interview, David revealed that the company understands the value of making a business local. As an American based company, OSI has looked to help Chinese food processing companies provide food products that are in the highest demand in the Chinese marketplace. According to David, OSI needs to be localized in order to reach its potential for success.

Another key to the success of OSI’s expansion into China according to David is the ability to develop trust. The company has focused its efforts on listening to Chinese customers and finding out what they need and want out of a food processing company. It was important to understand their perspective on many issues pertaining to buying, selling and processing food items. McDonald revealed that OSI had to spend a lot of time building rapport with Chinese customers in order to establish a presence in the country.

While expanding to China, David McDonald has revealed that the company OSI still looks to maintain its key principles. The company has always focused on food safety, quality and customer satisfaction. Following these principles has allowed the company to more easily transition into international markets. However, he did reveal that OSI still needs to focus on catering to the needs of the Chinese market. With this approach, OSI has been able to successfully expand to China and maintain successful operations in the nation. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

Serge Belamant: Legacy In Blockchain Development

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You might have heard about blockchain technology more commonly these days, mainly because of its association with cryptocurrency trading. But did you know that this technology has existed decades before? We can thank Serge Belamant for his contribution to the development of the system. He is considered as the first patent holder for the blockchain technology, and he influenced a lot of people to develop the system and transform it into the advanced version we know today. The first blockchain technology that was developed is being used in smart cards that have microprocessors functioning even if the system is offline. Over the next two decades after the first blockchain technology patent was filed, more innovation was introduced making it more efficient and effective in deterring any fraudulent transactions.

Who is Serge Belamant?
Serge Belamant is a software developer that was born in France. At a young age, he and his family moved to South Africa, where he spent most of his childhood. When he was in college, he chose to study at the Witwatersrand University, then later on transferred to the University of South Africa, but ended up as a college dropout. This did not stop him from being a creative individual, and he chose to become an entrepreneur since he never finished his degree.

The Development of Blockchain Technology
Even though he does not have a degree, Serge Belamant can still be considered as a gem when it comes to software development. He is very good when it comes to computers, and companies are hiring him because of his skills. He developed the Universal Electronic Payment System as his first blockchain project, and it became a success, especially for banks that are looking for a more secure way of handling their transactions.

The Moment of Breakthrough
In 1995, after Serge Belamant developed the UEPS, VISA approached him and he was offered with a job to create a program out of UEPS. His firm called the Net1 Technologies was assigned to work on the project, and he had to transfer to the United States to finish his task of developing this new program. The result of the project was a highly-secured system called the COPAC, which stands for Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card. Since then, he created more inventions that would ultimately lead to modern blockchain technology.

How HCR Wealth Advisors Can Take Conflict of Interest Out of the Equation During Estate Planning

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HCR Wealth Advisors

One of the biggest hurdles you will need to overcome over the course of estate planning is simply finding the right people to execute your wishes. Serving as the executor of your estate is a huge undertaking and it cannot be left to just anyone. Though the United States government notes that someone 18 years or older who hasn’t been convicted of a felony previously is good enough to be named as the executor of your estate, that still doesn’t mean you should just pick anyone who qualifies.

For starters, it’s important to remember that the person/persons you put in charge of your estate will have to take on a lot of responsibilities. As highlighted by HCR Wealth Advisors, the personal representative in charge of your will is responsible for settling and/or managing the assets remaining in your estate. The person who you give the durable power of attorney for healthcare will be the one who oversees the kind of medical services you receive.

Whoever you name as the recipient of the durable power of attorney for finances is going to make decisions regarding your money while also having to maintain accurate financial records. If your closest family member is someone who’s still studying and does not have a lot of life experience, handing him/her those responsibilities may be too much. Plus, who knows how easily that individual could be influenced by people who you do not want having a say in how your estate is handled. This is why it’s a good idea to work with professionals such as HCR Wealth Advisors.

The aforementioned Los Angeles-based company works to develop a long-term professional relationship with you. During that time, they will gain a unique insight into your financial situation and you can use the feedback coming from HCR Wealth Advisors to identify the right people who can manage your estate. Because the company also works to keep all the matters you discuss confidential, there is no reason for you to worry about anything trickling out and causing any kind of friction among your loved ones.

The reality is that estate planning can be a very complex and exhausting process. However, with professionals such as HCR Wealth Advisors working together with you, the process should become easier to manage.


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Lincolnshire Management and TJ Maloney Expands the Team

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TJ Maloney is the CEO and Chairman of Lincolnshire Management, which is an equity firm. Lincolnshire Management, Inc. recently added four new human resources to its talent pool.

Matthew Nacier was a member of the team previously, but now rejoins in the capacity of Senior Associate. His previous work included working with crypto currency in the European Union. Crypto currency is critical to international business because it makes the transfer of online funds secure. He is an alumni of Boston College who previously interned at Lincolnshire before becoming an analyst there.

Nicolas Llona got his M.B.A from Columbia University. There, he studied business finance. In the private industry he has experience in shaping strategies for car and construction companies. For Lincolnshire Management, he will fill the role of analyst to research the viability of potential deals.

Georg Stolt-Nielsen will also be doing due diligence to make sure that deals Lincolnshire enters in to are in the company’s best interest. Before accepting his new role as analyst, he studied economics at Georgetown University. This won’t be the first equity firm for Stolt-Nielsen, as he is late of Anthon B. Nilsen.

Yashna Ginodia will be joining Stolt-Nielsen and Llona analyzing deals. She has previously worked at Noonmark Capital and graduated from New York University.

The president of the company, Michael Lyons, is glad to welcome the new members of the team. He sees the youth and energy of these professionals as assets.

Lincolnshire Management oversees a billion dollars for their clients. TJ Maloney and his company operate from New York and Chicago. For 33 years they have built a reputation for navigating business cycles and investment success.

TJ Maloney focuses on middle market companies. Middle market companies are below the level of mega corporations like Google and Apple, but they are bigger than small businesses.

Private equity, TJ Maloney focuses the business, is when investors get together a pool of money which is then invested in various companies for a set period of time, and then dissolved, paying out any profits to the investors.

Find out more here https://www.pehub.com/2019/06/lincolnshire-adds-four-to-team/#


Gino Pozzo’s Sports Passion and His Efforts to Revamp Watford Football Club

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Gino Pozzo is the current owner of an English football club, Watford FC. He has earned an impressive reputation for taking on low-rated lower division football clubs that are struggling and elevating them into top-flight football leagues in their respective countries. By doing so, he has earned a respected personality in the sports industry, especially in the European football arena.

Gino Pozzo came from a sporting family, his parents, Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo being ardent football lovers. He spent much of his younger years in Udine, Italy. Gino became closely related to Udinese Calcio FC through his mother’s efforts and had since then maintained his loyalty to the club. After turning 18 years, he relocated to the U.S. and joined Harvard University where he earned his Master’s Degree. After his marriage to Catalan, he decided to move to Spain where together they spend 20 years in the City of Barcelona. Later on, in 2013, he relocated to London, England with his family, to directly run the daily operations of Vicarage Road Club that he had newly acquired.

Renowned globally, the Pozzo family seems to have a profoundly ingrained football passion. Their involvement in football club ownership ventures debuted when Gino’s dad bought the Udinese Football Club in 1986 in their hometown in Italy using the profits accrued from the family business. This business was a woodworking venture that had been run for generations during the clubs acquisition. However, the family now runs an electrical appliances venture in Spain.

The family then purchased the struggling Watford Football Club in 2012, a team that was heavily indebted and trying hard to climb out of the Fourth Division. Within the first year of Watford ownership, Gino had relocated his entire family to London to oversee the daily operations. This move emphasized his resolve to stay at Watford for the long run. Everyone has then placed their bets on the triumphant, long-term success of the Club.

Neurocore and Their Efforts In the Midst of an ADHD Epidemic

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ADHD has shown a dramatic increase in today’s youth. Children are being reported as having as a diagnosis much more often. In fact, out of all disorders that consistently affect the mind, ADHD has been proven to be the most common disorder affecting children today. It’s not only children who are so strongly affected by this condition. Among adults, women aged 24 through 36 are the most common to gender and age group to seek out help with the condition. They make up only a percentage of adults of 4% of the world’s population who are being affected by this condition.


Thankfully, options for treatment are being expanded upon as the condition grows in size. Even though we appear to currently be facing an epidemic of astronomical percentages of the human populace being affected by the condition, there are certainly options. It goes without saying that the more options that become available for the treatment of ADHD, the more people that will be reached. The same applies for spreading awareness of the condition and how detrimental it is as a society to allow children and adults to go untreated without giving the proper attention for those suffering. Neurotherapy is one of these many therapies. It continues to be developed as we become more aware of certain aspects of ADHD, along with greater knowledge about other brain conditions and how they work.


One of the US leading organizations in Neurotherapy research, Neurocore has been around for over a decade. The company Neurocore provides what is called Neurofeedback, which is a type of physically repetitive training that allows patients who are receiving neurotherapy sessions a means by which they can regain control of their lives. Neurofeedback is a type of technique that Neurocore stands behind, along with biofeedback sessions.


Neurocore works by monitoring brainwaves with a quantitative electroencephalogram and by providing helpful tools for those suffering with ADHD, such as a Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) that children with ADHD receive in order to allow them to keep track of their personal behaviors. By working with patients for over 14 years, Neurocore has managed to help countless individuals in regaining control over how their brain works.

Transparent Lip Care – A EOS Lip Balm Review

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If there’s one thing a woman “must-have” in her beauty bag, desk at work, or cup holder in her car, it’s a dependable lip balm. I’ve spent years trying to find the best lip balm that’s 100% natural, safe, and good for your lips. EOS Lip Balm is a popular lip balm that is described as all natural. So, I hit the internet to check customer reviews to see if purchasing EOS Lip Balm was in my future.

The reviews of the Sweet Mint EOS Organic Lip Balm Sphere are impressive. Overall, guest ratings and reviews were 4.6/5. 100% of EOS customers would recommend this product to their friends and family. The value of the product was 4.7/5 and effectiveness was 4.8/5. Comments that I’ve seen repeated throughout the reviews include, “I love this product” and “moisturizing.”

The reviews were very convincing, but before making a purchase I headed here to see what ingredients make EOS Lip Balm so popular. EOS Lip Balm is USDA Certified Organic and is formulated using healthy ingredients including shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, castor seed oil, and avocado oil. EOS keeps its customer’s safety in mind by testing all formulas under the supervision of a dermatologist and remain transparent with ingredients that are included in their products.

EOS Lip Balm looks like it is definitely winning a spot in my beauty bag very soon.

Talkspace Aims to Change the Way We Seek Therapy

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The world is changing and there is no doubt about it. The rise of the internet coupled with the increasing popularity of the mobile market has fundamentally changed the way that we live our lives. Gone are the days where we are expected to meet everyone in person. Nowadays, this concept even spreads to how we pursue mental health assistance. Talkspace is a text-based therapy app that allows patients on the phone to interface directly with licensed psychologists and therapists. This blend of therapy and technology is fundamentally going to change the future of mental health, forever.

Talkspace was developed in order to facilitate quick ask-and-answer sessions between patients and certified medical professionals. Talkspace fits neatly into the burgeoning ‘telemedicine’ field that has been gaining in popularity, but what does the service actually offer people? That’s a question that many prospective patients are wondering about, so we thought that we would answer that very question for you. Check out this article to read.

After signing up for Talkspace, patients will interface with a consultation therapist in order to get a profile of their challenges, needs, and personal therapeutic preferences. Whether you are trying to deal with anxiety or PTSD, the consulting therapist will be able to guide patients toward a list of reputable medical professionals. After this list has been populated, patients will be able to see who they match with the best.

After selecting a medical professional, patients will be able to decide how the bulk of their therapy sessions will operate. Do they want to text? Would the patient rather communicate over the phone? However their specific preferences work, Talkspace will make sure to accommodate them. While on the app, patients will be able to visualize their progress through a special medical journal. There are also professional video sessions available both live and recorded for future playback. There is a lot to like about Talkspace, especially for introverted individuals struggling with their mental health. Read: https://www.teenvogue.com/story/how-to-get-free-therapy-talkspace

Flavio Maluf on the Highlight of Issues Leading to Reduced Economic Growth

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Flavio Maluf is a businessman as well as an entrepreneur based in Brazil. In 1987, Flavio Maluf started working at Eucatex. Eucatex was a family business, but he managed to learn about the tools of the trade while working there.

In 1997 he replaced his father as the company’s president. The institution continued to experience rapid growth. Highest quality products were made by use of the latest technology.

Flavio Maluf gained recognition by his perfect work at Eucatex. He advises new individuals who want to venture in business and suggests how to survive on Brazil market despite the challenges faced mostly by fresh investors.

He tells people that nothing is easy. To succeed in hard work should prevail. An investor should also inspire his or her employees to work hard to achieve the company’s goal.

Issues Facing Brazil Economic Recovery

Flavio Maluf talks about some problems that have hindered the economic recovery in Brazil. Among the issues include;

  • Tax Burden

Flavio Maluf talks about tax burden and how to solve the issue. He works to influence the government to give institutions motivation programs such as tax break and exemption to encourage the growth of a business. Heavy taxes have made organizations fail to maintain prosperity.

  • Society’s public welfare

Flavio Maluf background has enabled him to value the act of giving back to society. He desires that other business individuals can follow his example and preserve the environment for future generation.

Apart from social engagement and capital, Flavio also donates his knowledge and shares his skills in business through his blog. It is by sharing that other capitalists can be familiar with the competitive world of business.

  1. Maluf also gives back to society. He has donated large portions to help communities of Sao Paulo and Salto County. He also grants in hospitals with goods like X-ray machines.Food waste and sustainability in Brazil
  • Food waste and sustainability in Brazil

Flavio Maluf conducted research and concluded that a lot of families waste food per day. The misuse of food increases the costs to buy more foods as the wasted food are expensive. The action slows down the economic growth of Brazil. Mr. Maluf wants to work with the public and educate them on how to avoid wasting food.

Source: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fl%C3%A1vio_Maluf