The life of Sudhir Choudhrie

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Sudhir Choudhrie is a very notable entrepreneur who was born in India and started his journey many years back and today has achieved a great deal. At present, he is living in London with his family. He fully became a British national in 2010. His life had been an extraordinary journey of many achievements that he has accomplished.

Sudhir Choudhrie took birth in India and he finished his graduation from the University of Delhi. After graduating, he started his own business in 1975. He launched his company Magnum International Trading Company which was an export company. The main goal of the company was to establish relationships with international clients. He developed skills to maintain a good working relationship with the clients during the development phase of his company.

Sudhir Choudhrie is very popularly known for his skills in investing in the right company. He had invested in multiple companies and formed a profitable alliance with them. He has launched many profitable projects during his career and conducted them successfully. He formed an alliance with Taj Resorts in 2005 and formed Taj Kerala and four other local resorts which became very famous. He also invested in Air Deccan which was India’s first commercial plane that provided the clients some good facilities on a budget. It also became successful very quickly. He also invested with Adidas AG forming Adidas Indian Trading in 2005 which also was a huge success. He always had the knowledge to pick the right companies to invest his money and efforts in.

Sudhir Choudhrie started in his journey London with C & C Alpha Group and is presently working as the vice-chancellor in there. He has developed the subsidiary businesses of C & C Alpha Group to a great deal. They have banking, hospitals, aviation, and so many other businesses that he looked after. He managed to build a good working relationship with the clients that made the company very profitable.

Sudhir Choudhrie is also a great philanthropist and has donated a good portion to charity and other institutions that work on making the life of people better.


Wes Edens and Investing

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He’s is known among his many business peers as an entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to lay down a financial bet that big industry can pay off. Wes Edens, co-founder of Fortress Investment Group has worked diligently at discovering and selling business. He often finances them with his well-known equity firm out of New York. Of the many titles Edens has worn, his organization is now branching into the railroad world. It’s the type of large industry, Wes Edens has continued to seek out and wins. Back when he co-created Fortress Investment Group in 1998 in New York, he soon made a mark in the finance world of investing. He has creative talents most only dream about. He has maneuvered his way into big business. Wes Edens has done substantial work as a philanthropist where his giving and sharing has made a global impact. Now his firm manages nearly 42 billion in assets with no signs of slowing down.

Wes Edens has also joined the world of sports. Today, he is a co-founder of the Milwaukee Bucks where he hopes his team can get them to their first championship in years. Edens has dabbled in finance, real estate, railroads, and healthcare, to mention a few. His firm put up the money when it comes to creating a better and more reliable passenger train in Florida called the Brightline. He’s struck a partnership with the popular brand Virgin Group. They’ve agreed to operate and finance a 100-year-old system that needed new routes along between Las Vegas and Southern California. Wes Edens is now commanding the helm of a portfolio addition called New Fortress Energy. His mission to give more to the infrastructure in terms of solutions that are badly needed. It will change the way things have run by choosing to operate on much cleaner fuel than before.

Wes Edens’s passions lie within the sports and creation areas. He’s made himself known by his consistent investments that are shaking things up more than ever. His next venture involves the gaming world of e-sports. It’s a fast-moving market that took in nearly 500 million so far and keeps growing.

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Niranjan Shah – A Figure of Philanthropy, Entrepreneur, and Public Service

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When Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan were announced as special guests that will headline Hillary Clinton’s Chicago fundraiser, many other names were revealed to be on the guest list. With entrance to the fundraiser event priced at $1000 per guest, the event was considered to be one of Hillary Clinton’s largest fundraising events. Among the names on the guest list was Niranjan Shah, an entrepreneur from Chicago who was prominent in the public service circle.

Since the 1990s, Niranjan Shah was already heavily active toward President Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign. Even prior to his involvement in the presidential campaign, Niranjan Shah had already served on numerous local, state, and federal commissions. In the early 1990s, he served on Chicago’s Economic Development Commission. In 1994, he was appointed by President Clinton to the Goldwater Foundation for Excellence in Technical Education. He was also appointed to the Illinois Board of Regents, the governing board of Illinois state universities.

Aside from public service, Niranjan Shah was devoted to philanthropic endeavors. As a board member of Leading India’s Future Today (LIFT) Foundation, he was committed to improving the education and the development of future leaders in small communities around India – his home country.

Niranjan Shah received his Bachelor of Engineering in India, his Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering in the United States in the 1970s, and then supplemented his engineering degree with management training at Harvard Business School. Following his graduation, Niranjan Shah founded the Globetrotters Engineering Corporation in 1974 with himself as the only full time employee.

Globetrotters Engineering Corporation is a privately owned engineering, construction, and architecture company that focuses on projects in the Chicago area. It has won multiple awards for its designs and projects, including the Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers. Its projects include the Midway International Airport Redevelopment Project and the mechanical, electrical, and communication design of the John Stroger Jr. Hospital.

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The Great Interest of Isabel dos Santos in Telecommunication

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In the modern corporate world, it is astonishing how every person’s life is changing by technology. A good example is mobile internet technology that is a fast-rising industry. It all began from the 1G network that only provided mobility on mobile devices. However, the industry and technology have developed to its present 4G/LTE technology that contains all internet protocol services. The most recent advancement in mobile internet technology is the 5G network, but it has not yet commenced being used in Africa. It is the main reason that the largest Technology and Telecommunications conference was held in Cape Town. Among the attendees was the Angolan businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos, who was part of the team discussing how to make the 5G network a reality within the continent of Africa.

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Receita para começar uma segunda-feira: sempre a sorrir. Ser empresária e empreendedora é a minha grande paixão. Por isso mesmo, quando começo uma nova semana estou sempre a pensar em algo novo, no que posso construir, no que posso criar. Olho a segunda-feira como o melhor dia da semana porque estou verdadeiramente comprometida com a minha paixão. Esse é um dos meus segredos para o sucesso pois se eu fizer aquilo pelo qual sou apaixonada, nunca sinto que o trabalho é uma obrigação. É sim uma bênção… 🙌🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #work #inspiration #success Recipe for Monday: always start with a smile. Being a businesswoman and entrepreneur is my biggest passion. That's why, when I start a new week, I'm always thinking of something new, what I can build, what I can create. I look at Monday as the best day of the week because I am truly committed to my passion. This is one of my secrets to success because if I do what I'm passionate about, I never feel that work is an obligation. It is actually a blessing …🙌🏾

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In the conference, Isabel dos Santos advocated that it is a necessity to invest heavily in the energy sector as a continent to actualize the 5G network evolution. She even gave an example of the investment strategy applied in the technology sector. Isabel continued to say that she is eager to see a substantial private sector investment within the energy sector regarding that the needed investment in infrastructure is extensively significant to sustain the rapid population growth in Africa. The 2019 conference took place at AfricaCom, and such meetings are recommended to be happening because they contribute a lot to the development of the continent technological wise.

Isabel dos Santos is currently 46 years old, and throughout her career, she has served many firms, especially on top positions. In the early 1990s, she returned from London to join her father and ex-president of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos in Luanda. She began working as the Urbana 2000 project manager engineer. In 2016, Isabel dos Santos was appointed by her father to become the chairwoman of Sonangol, an oil company in Angolan state. Her interests in telecommunications, retail, finance, media, and the energy industry have been growing since 2008. Also, Isabel dos Santos owns shares in Nova Cimangola, an Angola cement company. Finally, Isabel’s mother was a Russian through birth, Tatiana Kukanova.

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Foodservice Excellence Equals OSI Group

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OSI Group is back in the news again and for great reasons. This particular company is a food supplier, but it possesses other high-quality capabilities. This includes the capabilities of food distribution, food management, custom-food production and food sourcing. There are more than 20,000 individuals who work for this food giant. This food giant also has technologically advanced facilities all around the world in Japan, China, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Germany, Hungary, India and Australia. Some of the most advanced pieces of cutting-edge technologies can be found at the production plants. These production plants can manufacture metric tons of food each and every year.

Since meatless burgers have skyrocketed in popularity over the past year, OSI Group has been offered the opportunity of a lifetime that the company couldn’t refuse. Impossible Foods, a leader in plant-based food solutions, has created one of the most intriguing food products of 2019. This product is known as the Impossible Burger, and it is actually a meatless burger. This burger tastes like real meat, has the texture of real meat but carries less saturated fats than real meat. Health and fitness is at an all-time high as well as obesity and bad health.

People are searching for healthier alternatives to improve their health conditions, and the meatless burger certainly fits the bill. No animals have been slaughtered to create this burger, it requires 70 percent less water to produce, and up to 87 percent fewer greenhouse gases are generated during the production process. Since its days in Chicago, Illinois, OSI Group has steadily evolved with the times. From Chicago to the global market, OSI has been able to dodge the pitfalls of the food industry. By partnering with Impossible Foods, OSI Group is looking to write a new chapter in its never-ending success story.


Maarten De Jeu of SVM BUSINESS ADVISORY Gives Commercial Real Estate Investment Advice

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The developer of SVM BUSINESS ADVISORY, Maarten De Jeu, is a multilingual and illustrious financial advisor. Polishing his knowledge early on, Maarten has pioneered his way to success as one of Fortune 100’s most cultivated financial experts. His growth has led him to a combined professional knowledge of investment strategies, international business, commercial real estate investment, and an array of financial services.


About Maarten De Jeu


While completing his M.A. at the Leiden University in the Netherlands Maarten started off as an analyst at TVDK Management. He worked for 9 years at the company, while continuing on to earn an Executive MBA at the Said Business School at the University of Oxford, graduating in 2005. In 2008 he joined an insurance firm Aviva plc in London, developing company growth plans for European and Asian countries. He was quickly promoted to the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development and would uncover his eye for providing prosperous business opportunities and business portfolio reviews. In 2012, he launched SVM BUSINESS ADVISORY where he has continued his work on financial services, international business, and commercial real estate investment.


The Prosperous Side of Commercial Real Estate Investment


Commercial real estate are properties owned by businesses for the purpose of a working environment. These properties range from convenience stores, hotels, office spaces, restaurants, retail stores, and warehouses. Routinely commercial real estate is more expensive when buying and maintaining over time, Maarten advises outside of individual investment and instead urges the use of investment pooling. Maarten found that profits can be amplified in this way because there’s less loss in cost of ownership. In 2012, the JOBS Act was passed releasing restrictions for small businesses and allowing the use of crowdfunding as a way to easily invest. Meaning that the investors pool funds together into a portfolio of these properties. This results in the warrant of equity ownership for a portion of a commercial property.


Safer Gains


Commercial real estate investment is generally a safer option in comparison to bonds or stocks. Less market rise and falls provide more protection from risk. Along with being a more financially affordable option for investors, with non-accredited investors allowance of a low $5,000.00 investment in previously pegged commercial real estate properties, fees are regularly lower than standard management fees. The ease of investing in commercial real estate specifies the use of a licensed financial adviser as unnecessary. With more online gain for the survey of access to portfolios, cost of management is simply lower and more time effective. Maarten specifies that the short-term reimbursement is another worthy reason to invest in commercial real estate. Because of lease ownership, tenants are expected to pay monthly, oftentimes for a period of one to five years, ensuring that the investor has a constant amount of cash flowing in. The assurance of profitability of higher probability, making it easier to balance out savings for future heftier investments. 


Tax benefits from commercial real estate are also superior. Investors can deduct the amount of deflation in property value for every tax year it does. Additionally, as of 2018, 20% allotments for a pass-through deduction can be taken advantage of if a corporation can be labeled as limited liability by the investor. Learn more:


The best way to ensure you’re benefiting fully through your investments is to consult with a financial adviser or other reputable financial professional.


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Mauricío Mendonça Godoy: Master of Opportunity

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Knowing when it is time to make a move is one of Mauricío Mendonça Godoy’s skills. When the Brasil discovered pre-salt deposits on the coast Godoy siezed an opportunity. He estimated that Brazil would need as many as four new shipyards each year due to the need for Floating Production Storage and Offloading platforms. This opportunity, Godoy knew, would bring in billions if dollars. Shipyard production began in 2013 and completed in 2018. Maurício Mendonça Godoy’s company delivered their FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) platform, P-74, the same year. Maurício Mendonça Godoy enters his office early every day. At the office, his first task if the day is to pick the most important items on his task list, which he checks off as he goes about his day.

Godoy’s days usually involve discussing

Various strategies and plans he also goes around to his employees to listen to what they have to say, as he has found that good ideas can often come from those who don’t often get approached for their insight. If he comes across an idea that he believes is worthwhile, he listens. It is important to Godoy that all valuable ideas be given a chance, not just those from the top level of the company. For this reason, Maurício Mendonça Godoy has an open door policy that lets any employee contact the board of directors and its members as well as the president at will. Godoy organises group discussions covering these new ideas.

If the idea is viable and can be turned into a plan of action, it enters a planning phase. Maurício Mendonça Godoy appreciates thinking differently and outside of the usual norms. He likes to provide examples of how similar ideas have been executed or conceived of outside of the company. Once an idea is approved for planning, Mauricío Mendonça Godoy creates a plan of action and assigns teams and leaders to the various aspects of the plan. espite his proficiency with taking viable ideas and turning them into results, Maurício Mendonça Godoy believes that he would have never achieved his degree of success without the ability to abandon ideas and plans that were proving themselves to be unproductive.

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Sheldon Lavin: A Business Leader Of Vision And Sustained Development

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The hugely successful Mr. Sheldon Lavin graduated from the University of Illinois and Northwestern University with degrees in finance and accounting. He also attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business at Roosevelt University in Chicago. In the downtown area of the Windy City, Mr. Lavin ran a successful financial consulting firm named Sheldon Lavin and Associates, Inc. In 1970, Mr. Lavin became involved in the financing of Otto and Sons, a meat processing company in Chicago. This company, named Otto and Sons, developed into the OSI Group that has grown to be an international industry leader under the direction of Lavin’s leadership and vision. Today there are 60 locations in 60 different companies, with Sheldon Lavin as the Chairman and CEO of OSI Industries. He also serves as an example of service and laudatory leadership. For, he has brought OSI to the level of a multibillion-dollar enterprise of global food.

In recognition of his accomplishments, Mr. Sheldon Lavin has received the Global Visionary Award. This successful financier and food industry executive has been able to bring OSI Group from a domestic meat processing enterprise to an international holding company that has more than 60 locations in 16 countries. Mr. Lavin ensures the successful management of the operations of OSI by sharing responsibilities with other skilled individuals and by tracking many factors, such as shortages of resources, preferences of consumers and changes in technology. With such delegation, Mr. Lavin needs only perform limited research, allowing him the time to examine many variables and make informed decisions.

Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, OSI Group has received other sustainability awards such as the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour, the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award and the California Green Business Award. OSI’s commitment to sustainability stems from Mr. Lavin’s belief in research and developmental efforts. Technological innovation and the ability to adapt to new ideas under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership have led OSI Group to a distinctive era of growth.

Jack Plotkin on the Importance of Population Management Care Coordination in Healthcare

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Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin is among the leaders in the changing healthcare system. He is the CPO of a large telehealth company called Virtual Health. Even though telehealth has been making waves recently, it is far from new technology. There are a number of challenges this technology has faced as it has tried to become a cornerstone of the healthcare system. One of the challenges that Jack Plotkin has been working on is that of population and care coordination. In order for telehealth to become successful in its goal to become a larger part of the healthcare system, it will need to tackle these problems head-on.

One of the biggest challenges in the world of population management and care coordination is that these technologies are incredibly new. Therefore, only select systems are able to work with the data that is able to be collected using this new healthcare system. Furthermore, some of the systems have only been developed with work with managed care organizations and cannot work well with the data that is collected using telehealth. At the same time, these are new technologies that have recently been developed that can work with telehealth to manage big data, large patient populations, and help to coordinate care. As a result, Jack Plotkin believes that telehealth, this time, is here to stay.

Jack PlotkinJack Plotkin is the current CPO of Virtual Health. He also acts as the architect of the company’s transformation into one of the leaders in the world of healthcare. He is leading the charge to develop population management and care coordination services that can lead the world of telehealth. He has a degree in both computer science and economics from Harvard, placing him in a unique position to lead the future generation of leaders in the world of healthcare. He has also worked for Fortune 500 companies, playing a significant role in their growth and development.

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Alexis Kennedy Shows How Indie Game Development is Done

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Scary games sell. Someone who develops a “spooky” game has to be a fan of all-things-creepy. A combined passion for the genre and storytelling can lead to creating a brilliant, scary game that strikes a nerve with players. Weather Factory’s Cultist Simulator reveals a game that provides perfect late-night horror-themed adventures. Alexis Kennedy delivered the game to the market thanks to assistance from a partner and contributors to a Kickstarter campaign. He’s not an employee of a top gaming company. Kennedy ekes out his place in the independent gaming world. Things aren’t always easy when self-employed in a not-so-dynamic industry. Indie gaming developers must meet scores of challenges. Alexis Kennedy overcame some significant obstacles to make his mark in the industry. Weather Factory represents his achievements, and the company has its fans.

Writing and developing games means working double-duty in two diverse areas. Since he runs the show at Weather Factory, Kennedy also takes on managing duties. He doesn’t work alone, as he and his partner rely on a team. Coordinating the team becomes somewhat of a challenge because everyone works remotely. Kennedy isn’t one to run from a problem.

Another challenge exists in the area of promotions. A small indie label doesn’t receive the free publicity gaming publications and websites give to the big players. An indie also lacks the massive budget necessary to perform blitz marketing. A lot of hard work must go into getting customers’ attention. Experience, however, can teach someone about what to do.

Cultist Simulator’s wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, one that greatly exceeded the original target goal, shows Alexis Kennedy can capture attention with the right product. Hopefully, a follow-up occult game will do just as well.

Alexis Kennedy didn’t initially intend to become an independent gaming developer. He found himself becoming one while on a sabbatical from his software consultant job. Occultist Simulator fans are happy he made the career change.