CEO Nick Sarnicola Congratulates ViSalus Team In Italy

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Nick Sarnicola is a successful entrepreneur in the lifestyle industry and philanthropist. He co-founded Visalus Sciences in March 2005 and is the chief executive officer. It operates an online weight loss and fitness website and sells products that help people lose excess weight. Each year, his company rewards its members with more than $25 million in prizes, free products, and vacation packages. He also co-founded Liv Global in January 2017 and is its CEO. This company has a lifestyle app, Liv List. This app is free to use and provides people with information about exciting events in their area and around the world. If a person becomes a subscriber they get perks like information about exclusive events and great discounts on air travel, hotels, rental cars, and more.

ViSalus has headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and Venice, Italy. Nick Sarnicola recently traveled to Italy so he could congratulate his company’s top sales performers in Europe. The event was held in Pesaro in April and had over 5,000 people in attendance. Some of these were entrepreneurs who sell ViSalus products while others were customers. Nick Sarnicola showed attendees a new program that is being rolled out. This included new marketing strategies and sales strategies that people in attendance were very excited over. He also introduced two new products in ViSalus’ Vi Menu of supplements, meal-replacement products, snacks, and drinks.

These are Vi Nutra Chips and Vi Meal Bars. They were very popular and sold out on the first day of this event. His philanthropic act is focused on educating people about entrepreneurship. Nick Sarnicola and his wife established the Sarnicola Foundation. They offer scholarships to college students across the nation who want to start a business. An example of this took place at Muskegon Community College in Michigan. A graduate of this school won $10,000 for his unique idea to create a marketing company that aims to help underutilized young people. The winner had to go through two rounds of presenting their business plans to the judges. The Sarnicola’s have pledged $200,000 in annual grants to the community college’s entrepreneurship program.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy:Decade Long Reign of Success

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To many, Maurício Mendonça Godoy, the current CEO of Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda is nothing short of an enigma. Ever since he burst into the limelight, he has not only managed to surpass the milestones set by his predecessors, but he has also gone further ahead to set new heights. Mauricio, as he is known to many is renowned for his leadership and professional skills.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is solely credited with the revamping of the Brazilian oil and gas company. It is during his time that the company has recorded improved profits, commissioned new terminals, and even had the old and previously unused terminals repaired and expanded.

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He is a man who has shown commitment to his work and one that has a self-driven personality. Maurício Mendonça Godoy vast skills and experience in the construction, energy, mining, and project engineering sectors have helped contribute to his success in his current leadership position. This is a man who does not leave anything to chance, luck, or fate.

Taking into account the fact that the engineering field is quite diverse and expansive, only a real engineer can succeed in the position that Maurício Mendonça Godoy currently holds. His insightful ideas and past experience in the aforementioned fields helped propel him into the leadership position at Setal.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy graduated from the University of Presbitariana in Mackenzie with a degree in mechanical engineering. He would later attend Harvard Business School for a university extension course that helped him sharpen his managerial skills while developing his business acumen.

Since graduation, he has played an instrumental role in every position that he has held since then. It is something that is clearly manifested by the success currently being enjoyed by Setal. He became the SOG COO in 2008 thanks to his ingenuity and creativity. Two short years later, he was unveiled as the CEO of Toyo Setal. The position came about after Toyo and SOG were merged to form a single entity. It is a position that he has continued to hold since that date.


Kevin Plank The Leader Of Plank Industries

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Kevin Plank is a very successful American businessman who is from Baltimore, Maryland area. Kevin Plank’s portfolio is very diversified and it includes being the founder and chief executive officer of Under Armour the global sports apparel company. Kevin Plank is also the chairman,founder, and chief executive officer of Plank Industries which Under Armour is under as well. Plank Industries is a private investment firm with a variety of different holdings that includes food and beverage, commercial real estate, hospitality, thoroughbred horse racing, and venture capital. Besides Under Armour Plank Industries has two others very significant investments and they are Sagamore Spirit and Port Covington redevelopment in South Baltimore. Plank Industries is currently based out of Baltimore, Maryland. Plank Industries have a specific mission and it is to support and grow their investments as well as to contribute to the economic development of the city of Baltimore. Watch CNBC’s exclusive interview with CEO Kevin Plank

Kevin Plank has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and it started back in college. He had a seasonal rose delivery business and he delivered roses every Valentine’s Day and the profits from this business was how he funded Under Armor. Kevin Plank worked his way up from the bottom to becoming a self-made billionaire. Kevin Plank attended the University of Maryland and he graduated with a bachelor degree in business administration. Mr. Plank also gives back to his local community and prides himself on his philanthropic efforts. He donated 25 million dollars to the University of Maryland and this money was to help the University to expand Cole Field House. This donation will also be used by the University of Maryland to help build the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Kevin Plank has clearly built an empire for himself and for his family. He also continues to try to build and help the local community of Baltimore.


Fortress Investment Group Continues to Make A Name for Itself

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A May 2018 Patch article by Kay Singer entitled, “A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group” takes a look at Fortress Investment Group’s growth as a private equity firm. The company’s founding is covered and the company’s areas of expertise are detailed too. Singer’s article brings to light details about the company’s background and personnel, achievements, current operations and plans that are on the horizon.

The article reveals that Fortress Investment Group is was launched in 1998 by Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone. Today the company is run by three principals. Edens remains with the company out of New York. Randal Nardone joins him there. Peter Briger helps lead the company from San Francisco. To date the company has managed more than $70 billion worth of assets. When Fortress Investment Group became available on the New York Stock Exchange, it was the first company of its kind to be publicly traded.

Singer explains that the company has five areas of expertise. Three of those are asset-based investing, capital markets and sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions. The other two areas are operations management and corporate mergers and acquisitions. Through these areas of expertise the company has been able to serve nearly 1800 investors. The company today employs more than 900 people.

The article reveals that the company has been part of some very big deals. In 2010 Fortress Investment Group’s worth skyrocketed to more than $3 billion after taking ownership of AIG’s American General Financial Service. Their achievements have happened all over the world. In 2011 the company’s growing global success led to them opening their second U.S. location in San Francisco and two Asian locations operating out of Shanghai and Singapore. In 2017 ownership of the company was sold for $3.3 billion to Softbank Group Corporation.

While the acquisition changed ownership of the company, Fortress Investment Group still offers solutions to investors around the world. Singer notes that now the company has three main focuses, “its Credit, Private Equity, and Permanent Capital Vehicles divisions.”

A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

OSI Industries’ Leadership & Path To Greatness

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The food industry can be a complicated field because it’s made up of so many sectors of business. Each sector of business tends to have its own demands. On the other hand, there is one food manufacturer that provides excellent services in a number of food-industrial subjects. OSI Industries just so happens to be the company that’s in question. This global producer of food has an excellent track record in the processing of foods, the management of foods and the development of foods. Worldwide distribution is another standout subject that OSI caters to and specializes in for global appeal.

OSI Industries has an immense employee base of over 20,000 people, and the company has advanced facilities in various countries. This includes Canada, Brazil, Japan, India, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, China and other locations. On the other hand, OSI has done a wonderful job of expanding into other areas. As of 2019, this mega-food producer has partnered with Impossible Foods to create a tasty meatless burger. Yes, this may seem to be out of the ordinary, but plant-based products are in high demand. Plant-based products are generally healthier since they lack high concentrates of saturated fats. In addition to that, these products can yield a pretty good taste. The partnership with Impossible Foods is for the production of a meatless burger. This meatless burger is known as the Impossible Burger, and it has been sold at Burger King restaurants for a limited period of time. Thanks to the burger’s great reaction, Impossible Foods is looking to mass produce these burgers for nationwide consumption.

OSI Industries will provide the production and processing power to produce this product. As of today, the Impossible Burger is looking to be a hit with consumers of all ages, and OSI Industries will definitely bridge the gap thanks to its exceptional capabilities.

OSI Group to co-manufacture the Impossible Burger

Jingdong Offers New One Stop Shop Solution For Businesses

Published / by TheRugbyUnion, the top largest retailer in China has revolutionized the way enterprises of all sizes order products. Jingdong has created a one stop shop for all of your businesses office supplies services, maintenance, repair, operations products(MRO), and more through one secure channel and a MRO products specific page at By using these new channels for product procurement every businesses person in charge of ordering products will have a clear record of all previous orders and pricing information.

This new system has decreased enterprise product procurement time by 50% and costs by 15%. There are already over 5,000 large businesses taking advantage of this new procurement process. Of those include well known enterprises such as Bosch, Siemens, and Volvo. After Volvo started using this new system they cut the order process from weeks to just days.

“Cooperating with has significantly improved the quality of our procurement visualization, enabling us to make transparent and efficient decisions,” Hai Li said, Vice President of Procurement at Volvo Automobile Asia Pacific. Also Jingdong’s procurement process enabled Southwest Cement to cut its procurement costs by 20% and took just 36 hours to place an order.“Working with JD has drastically simplified our procurement process,” Jun Zhang said, Head of Supply at Southwest Cement.

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CEO Sheldon Lavin Plans Future For OSI Group

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Sheldon Lavin calls it an honor to be apart of the OSI Group family. It was never his dream or desire to work for the massive food manufacturer. But when opportunity struck from him to come on board he could not refuse. It was a great career decision for the businessman. Sheldon is the chairman and chief executive officer of OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin has a long career history of working in business. Decades ago in the 1970s, he worked in investment banking. He was an investment manager. This is how he became acquainted with OSI Group. He was able to help OSI Group gain financing for their business. Once the company received their financing, he moved onto being a consultant for OSI Group. He got to work closely with the brand and watch them develop into a global holding company that dominates food manufacturing.

Sheldon Lavin became a partner in OSI Group in 1975. It was at this time that he fully immersed himself into what OSI Group was aiming to accomplish. Truthfully, OSI Group was rebranding itself at the time. He worked with the company as it transitioned from the name and brand of Otto & Sons, the small business that first created the company, to being a global dominant figure in the production of the world’s food. During this transition, he really revealed his ability to brand, transition, market and develop a come as it started a new era.

OSI Group enjoys changing and evolving. Sheldon Lavin has always been a promoter of innovation. One of the main goals of the corporation currently is to function under sustainable strategies. Sheldon will design and supervise that these strategies occur properly. In order to become the sustainable company they envision to be, deep research and development is heavily needed.

The corporation will be launching Culinary Innovation Centers that will allow the company to dive into being aware of what sustainability is and how they can transform the food sector. Their supply chain will undergo a renovation to become fully sustainable. This will require time, resources knowledge and financial investment.

OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award

Recounting The Profession Of Bernardo Chua As The Best Direct Sales Model Leader

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Bernardo Chua is among the most successful entrepreneurs around the world. He grew in the Philippines but had an interest in the Chinese heritage. Chua is an expert in portfolios such as management, marketing, and networking. His formidable career started at Gano Excel where he worked as the executive office. Chua helped grow the business to other cities such as Hong Kong, Canada, and California. He moved to the California firm and became the president; dealing with the sales of brands such as coffee and capsules containing ingredients made from Ganoderma.

Chua is a renowned sales lead when it comes to products such as tea and coffee. Ganoderma is a species of mushroom that grows on logs and has medicinal properties. The fungus is prevalent in China and the Asian continent at large. Bernardo Chua was the first to create an opportunity by selling the herb mixed in coffee and tea. At the early stage of the industry, he specialized in direct sales, which resulted in the fast development of the sector around the Philippines and later throughout the world. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

Bernardo Chua established Organo Gold in 2008. This was a realization of a goal to take Ganoderma to another direction of increased production. He is the Business Executive and the initiator of the company, and within five years of production, it has been ranked 55th in the list of direct selling companies. Chua takes his time to enlighten people through social media. He writes on Twitter, Facebook, and other websites about the benefits of Ganoderma. The education has built a great trust throughout his chain of the market, therefore, minimizing the risk of losing to competition from other upcoming, similar companies.

Chua has received many awards and recognition from his work at the companies; he received Dangal Award in 2014 and credit from National Shoppers. He has also received accolades from five different events for his success in direct sales in the companies.

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What’s Next For Academy of Art University?

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Located in San Francisco, California, is one of America’s top schools for the arts. This particular institution hosts undergraduate and graduate programs for its student body, which ranges over 11,000. When it comes to educators, the Academy of Art University has over 283 full-time teachers as well as more than 1,150 part-time teachers. The university has been in existence since 1929, and it was founded by an artist by the name of Richard S. Stephens.

The Academy of Art University has gone by many names over the years. This includes the Academy of Advertising Art as well as the Academy of Art College. It is reported that AAU is the largest privately held art/design school in the US today. Of course, this is a for-profit school, and its motto is known as “built by artists for artists.” Academy of Art University has produced a wide range of talent that has gone on to successful careers in Hollywood. Some of the biggest-selling movies in recent years have used AAU graduates to build the best possible product. Here’s a list for some of the more high-profile AAU graduates that have gone on to successful careers.

  • Vicky Jenson, Film Director
  • Lauren Conrad, Actress
  • Raven Symone, Actress & Singer
  • Asencio, Figurative Painter
  • Heidi Montag, Actress
  • And many more

Strengthening the impact of America Fashion has been taking place for a number of years. The Council of Fashion Designers of America, which is a leader in global-fashion economy, has specifically embraced the talent that AAU has produced over the years. By doing so, CFDA has been able to help create the next wave of American fashion. In 2018, the CFDA chose 12 AAU students represent its textile and design programs.

The Academy of Art University has been representing some of the biggest and brightest acts in American society. From the Motion Picture Industry to the New York Fashion Show, this institute will continue to break down barriers by setting new trends.

What did Sudhir Choudhrie Say about the Economic Progress of India?

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Sudhir Choudhrie is a renowned investor. He is also the father to Bhanu Choudhrie, a billionaire based in the United Kingdom. He is also a consultant in a family-owned firm known as C&C Alpha Group. His in-depth knowledge about matters pertaining to the economy comes in handy in some instances. For instance, Sudhir Choudhrie recently talked about how Brexit will be beneficial to the United Kingdom and India. Both nations will have a healthy working relationship, and it will be mutually profitable.

India gained independence seven decades ago. The main reason why Sudhir focused on UK and India is because the headquarters of C&C Alpha Group is based in London. The company has also invested in different nations globally, including India. As a consultant at C&C Alpha Group, he keeps track of the economic progress of each country where C&C Alpha Group has established a business venture. Visit his facebook page to learn more about his platforms.

Sudhir Choudhrie was also born and raised in Delhi, India. As a native in India, he understands the nation quite well. He also inspired his son- Bhanu Choudhrie to follow in his footsteps and become an entrepreneur. After independence, Sudhir went ahead to note that the nation was affected by violence, and most of the natives were losing their livelihoods. At the moment, India has progressed well, and investors such as Sudhir are optimistic that the nation’s future is bright.

Leaders such as Jawaharial Nehru made sure that they have built a strong foundation on which India would thrive. As the first prime minister, his primary focus was on ensuring that India would achieve some economic progress. He was also a visionary individual, and he made sure that he has prioritized on the importance of education. The benefits of good leadership are currently being witnessed in India. For instance, India has a strong heritage in areas such as engineering. The engineers in India have managed to enhance the growth of the car manufacturing sector in India. There are also many business start-ups within the nation. Most of these start-ups are gaining access to the funds they need through crowdfunding. According to Sudhir Choudhrie, young people are ambitious, and their main focus is on achieving their goals.

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