Benefits of Working with the Teach to One Program

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If you’re a math teacher, you already know the problems that may come with working with different students. One of the main problems that teachers have is that they are using a linear approach to teaching, which can sometimes be difficult for students who are struggling with certain subjects. One of the best ways to get away from this teaching approach and truly use something that works is with the Teach to One program. Teach to One has been around for years and is being used by teachers in thousands of classrooms all over the country. The program enables you to teach in a way that you want, while having customized lesson plans and digital resources available to you around the clock. You can even make use of the great customer support that you need and want if you are going to be using the Teach to One program.

For your students, it means that they can learn math at a pace that is incredibly easy and comfortable for them, while still being challenging enough that they will learn. You will find that working with Teach to One is easy, quick and saves you time from all of the lesson planning that may or may not be working for your students. You get to work with your students at a level that is right for them and will truly help in them collaborating with their classmates. They are able to learn math in an easier way and can benefit from all that is being done. To know more about Teach to One visit

There are a lot of individuals right now who are choosing to make use of Teach to One and are finding this to be a great choice for them. You will enjoy the fact that you get to make use of Teach to One and are finding it to be helpful in a variety of different ways for yourself. Now is the time to give Teach to One a try for your own classroom to benefit yourself as well as all of your many students each day.

LocationSmart – Financial Peace of Mind

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With many of the major fraud protection agencies hard at work to clean up the mess made by data breaches, it is hard to place trust in such services. The idea that these mistakes could lead to the downfall of millions really puts people in a tough spot. Trusting these servicing groups to protect your assets and manage your funding can take some careful consideration. LocationSmart throws its name into the discussion with their financial servicing inclusion. Most banks and finance institutions will offer their own form of fraud protection. Teaming this method with the LocationSmart brand can increase your overall protection measures. Adding to your strive to keep your money safe and secure is something that increases the overall peace of mind you have with your finances.

LocationSmart works with the banking industry to provide seamless control over your financial planning. They allow you the real-time results gained from your preventative measures, applying graphing and other such result sets that allows you to peer into how your money is being handled and protected. They even add to the fraud protection goal by increasing the overall security of your accounts, applying the tools that they have gained over their years of working with partners within this field. When it comes to purchases, LocationSmart can track your device to that location. By creating a bypass that must be submitted before a purchase is charged to your bank and/or card, they can better improve the misuse of a card or banking account. This places the person at the center of the attention and reduces the amount of fraudulent charges being linked to your account.

Locating your mobile device to transactions is the best way that LocationSmart can provide that peace of mind. Each time you make an ATM withdrawal, LocationSmart will verify your mobile location to verify this attempt. If you are signing up for a loan, the processing will once again put you through the LocationSmart system for increased verification. LocationSmart also releases post-transaction reviews to their users so that they can track any and all activity being linked to their banking cards.

These are just a few of the many additional steps LocationSmart stands to better protect your finances. Any and all transactions are carefully monitored by a team of experts, keeping the user in the know of all of these activities. If there is a threat showing on your account, the fraud protection team will work quickly to get to the source and prevent this activity from going through. This is an additional piece to the modern fraud protection being released by banks. It contentiously updates and adds protection to the total service package being offered through the LocationSmart brand.


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A New Zoo

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As of this year, the Dallas Zoo has not been the same as it was before. It is now a happier and more visited place overall, and we can thank one person for that – President of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero. This man does have a heart for the animals.

In addition, he has a heart for capital markets. He has a heart for equities. He also knows much about mergers and acquisitions.

This year, Mr. Dondero gave away $14 million to help the Dallas Zoo build a hippo habitat from scratch, something that had not been seen in nearly 15 years. The zoo is now prouder than ever in being able to say that it holds hippos once again. Also, the customers that now visit the zoo have greatly increased in number. Everyone’s happy: The hippos are happy; the customers are happy; the zoo’s staff and owners are happy; and James Dondero is happy. Everybody wins.

If you visit the Dallas Zoo, you’ll find that the new hippo attraction area now covers more than two acres of space – along with more than 100,000 gallons of underwater hippo living quarters: It’s truly a sight to behold, and that’s an understatement; to view this new scenery is breathtaking, and it is also the reason that the zoo has lowered its prices during certain sale days.

Since the zoo’s prices have dropped, and it now offers more discounted rated than usual, more people continue to flock there as well. What’s best is this: They share the news with their friends and family, who each buy a ticket in turn. The zoo’s hippo area is one of the most cherished and maintained in all the zoo, a true attraction within an attraction. It is perhaps one of the most visited areas.

Grupo RBS Looks To The Future Of The Brazilian Nation

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The media and entertainment company, Grupo RBS has been building its importance in its home nation of Brazil and around the world due to its focus on the children and teens of the nation. The company believes it can build on its current reputation as a global educator and news media corporation to become ever more important to the social development of South America. By playing a role in almost every aspect of the lives of the people of Brazil, Grupo RBS Chairman Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has been at the heart of bringing knowledge to the people of the nation and awareness about the problems facing the world as a whole to the largest nation in South America.

Grupo RBS has taken itself extremely seriously throughout its history with the company building its news media center to more than 6,000 staff members who are intent on bringing success to the sector. As a way of helping the people of Brazil to learn about the problems facing the young people of the nation, the brand launched its “Love is the best inheritance, take care of kids” campaign back in June 2003. The campaign ran through the various TV stations, radio stations, published works, and online presence of the brand to explain why children are so important to the present and future of the nation.

According to meioemensagem, the Grupo RBS brand has made a commitment to the people of the communities it touches across portions of Brazil that expands on its investment in social involvement. 2012 saw the development of the campaign, “Education needs answers.” The development of the Grupo RBS campaign took a new approach to find the best educational opportunities for young people across Brazil and particularly in the Santa Catarina and Rio Grande du Sol states where the brand broadcasts. The dedication to improving educational opportunities across Brazil has remained high on the agenda of RBS as the company makes this a vital cog in its editorial agenda.

Fortress Investment Group’s Big Year

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Since its founding in 1998, the Fortress Investment Group has made quite a name for itself in the financial world. Initially it was a small but capable hedge fund, which quickly expanded into an internationally recognized financier. Eventually, it was the first fund of its kind to go public on the NYSE. However, when one looks back at the long tenure of Fortress Investment Group, it’s easy to see that 2018 was a particularly important year for the company.

After being purchased for $3.3 billion by an enormous financial conglomerate, the Softbank Group Corporation, the investment group has went on to participate in even more business ventures, with a freshened mindset and sharpened skills.

At the time of the Softbank purchase, Fortress Investment Group was overseeing over $40 billion worth of revenue, which is independently managed by principles Peter Briger, Wes Edens, and Randal Nardone. Now, that large sum of cash has been incorporated under the larger umbrella of Softbank, whose global strategy could promise eventual sums totaling far more. After all, Softbank is known for its success with information technology. Their strategies have greatly benefited the information revolution, and could serve to enable millions more people with information-sharing capabilities. Visit to learn more about Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group is on the front lines of Softbank’s tech strategies. As the first asset management group incorporated by the conglomerate, they retain their operational dependence from their new owners. Any fears of a change in strategy due to a change in ownership should therefore be assuaged. If anything, strategies have only been enabled to be that much larger.

In particular, Fortress Investment Group’s experience with real estate has influenced the mega company to begin looking into the field themselves. Softbank is considering a number of high-profile real estate projects which could both benefit the company’s finances and the areas in which those projects are developed. These include projects in Times Square and Florida’s Worth Avenue, which is one of the most high-value real estate markets in North America.

Clearly, Fortress Investment Group had an incredibly tumultuous 2018. Despite being incorporated into a larger brand, they’re the same company underneath, and will continue to approach the future with the same moxie they always have.

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Jeremy Goldstein Has A Niche For Contracts And Community Development

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Jeremy Goldstein is a New York lawyer that has an interest in business. The lawyer likes to handle merges that bring companies together to promote great environments. Goldstein has handled assets for companies that start charity organizations. He’s worked as a board member for charities and has the experience to get any contract completed. Goldstein has handled business and counseling for investors. He likes to bring businesses together to come to agreements. The CEOs of major corporations use Goldstein when making purchases. Some investors learn about assets and when to give to charity.


Goldstein helps them start charities that fund student projects. Some charities help citizens that battle with mental stress and anxiety. Some citizens have been placed in homes because of charities working together. Goldstein is happy to be a philanthropist. He wants more communities to work with owners that provide assistance for students, veterans, and citizens. Goldstein has used technical devices to start companies online and to promote seminars. He lectures through dinner engagements and helps to fund the Fountain House. The charity is known to help individuals get housing, clothing, and education.


Some students have been awarded scholarships through the Fountain House. The community work has helped students maintain connections with colleges. Jeremy Goldstein was proud to help students enter college after learning the process of admissions. Students began to focus on business and learn about advancing internationally. The attorney can handle contracts for companies that want to agree on scholarships or funding. The negotiations are simply put together through consultations and seminars.


Jeremy Goldstein has learned about how education can advance the less fortunate individuals in New York. Some students began to use blogs that start community projects in New York. Jeremy Goldstein has been dedicated to helping provide the assistance that’s needed for residents around the New York area. He likes the fact that education is promoted in the city. He’s expecting more students to think about business and traveling.


The legal matters for traveling and contracting can be handled by Jeremy Goldstein. He will be able to assist his clients with settling negotiations that require business loans, funding, investors, charities, and banks. Students that want to travel to learn in a different city can speak to Jeremy Goldstein. He can find charities that will help to fund the trip. Goldstein has handled contracts for colleges that had educational trips. Jeremy Goldstein can be reached through his personal website or through his company’s office. Clients can email him or make an appointment at

Creating Pharmaceutical Success with Marc Beer

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Marc Beer has had an astounding career with more than 25 years in the Pharmaceutical industry. Over the years, Beer has bought success to several companies by using his unique strategy that gives immediate solutions and resolves any pressing matters in a workable environment. Because of his unique development success with other companies, Marc Beer decided to start his own company. 


Beer’s recent success has to do with his title as a co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of Renovia. Beginning In 2016, Beer was joined by Dr. Iglesias and Yolanda Lorié to launch Renovia. Renovia is a Boston-based medical and technologically driven company that focuses on carefully constructing therapeutic devices as well as diagnostic devices for women who suffer from pelvic floor disorders. This new technology provides real-time diagnosis and treatment. When it comes to pelvic floor disorders this can mean that the pelvic organ has prolapsed, there is urinary incontinence, and there is fecal incontinence. This disorder affects about 25% of women in the United States. After pulling the data, the affected numbers that Beer saw among women allowed him to set in motion a plan. Those who suffer from pelvic floor disorders categorize it as a serious issue that brings physician costs alone to about $298 million. This statistic was reported from 2005 through 2006. 


After launch, 2018 became the pinnacle year for Renovia. By this year the company had pushed out its first product known as Leva, and it was approved by the FDA in mid-April. Beer was able to obtain a Series B funding for Renovia in the amount of $32 million for products and another $10 million for venture funding. Series B funding is supported by Perceptive Advisors of New York and Missouri’s Ascension Ventures.


Success as a Chairman

Recently, Marc Beer holds the title of Chairman with the Board of LumeNXT. LumeNXT is a biomedical company that develops and distributes surgical products. Beer partnered with Paul Rhyne, who is the co-founder of LumeNXT and has mentioned that the success of the company is because of Beer’s 25 years of experience with successful bringing profit to startup pharmaceutical and medical companies. Beer is quoted as being optimistic in his leadership roles and that has been one of the contributing factors to the increasing profitability of LumeNXT for the next couple of years. His success rate when it comes to obtaining funding from several biomedical companies and turning them into investors, allowed Beer to be the best candidate to take the role of Chairman at LumeNXT. 


After a few years, LumeNXT went public because of Beer’s vision and leadership work efforts. Another success company under Marc’s name is Minerva Neurosciences. Minerva has had a successful break-through with Beer serving as the chairman. He has helped the company become one of the leading developers for diagnostic and treatment with helping diseases that center around the central nervous system. Beer’s experience also landed him a position on the board of numerous pharmaceutical companies that successfully made headlines such as Erytech Pharma. Learn more:


About Marc

In 1987, Marc Beer graduated with his BS from Miami University in Oxford, OH. He is also known for his roles as the Founding Chairman of the board of directors, chairman of the compensation committee for Good Start Genetics Incorporated, a member of the audit committee of Minerva Neurosciences, and a member of the MiamiU Business Advisory Council.

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Important Information to Keep in Mind About Benzodiazepines

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Throughout the years, drug abuse and addiction’s have become more common by many people all over the world. American centers want you to know about possible dangers that can come with different drugs such as Benzodiazepines, Valium, Xanax, Ambien and Klonopin.

The national Institute of drug abuse has reported that the prescription of Benzodiazepines has increased by 67% since the year 2013. These types of drugs having a negative impact on the brain, and they increase the activity of GABA.

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GABA is a The national Institute of drug abuse has reported that the prescription of Benzodiazepines has increased by 67% since the year 2013. These types of drugs have a negative impact on the brain, and they increase the activity of GABA.

GABA is a chemical that slows brain activity and can cause drowsiness or a severe calming affect. If a person constantly uses this type of drug, overtime this person might need a larger and larger dose every time.

Benzodiazepines negatively affects the brain because they can cause cognitive impairment. Even if the patient is only using a a low-dose of this drug, they can still cause memory and cognitive impairment.

The cognitive impairment can improve when the patient tries to reduce the dose of this specific drug use.

Benzos can also cause dizziness, movement impairment, drowsiness and severe headaches. This type of drug is also strongly associated with the risk of dementia.

Benzo’s are a common drug dad are used when it comes to treating anxiety. However anxiety is a major symptom of with drawl from this type of drug. This is the main reason that patients experience severe panic attacks when they stop taking benzodiazepines.

It becomes a cycle where the patient believes that they need to continue taking this type of drug to reduce their anxiety levels. However, benzo’s are only making their anxiety a lot worse.

American addiction centers encourage you to talk with your doctor about different methods to treat your anxiety. It is important to consider alternative treatments so that the anxiety attacks can become better over time.

It is highly recommended that if you have been prescribed benzodiazepines, to refuse to use them and to safely put them away.

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They are a type of drug that causes more harm than they do good. Learning about the negative impact that this type of drug can cause on the body and on the mental health is crucial to being able to understand the major effect it has had on people in America.

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ClassDojo May Help Bridge The Communication Divide In The Classroom

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How often have you asked your child what they did in school and they reply “nothing”? It is a common experience for many parents with children who are just not that interested in having a drawn-out discussion about their classroom experience. It can leave parents in the dark and can negatively impact the student’s ability to learn. Fortunately, there is an app for that!

ClassDojo is the app to arrive on the scene to hopefully help us all communicate better with teachers and students. The purpose of this app is to allow teachers to convey notes and information to parents who crave the ability to learn more about what their children are learning. Keep all of this in mind when comparing what this app can do versus not knowing what is going on in the classroom at all. It makes a big difference!

While the app does help teachers share more with students and their parents, there are also controls on the app that allow educators the ability to have quiet hours to themselves when they cannot be reached. That gives them the chance to live their lives and not constantly be at work as well. All in all, it works pretty well for everyone involved.

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Career Highlights of Fortress Investment Group Chairman Wes Edens

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Wes Edens has been one of the most successful professionals and entrepreneurs in the financial sector. He is currently the chairman of Fortress Investment Group. He is also the firm’s co founder. During his long career, Wes has worked in the field of finance in a number of different roles. Edens has served as an executive of a couple of the top successful firms in the financial sector. He has also been a member of a savings and loan institution for a few years as well. While Wes has been actively involved in the financial sector for over two decades, he has also owned a couple of professional sports teams.

During the 1980’s Wes Edens attended college at Oregon State University. When he attended the university, he majored in both finance and business administration. As a student, Wes would complete these two programs and graduate with a degree in both fields. Once he finished college, he went on to begin his career in the financial services industry. His first job in the financial sector was as a member of California Savings & Loan. He spent the first couple of years of his career at this organization. This gave him plenty of valuable experience to help him further advance his successful career. After a brief stint for a couple of years at California Savings & Loan, Edens went on to join Smith Barney.

As a member of Smith Barney, Wes Edens began to get more experience in the field. He would regularly interact with clients as well as learn more about analyzing finances. Edens also gained some experience in venture capital and private equity. His vast knowledge and experience would allow him to pursue more opportunities at Lehman Brothers in 1987. Wes Edens worked at Lehman Brothers for six years. While he was employed at this firm, he was both a managing director and a partner. Edens eventually joined a financial startup called BlackRock Financial Management in 1993 and would work at this firm until 1998. That year, he co founded Fortress Investment Group. During the next couple of decades, he helped establish one of the world’s leading asset managers.