Equities First Holdings makes a significant milestone

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Equities First Holdings is in the news again for making a significant milestone. The firm has been granted permission to engage in Repurchase Transactions popularly known as Repos. This permission was issued by the Dubai Financial market early this year. This will make Equities First Holdings on of the pioneer firm to engage in this form of business in the region. However, the firm will provide these services in accordance with the various rules and regulations provided by the Securities and Commodity Authority in the nation. Perhaps this will make it enter into the highly lucrative market of the securities market. The area has not witnessed a lot of growth, especially in the Arab and developing nations due to the complexities involved in both the selling and buying of the securities. However, Equities First Holdings is an innovative firm, and this will just be a walk in the park. The deal is expected to assist it in cementing its place in these regions.

Ryan Seacrest: The Epitome of the American Dream

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Ryan Seacrest is a producer who doubles up as a television host and the host of one of the American Idol. The show is among the most watched shows in not only in America but all over the world. There’s nothing more satisfying to the body, mind, and soul than living the American Dream. Based on what Seacrest has achieved – having his clothing line, a skincare line, a producer and a television host among others – one can confidently say that Ryan Seacrest is living the American dream.

Are you aware that Ryan Seacrest runs one of the leading menswear brands known as Distinction well-known for celebrating classic and iconic appearance with contemporary looks? As a brand, Distinction delivers some of the best prime fabrics, design, value, and detail to men’s clothing and accessories that are tailored to one’s needs.

That’s not all. As a radio personality, Seacrest runs his daily show program, On Air with Ryan that airs on KIIS-FM, which can be found not only in Canada but across 130 stations in different states across the U.S. Here, expect to be treated with some comedy, talk, and close to five hours of music.

Just recently, Kelly Ripa had an opportunity of working with Seacrest as a permanent co-host on the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” show. As soon as the show began airing, Kelly and Ryan attracted thousands of listeners and viewers with episodes where guests were invited for talk shows and viewers given a chance to win prizes based on some trivia questions posed to them.

Away from radio and TV life, radio show host Ryan Seacrest runs and manages the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, a non-profit entity whose mandate is to inspire the youth through a number of education-focused programs. Some of the notable initiatives undertaken here include the construction of media centers in pediatric hospitals aimed at enabling patients to explore creative realms in radio, news media, and tv. Here, the hope is to boost or speed up the healing process of kids as they spend their time in the hospital. All in all, Ryan Seacrest is an accomplished fellow who is truly living the American Dream.

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Are Freedom Checks The Way To Invest In The Oil Industry?

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Do you know what Freedom Checks are and what they could mean for your retirement? Chances are, you have heard of them before and maybe you have even seen the video by Matt Badiali that seems to be all over the internet. While his claims may seem like they can’t possibly be real, investors are already seeing returns on their investments in natural resources.You may be asking why Matt Badiali is an authority of Checks and the natural resources you would be investing in and the answer is his extensive background in geology. He has had over 2 decades of experience in the business field and multiple degrees in the field. Instead of just heading to the internet and reading whatever data other people have published about the companies he is considering recommending and even investing in himself, he goes straight to the source himself to see how things are really operating.

Many people are concerned about the future of Social Security and are wondering if it will even be there for them when they retire. They want to know what they can do to help ensure that their retirement will be spent comfortably and Freedom Checks might be the answer. The companies Matt Badiali recommends investing in are participating in a government program that is directed towards natural resource companies. They must make almost all of their revenue from domestic natural resources and then pay a considerable amount of their Checks investment profits to investors as dividends.

In order to start receiving your quarterly and in some cases even monthly Freedom Checks, you can start with an investment as small as $10. While this investment won’t pay out nearly as much as a larger investment, it’s a good way to get started and see if this type of investment is right for you. The tax rates that you will be paying on the revenue will also be lower than some other investments that some decide to make for their retirement because of the program that it is part of. All investments will come with a degree of risk but the oil industry is booming and it might be a good investment opportunity to jump in.

How Organo Gold Offers Something A Bit Different

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There are thousands of people around the world who sell Organo Gold beverages as one of their independent distributors. They purchase this Canadian company sells products at wholesale cost and then sell it for suggested retail price to people in their area. This allows them to collect a 50 percent commission and those who do well at it can earn a good income.They offer a number of different beverages, all of which have health advantages. Their big seller is their line of coffee, a beverage that research has shown to be a very healthy beverage to drink.

This is also true of their tea. They also provide a hot chocolate variety and their OG FENIX line of products which are for body management.The ingredient that all of Organo Gold’s products contain is called Ganoderma Lucidum, also known as Reishi Mushroom and Lingzhi. It has been used for centuries in China, Japan, and other Asian nations in order to promote health and longevity. This fungus is on the larger side and features a dark, glossy cap. Organo Gold has these mushrooms ground to powder in a controlled facility and it is then put into their beverages for its great health benefits.

One of Organo Gold’s independent distributors is Adrienne Crawford in Leeds, Alabama. Along with her husband they had opened a barbershop in 2013. They decided to open Crawford Café right next door a few years ago in which they sell the beverages that Organo Gold supplies. She says they give all of their barbershop customers a free cup of coffee while they wait.Adrienne Crawford says that this has led to both more customers in the barbershop and more people clamoring to buy Organo Gold coffees and other beverages from her. She says her passion has always been to build a successful business and by partnering with Organo Gold she has done this for both of her companies.

Helps Their Community With Housing And Education

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The nonprofit provider of mortgages, Dallas Neighborhood Homes, recently announced that they would be working with Nexbank. NexBank Will be providing $50 million in financing for loans to the organization that is partnered with Habitat For Humanity. These loans will be available to potential homeowners through the Affordable Housing Loan Program that serves families in the southern region of Dallas. Families with low incomes often find difficulties gaining access to mortgages to purchase their own homes and these programs work to give them this opportunity.

Before offering these mortgages, Dallas Neighborhood Homes gives these potential homeowners education to prepare them for the responsibilities of homeownership to make sure that they are ready for everything that it entails. NexBank will also be paying for these homes’ closing costs up to $2,000 as well as their title fees. The Habitat for Humanity Senior Vice President of the Dallas region, Mark Tribuna, is grateful for everything that NexBank is doing to help their program. The loans that they are offering will help many families achieve their goals of home ownership through the program.

NexBank is one of the top banks regionally in Dallas. Along with their efforts to help with home ownership, they are also helping people achieve their goals of obtaining a higher education. It was announced that it had purchased the College Savings Bank which specializes in providing savings programs to pay for college education. College Savings Bank is based out of Princeton, New Jersey and offers 529 of these types of programs. While NexBank has acquired the company, it will still operate independently in many ways including branding and operations. They will be operating as an independent division of NexBank. It is hoped that this acquisition will help NexBank serve the needs of their customers who are saving for college educations.

Since College Savings Bank was founded in 1987, they have always been focused on helping their clients save for college. This acquisition is predicted to be beneficial for both NexBank and College Savings Bank and will provide an opportunity for growth. By using the programs offered by the company, parents are better able to save for their children’s college education needs.

OSI Group McDonalds

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OSI Group is a global company that deals with delivery of the value-added protein food products such as beef patties, sandwiches as well as the sausages to food companies which are known to be leading.

The firm is headquartered in a specific geographical location in Aurora, Illinois. The company famously knows to have over 50 businesses located in 17 countries globally. The corporation delivers brands such as McDonald, Papa John’s, Starbucks, Burger King, Yum as well as the Starbucks.

OSI Group McDonalds business for more than two decades has been known to operate from China where it runs eight manufacturing industries, and the firm is aiming to be the largest corporation in the country.David McDonald impacts have made the firm to skyrocket in poultry production within the country which has lead has lead into the increment in the number of customers being handled by the firm.

Some of the strides which were brought about by David McDonald into OSI Group McDonalds are in inclusivity of public launching of the joint-venture partnership with well-known DOYOO Group, launching of DaOSI as well as impact in 3RD poultry operation. His presence in the firm has brought about a significant and advanced improvement in not only the production department but also processing section of the firm. This included the launching of a new modern feed mill in Shandong, beef processing facility in Poland as well as the new frozen processing food plant located in India.

With sufficient exposure in government regulations, talent pool, consumer’s taste, and cultural nuances the firm have progressively made a provision of its customer’s world-class services and products. To ensure the returns are at the optimum level in OSI Group McDonalds, David McDonald as the firm’s president has managed to establish a global network within the firm and teams across various regions of the world.

Moreover, he has made sure that all regional offices team on the managerial level understand the taste as well as the cultures of the local clients which will aid in luring more of them plus retaining them. It is because of his skills and experience that has made the OSI Group McDonalds stand the market and competition within the same region.

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How Robert Ivy Is Helping Architecture Through The AIA.

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If you work in the architectural field or merely follow the industry then you no doubt are aware of who Robert Ivy is. Robert Ivy is the CEO and President of the American Institute of Architecture and he is one of the most authoritative voices on the industry in general. Ivy rose to prominence in the ’90s thanks to his work as the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record, a publication which grew to be one of the largest in the entire industry thanks to Ivy’s work. Ivy has earned numerous awards and decorations for his contribution to the industry and now he is looking to continue his efforts with the American Institute of Architecture. Read more on Wikipedia

The American Institute of Architecture, or AIA for short, is a professional society that seeks to connect architects with the benefits and advantages that they need in order to succeed in the professional and competitive field of architecture. The American Institute of Architecture is considered a professional society and professional societies have been gaining steam in recent years. A study done in 2010 showcased the fact that there were nearly 92,000 trade organizations working within the United States of America. The AIA is the most important of these organizations to the field of architecture.

With the American Institute of Architecture, members receive a variety of benefits that could dramatically change their fortune while working in the industry. As the leader of the AIA, Robert Ivy is in charge of making sure that these benefits are taken advantage of by his membership. The AIA serves as a nexus for networking that connects new and old architectural professionals together in order to help their respective careers. While networking is incredibly important, it is far from the only thing that Ivy and the AIA can offer.

As one of the premier professional societies in the field of architecture, the American Institute of Architecture gives architects everywhere a powerful lobbying voice for usage trying to get benefits via legislation. Other industries, like big pharma or big agriculture, have powerful lobbying groups at their side. Architects don’t have the same benefit as larger industries and the AIA and Robert Ivy serves to fill the gap.

Visit https://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/5547-architectural-record-editor-in-chief-robert-ivy-to-head-aia 

OSI Food Solutions Growth In Recent Decades

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OSI Food Solutions is a food production company that has registered impressive results in the past few decades. The company is currently under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. In the period that he has taken over the operations of the company, a lot of things have changed. The company stopped being a one client food company.

He expanded the operations of the company to over 17 countries, and now he is determined to push the expansion of the company further. Growth in any business is something that can happen. OSI Food Solutions has realized its growth by focusing on customer satisfaction as the driving force of the company.

OSI Food Solutions is a company that has been in the foods industry for the past one century. In this period, the company has cultivated a solid reputation as a leading producer of processed foods. The work that this company has been doing for past one century have endeared it to the public. As one of the longest-serving food companies, this company is establishing good relations with the people. It is very rare to find a company that has half the kind of success that this company has had over one century. Many companies create at that time have collapsed.

OSI Food Solutions started the expansion of operation further a few years back. The company is focusing on meeting the huge demand for products coming from its customers in different parts of the world. The company is trying as much as possible to satisfy the market with its affordable and tasty products. Another thing about this company is that it is trying as much as possible to bring to an end some of the challenges that are being met in this industry. When customers show a preference in a certain product, the company is quick to follow the lead. For instance, in Spain, there was a huge demand for chicken products. OSI Food Solutions realized this and started an initiative to increase the production of chicken products.

OSI Solutions has expanded its facility in Toledo, Spain and Portugal to increase processing of chicken products, after noticing that there was an increased demand for these products in the region. There was a steady increase in production activities for the past one decade. This facility is now going to produce 24,000 tons from the previous 12,000 tons.

Search more about OSI Food Solutions: http://www.osieurope.com/en.html

Marc Beer’s Renovia Gets Funding for Its Next Big Project in Biotechnology

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Renovia Inc. was founded in the month of August 2016. The c-founders of the company are Marc Beer and William Dull who serve in the positions of Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Commercial Officer respectively. Renovia is a start-up company in the sector of biotechnology that has been working towards the discovery of innovative medical solutions as well as the combination of technology and digital methods of treatments. The company has been specifically focused on the pelvic related disorders that women suffer from. The first FDA approval for the company was in April 2018 when the product named Leva was approved.


About the Leva application


Leva is an application that uses Bluetooth technology to encourage and monitor strength training. Strength training is a form of therapy that is aimed towards treating disorders of the pelvic floor. The application uses technology to optimize the movement patterns while at the same time isolating the weak levator muscle plates in the pelvic area. By using Bluetooth technology, the application is able to get real-time visualization that can perform coaching sessions. This is just one of the many products that Renovia is working one.


What is next for Rennovia after the success of Leva?


Following the success of Leva, Renovia Inc. has been carrying out fundraisers to fund their next projects in the same sector. Through a series of fundraising that included series B equity which raised more than 32.3 million dollars and an additional debt venture that made 10 million dollars for the company resulting in 42.3 million dollars. This money is aimed towards financing the acquisition of new equipment that will be used in the diagnostic and clinical trial endeavors of the company, the development of other wearable devices like Leva and more research into women’s pelvic disorders. Among the companies that took part in the Series B equity venture is Longwood fund which has invested a huge sum in the company.


About the CEO and Co-founder of the company, Marc Beer


Marc Beer has been working in the biotechnology industry for more than two and a half decades. He has establishes a number of successful companies in this industries and also leads some very prestigious firms in roles like Chief Executive Officer and chairperson. Marc Beer has a very special interest in disorders of the pelvic floor that are affecting more than 250 million women globally hence the research focus of Renovia. He also serves the company as the chairperson of its board of governors.

Jeremy Goldstein Charity Work

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Running a company is not easy. Many people find that they need assistance to make sure that they are making the best decisions for their company. Jeremy Goldstein has created a company whose goal is to help Chief Executive Officers and management as a whole that has problems that are related to money. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein: http://jlgassociates.com/ and https://patch.com/new-york/new-york-city/jeremy-goldstein-hosts-wine-dinner-supporting-fountain-house

Goldstein serves as one of the partners at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. He received various degrees from colleges including New York University, Cornell University, and the University of Chicago. He has used his college learnings to help create a better business for people who are having trouble in the company that they are running.

Jeremy Goldstein has been able to prosper in his field because he uses the information that he has acquired over time to benefit him in some issues. He noticed that what he has learned over 20 years of working is always beneficial.

The problems that he is asked to deal with are never really new, so he already knows how to solve the problem. Although some problem seems to be similar to others, he has learned that he may not be able to solve the problem the exact way that he solved a problem related to the one at hand.

Jeremy Goldstein has been a tremendous help to people in the workplace, but he makes it his business to do work outside of the office. Goldstein is involved in charities to help make the lives of people better all around the world.

Jeremy Goldstein along with Jim Finkel and Omar Khan is hosting an event that will help them to raise money for charity while also having a good time and enjoying the people that attend. Goldstein has taken an interest in the Fountain House.

The Fountain House is an organization that is committed to helping men and women recover and lives past mental illness. People all over the world are affected by mental illness. By donating to the Fountain House, Goldstein will help over 450 million people affected by mental illness live healthy lives while managing their illness.

Goldstein along with his partners was able to raise over 56,000 at the wine dinners that they hosted for the Fountain House. The dinners that they hosted took so well to the people hat they ended up having more than one to raise money. The Fountain House has been able to support mentally ill people through Jeremy Goldstein’s work.